Woong Kee Traditional Bean Curd: You’ll Never Go ‘Woong’ With Black Soybean Tau Huay At Maxwell Food Centre

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What started as a small, quaint stall in Ipoh, Woong Kee Traditional Beancurd has opened here in Singapore. Located in Maxwell Food Centre, this stall serves up your favourite beancurd and grass jelly desserts. You can have your dessert fix with different syrups, toppings or just plain — however way you like it.

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The beancurd here is served hot and each bowl is scooped to order, so rest assured you’ll receive a piping hot bowl. With the various desserts available, I guarantee there’ll be something for everyone .

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We got their signature Black Bean Curd with White Syrup ($2) to start. Black Beancurd? Nope, it’s not some charcoal-infused beancurd. Rather, the beancurd is made with black soybeans.

On first glance, the beancurd looks similar to what you’d get normally. Oh, don’t worry about the greenish tint, it’s supposed to look like that.

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However, its taste and texture are a step above the regular soybean beancurd. This beancurd has a smoother and softer consistency that is gentle on the palate. Additionally, the dessert has a clean finish with a slight soy aftertaste.

If you’re looking for something with a little more flavour, swap out the white syrup (白糖) for ginger syrup (姜糖) or brown syrup (椰糖) to go with your beancurd dessert at just $0.50.

A tad different from your normal beancurd but a definite must-try.

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If you’re looking for something more abundant, get the 3 in 1 Bean Curd ($3.30). Loaded with ginkgo nuts, red bean and lotus seed, this beancurd is definitely packed with flavour. The toppings provided contrasting flavours and textures against the plain beancurd.

We opted for the regular beancurd just to compare and we felt that the firmer texture and the stronger soy taste fairs better with the toppings. With the regular beancurd, the flavour isn’t lost as opposed to the more subtle black beancurd.

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Want something chilled? We recommend the Longan Nata De Coco Grass Jelly ($2.50). Perfect for Singapore’s hot weather, this dessert is not only cold but equally tasty. Forget your high-end grass jelly desserts for a second and go back to the basics. At Woong Kee, this simple dessert is done well, and we finished the bowl with ease.

The longan were juicy and sweet, while the nata de coco added a slight crunch. Against the soft jelly, each bite was really enjoyable. We enjoyed this dessert, but if you’re afraid it gets too sweet, simply request for less sugar syrup.

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Back to the black soybeans, we finished off with the Grass Jelly Black Soya Bean ($2.50). Unlike the other tau huay desserts, this one’s served cold. With the fusion of soybean and grass jelly, this drink is evidently the best of both worlds.

Just like the dessert, we found the soybean drink smoother, with a more subtle soy taste which we really enjoyed. Sipping the ice cold drink in between mouthfuls of jelly, it was truly a pleasure to drink. Next time you’re at Maxwell Food Centre, forget your soft drinks or kopi and teh and go for this instead.

The takeaway option is available for you to savour it in the comforts of your own home or office — but come on, what’s hawker food without the ambience?

If you’re having lunch at Maxwell, or just curious about the black soybean desserts, pop by Woong Kee and I promise it won’t go Wroong.

Expected Damage: $3/pax

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, Maxwell Food Centre Stall #80, Singapore 069184 | Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri) 11am- 8pm (Sat and Sun) 10am- 5pm (Or until sold out) | Tel: 8479 3280 | Facebook