Yakiniku-GO partners MasterChef Asia finalist Lennard Yeong and launches exclusive menu till 31 Jul 2023

In collaboration with MasterChef Asia finalist Lennard Yeong, Yakiniku-GO has launched a special menu from 13 Apr 2023 to 31 Jul 2023 at all outlets across Singapore. The brand is known for its wide selection of meats, which is available in various cuts and marinades at an affordable price point.

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For this special season, Chef Lennard Yeong has incorporated his personal favourites from Japanese cuisine into Yakiniku-GO’s quality meat selections. The collaboration menu is divided based on the type of meat: pork and beef.

One can choose from 2 cuts of meat: thin or thick. The thick meat cuts are wrapped around zucchini and scored on both sides. Considering the lack of additional marinades, I assume the star of the dish should be the flavour released by the meat itself. The dish is known as the Double Dragon Pork Set (S$19.80) and Double Dragon Beef Set (S$20.80).

yakiniku go - collab
Credit – Yakiniku-GO

In stark comparison, the thin cut meat selection receives a strong seasoning. In this dish, the meat is presented in the shape of a ball, and pickled garlic is encased within the layers of meat. The garlic chunks were immersed in soy sauce with intentions to reduce its degree of pungency before it is wrapped up.

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This pre-cooking preparation allows the marinated chunks to release a subtle sweetness which effectively seasons the meat and releases a buttery mouthfeel and an umami explosion during the barbecue process. The dishes are aptly titled as Beef Bomb Set (S$22.80) and Pork Bomb Set (S$21.80)

Contain your eagerness to pop the entire bomb into your mouth or unravel the meat slices to pair with its accompanying rice set instead. 

yakiniku go - bomb set
Credit – Yakiniku-GO

The beef set features wagyu-fat tossed rice, which accompanies the grilled beef slices, alongside Gomadare (sesame-based sauce) and Yuzu Kosho Ponzu. Elements of spice, savouriness and freshness (from the citrus) marry up and create a refreshing yet impactful dip in the latter. 

Since this menu will only be until 31 Jul 2023, I would anticipate a large crowd queuing for a taste of these specials before they are removed— as far as I know, at least I would!

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