Word Cafe: The Only Rainbow Burger in Singapore I’d Brave The Rain For

word cafe

Located at Upper Thomson Road, Word Cafe is a Muslim-owned cafe that exudes a mishmash of quirky industrial chic, and slightly hipster vibes, along with pop art pieces that decorate the place.

word cafe

Following through with the theme, the cafe’s interior makes you feel like you’re dining in a huge freight container, amped up with clever details.

If you look carefully, water pipes are used for the tables’ legs, empty barrels as a table for condiments, and painted walls with 3D art to give the illusion of stacked wooden crates. Interesting isn’t it?

Enough with the deco and on to the dishes available on its menu. You’ll be entertained by the cute dish name puns!

word cafe

Word Concoction ($7)

Served in a glass shaped like a light bulb, the specially concocted drink will illuminate your senses.

Made with ice cream soda, lemon grass, lemon slices, sour plums, and mint leaves, the drink is absolutely refreshing, teasing your taste buds while whetting your appetite with its tangy flavour.

word cafe

Handsome Burg ($20)

I know…before you start dissing it because it’s a rainbow bagel burger — trust me, I’m getting un-woowed by the recent outbreak of rainbow-coloured foods. However — this is one rainbow I’ll brave the rain for.

word cafe

A whole lot of goodies are sandwiched between the halved rainbow bagel, which is buttery and soft, good enough to eat it on its own unlike many other cardboard tasting rainbow bagels I’ve tried.

The tightly packed minced-meat beef patty is well marinated with herbs, black pepper and other seasoning. Topped over with a slice of cheese, turkey bacon, and (wait for it….) spicy peanut butter sauce! It was a clear winner.

word cafe

Cow-ch Potato ($24)

The cow-ch potato is another crowd pleaser on Word Cafe’s menu. Essentially, a slab of Angus beef striploin laying on top of a comfy-looking, soft bed of mashed potato. Garnished with caramelised onions and a side of salad.

word cafe

Done to medium, the meat was lovely pink in the middle, tender and juicy at the same time. Both beef and mash potato had slight garlicky aroma and a black pepper kick. The entire plate was wiped cleaned without a speck to be found.

word cafe

Panda Creme Brulee ($12)

A local twist to the French dessert, the creme brulee is beautifully done and infused in the sweet smelling aroma from the pandan leaves.

word cafe

A sharp crackling sound from the caramelized sugar at the top gave way to a wobbly, pudding-like texture within when I dug the spoon in.

Not usually a fan of Creme Brulee, this Pandan version instantly won my heart over. <3

word cafe

Drop by Word for a surprisingly good time. I came half expecting to be disappointed by yet another rainbow burger, because way too many places are coming up with novelty dishes but taste nothing close to how it looks. However, I was pretty impressed by its rainbow burger and the other dishes offered on its menu.

Expected damage: $20 – $30

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Word Cafe: 906 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 787110 | Tel: 9699 4829 | Facebook | Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 12pm – 10pm, Friday – Sunday 12pm – 1030pm