Yan Ting CNY 2016: Decadent Buddha Jumps over the wall & Zesty Yusheng


The year has gone by so quickly and its yet another round of feasting as Chinese New Year draws close. If you’re thinking of cooking this reunion but haven’t got a clue on how you’re going to do it, why not pamper yourself by opting to have reunion dinner outside? Saves you the cleaning and cooking, plus the whole family gets to be waited on, sounds like a perfect way to usher in the year of the fire monkey.

If you’re wondering where to have your reunion dinner, here’s an option that would definitely please your whole family and your tastebuds. Yan Ting at St. Regis Singapore invites you to celebrate the new lunar year with them, exclusively from 22 Jan 2016 on. Expect a decadent reunion dinner with exceptional indulgences curated by the master chefs at St. Regis Singapore.

We try out some of the dishes from Yan Ting’s CNY 2016 menu.


Prosperity Yusheng with Norwegian Salmon. This year, Yan Ting offers its yusheng with a refreshing twist, complete with 13 kinds of ingredients to welcome the year of the Monkey. It consists of juicy pieces of pear, peaches, Norwegian salmon and all the other quintessential ingredients of a yusheng, but on a more fruity take instead.

The addition of the fruits gives a burst of sweetness to the tangy yusheng, complete with different textures from the julienned vegetables, crispy flakes and fragrant sesame seeds. The yusheng is zesty, appetising and gives a refreshening start to a new lunar year and reunion meal. Something I can keep munching on without getting too sick!


Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. Unlike the usual, Yan Ting’s broth is denser. Accompanying the broth is braised mushrooms, fish maw, abalone slice and fat choy. I like the addition of fat choy, it is exceedingly soft in texture and has completely soaked in the essence of the broth (not to mention supposedly giving more fortune luck). The mushroom remains succulent and bursting with flavour.

The fish maw gives a slight crunch and the abalone is chewy, all sitting in the broth that is rich in flavour. Though so, it isn’t overly starchy but is exceedingly comforting with all the delicacies within.


Braised Pig Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd. Who could ever resist a decadent plate of pork knuckles? All those indulgent layers of deliquescing fats surrounded by tender strips of meat, sitting in in a braised broth that is extremely savoury. The textures and flavours are complementary and gives an evilly tasty pig trotter dish.

At this point of time, I’d like to inform that I’ve thoroughly forgotten about the calories and have fully surrendered myself to all these decadence without a single complain, because it’s well worth it. I’d urge you to do the same, no regrets.


Fried Prawns with Golden Garlic. People around me would know how much I do not like prawns, it’s such a hassle to peel and they are literally the cockroaches of the sea, why would I love it. So it came as a huge surprise when I completely devoured this prawn dish.

Unlike the usual fried prawns that are tough, these prawns remain fresh, juicy and succulent, with the frying of the golden garlic adding more fragrance to the prawns, completely not masking any taste. It is well seasoned and very aromatic, definitely got me converted for the night.


Yan Ting Crispy Roasted Chicken with Garlic. The roasted chicken is extremely delectable and savoury. The meat remains tender and bursting with flavour, the skin is crisp and the slices of chicken aren’t overly fat. Possibly one of the better roasted chicken I’ve had so far.


Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Wind-dried Sausages. How can any reunion dinner not have glutinous rice? Yan Ting ensures that the tradition is kept up and definitely up to standards. The glutinous rice is of the right texture, not too hard or soft and mushy, it is fragrant and the little nuggets of preserved sausage gives a slightly sweet and savoury touch to the rice.

It is of the right portion and does not give the overly stuffed sensation from overeating.


Fragrant Homemade Almond Tea Served With Crispy Glutinous Rice Cake. The glutinous flour cake is fried to a golden brown with a crispy exterior, while the inside remains soft, chewy and warm. I can vividly taste the palm sugar essence, adding a layer of flavour to it.

The almond cream is hearty yet it isn’t too sweet and it is extremely nourishing for the body. No artificial flavourings are added here.

So instead of all the hassle, why not spend your reunion at Yan Ting restaurant. There is always something for somebody. The master chefs have specially put together a variety of set lunches or dinners, be it for a two pax or a table of 10 guests.

Choose from six courses to vegetarian courses, starting at $118++ per person or $1288++ for a table of 10 guests.

Do check out the lunar new year gourmet takeaways Yan Ting is offering up. Choose from their signature Chinese New Year prosperity cakes to the traditional chinese new year delights like the deep fried candied walnuts at $28.80+ or homemade pineapple tarts at $28.80+ and many more.

So stop contemplating this new year and head to Yan Ting for their impeccable service and exceptional indulgences.

Yan Ting Restaurant (St. Regis): 29 Tanglin Rd, St.Regis Hotel (Level 1U), Singapore 247911 | Tel: 65066887 | Website