Pasar malam at GV Yishun cut short due to collapse of structure

Despite the blistering hot weather, Singapore has been facing much rain recently. Victims of the rain come in the form of umbrella-less pedestrians and one of the lesser known victims would be pasar malams. On 28 June 2022 around 2.32pm, a pasar malam at Yishun battled strong winds and torrential downpour, and ended up losing.

The pasar malam at Yishun was held at Golden Village Yishun, which was formerly known as Yishun 10. It was supposed to run from 30 May 2022 with the last day of business being on 28 June 2022, but the falling of the structures resulted in the pasar malam being cut short.

Night Market Bazaar Yishun - a picture of the collapsed structure

On 28 June 2022, Facebook user Ann Ariana posted a video showing the aftermath of the strong rain, which had resulted in the bazaar’s temporary shelter collapsing, exposing the stalls to the stormy weather.

This resulted in some stalls being knocked over by the strong winds, along with some of their lightweight equipment.

Night Market Bazaar Yishun - a picture store owner keeping things from their stalls

In the video, people can be seen going to the stalls and retrieving their items in the midst of the heavy downpour. There were also many bystanders, shocked by what they were seeing in front of them and whipping their phones out to record the scene.

According to several online reports, the tentage was subsequently dismantled around 6pm when the weather cleared up and the vendors had packed up their things. There were also reports of a person being injured by the collapsed tentage and being sent to Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital by the SCDF.

While Yishun might not be a stranger to odd incidents, we hope that the stall owners will be reimbursed for their damaged equipment and goods for this unfortunate mishap.

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