Z’en Japanese Cuisine: Affordable Japanese buffet and 1-for-1 main courses!

A relaxing dining experience.


As implied by its name Z’en Japanese Cuisine, this restaurant being one of the newest establishments under the En Japanese group seeks to provide its customers a soothing zen-like ambience, of which one can have the luxury of savouring premium Japanese cuisine of all kinds.


Making use of earthy brown and black colours, the restaurant is lavished with a simple, classy feel. Patrons have a choice of dining at the alfresco area, the main dining hall or the mezzanine level.


The latter leads to two rooms of which customers can delight in the ease of Tatami-style dining.

Upon selection, all guests seated at the same table are required to take up the buffet menu. Other than the buffet which we will be trying, Z’en also does a la carte main courses and pretty good sake deals.


Shabu Shabu

Three choices of meat for the Shabu Shabu hotpot are available – they include gyu, tori and premium spanish pork. We opted for gyu (beef), which presents Wagyu beef slices along with the Collagen-based soup.

On top of the three options of meat listed, the restaurant has a new addition of crab as a food item of selection for the buffet hotpot as well.


Collagen Hotpot

The Z’en Collagen Hotpot is a new choice on the menu. It is widely claimed that collagen has the benefits of giving an instant boost of energy to tired minds and bodies, and contributes to the elastic and supple quality of the skin. Definitely a popular choice amongst women.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of this collagen soup-based hotpot does live up to the meaning behind the restaurant’s name, and brings up its reputation. Upon the first sip of it, the collagen gives the soup a very smooth texture, and I could literally feel the soup dancing at the top of my tongue.



Sashimi & aburi sushi

Going for the option of buffet dining at Z’en allows you to indulge in a wide range of sashimi choices. The various types of sashimi available include salmon sashimi, aburi, tuna, yellowtail and snapper.

During our visit, we opted for the try the salmon, tuna and aburi salmon sushi.

Not to exaggerate, but all three of them were heavenly. Both the salmon and tuna sashimi were juicy to the bite and gave off a fresh aromatic taste. As for the flame-torched aburi, it was done to a good degree of firmness, tender and chewy.

Note that the Sashimi Platter is only available for buffet customers while seasonal promotions are offered.


Aburi Cheese Maki

The aburi has its effect on the seared cheese which forms the dressing of this special recipe for maki. Contrary to the most common Californian Maki, the Aburi Cheese Maki only contains tobiko at the top of each piece of it.

Mixed together, the tobiko and aburi cheese create an interesting topping which sets this dish apart from other makis which most customers are likely to have tasted before.


Yati Ika Sugata Yaki 

This dish is basically traditional grilled squid, but I should say that this is one of the most marvelous food items to order on the buffet menu. The degree of grill is just perfect, making the squid tender but not too raw.

It tasted like a fresh catch from the sea. Limited in its serving, the teriyaki sauce is a good combination with the squid. It does not cover the the implicit flavour of the squid and the dish is just lovely.


Beef Steak 

This is an amazingly simple medium-rare cooked steak. On one hand the skin is grilled to the maximum, while the meat inside is soft and tender. Seasoned with a bit of black pepper sauce as its dressing and served with teriyaki sauce, the entire dish is rich and flavourful.


Tenderloin Beef

This dish is essentially made up of two throughly grilled beef balls made from the tenderloin cut. The beef balls are a size of a mouthful, and it felt like the beef balls were taking forever in taking its roll in my palate.

It was a pleasant unending bite, served perfect with fried shallots as well as the oozing effect contributed by the blue cheese served along with it.

Z’en Japanese Restaurant is indeed an ideal venue for rejuvenation as the year is coming to an end. Come dine with your loved ones and friends as a treat and retreat that pampers yourself, in both soul and spirit.

Expected Buffet Damage: mon-thur: $48++, fri-sun, ph, eve of ph: $52++

Z’en Japanese Cuisine: 205 River Valley Road, UE Square, #01-75, Singapore 238274|Tel: +65 6732 3110 | Website


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