WHEAT Baumkuchen Just Found A Better & Healthier Alternative To Brown Rice

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Í’m sure you know about brown rice, but do you know about its bigger and better version, Bhutanese Red Rice?

Try it out for yourselves at WHEAT Baumkuchen, a local restaurant that provides Japanese-inspired, nutritious and value-for-money meals for working adults on the go.

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Aside from having all the benefits of brown rice, Bhutanese red rice has 10 times more antioxidants than brown rice. It also aids in cancer prevention!

Has it gotten your attention? Well, I’ve got good news. To promote red rice and healthy living, WHEAT Baumkuchen is making the switch from brown rice to red rice.

All seven outlets will start to feature Bhutanese Red Rice dishes, such as Salmon Red Rice Poke ($12++), Chicken Breast Red Rice ($12 ++) and more.

So if you want to reap real benefits from a healthy diet, make the switch to red rice today!

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