1-V:U (Day Club): Soak In The Sea View & Delight In Asian Bites At Outpost Hotel’s Rooftop Bar

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Day clubs aren’t a common sight in Singapore, but I believe they should be, granted we’re rooted right on the equator and are fortunate to enjoy summer weather almost all year-round. A recent member of this exclusive club, is 1-V:U (pronounced ‘one view’), located on the rooftop of Outpost Hotel in Sentosa.

It’s a concept presented by one of Singapore’s leading nightlife and restaurant group, 1-Group, and is the sister brand of their award-winning rooftop hotspot, 1-Altitude. You know you’re in good (fun) hands here.

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It was unfortunate that on the evening I showed up, it was quite overcast, and I didn’t get to enjoy the full bloom of sunset. Nevertheless, I was content just being able to look out to the open water, dotted with tanks and ships waiting to enter our harbour.

Nightfall came too quickly, and I had to scramble to find an external source of lighting for photo-taking, just as Jorge, the resident DJ, played heart-thumping deep lounge tracks on his console.

The menu available at the Day Club differs from that served at the restaurant; the former’s menu is filled with Asian savoury bites created by Chef Ace Tan, who had prior stints at Les Amis, Pollen, and Bacchanalia.

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There’s no way a pool party is complete without a serving of freshly-shucked oysters. Their Oyster Sling (S$6 per piece, minimum two pieces) is served with an ample dose of Chef Ace’s rendition of Nam Jin (a Thai dipping sauce), Singapore Sling granita, and pickled shallots on top.

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The granita added a nice touch of grit to the slippery oyster, although I failed to taste the essence of Singapore Sling. Instead, much of the brininess of the oysters came through, and culminated in a gulp of salty tanginess.

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Following the seafood suit, the Kaffir Lime Seafood Ceviche (S$18) was an ideal dish to make up for the underwhelming oysters. Tuna, prawns, hamachi, avocado, tomatoes, mizuna, and roasted peanuts were tossed in a kaffir lime dressing, and served with prawn crackers for a dip-and-scoop-style serving.

The kaffir lime dressing was pleasantly bright and zesty; a great complement to the fatty hamachi. Of course, the toasted peanuts were lent a bonus crunch to the sharing plate, which proved to be quite a hit at the table.

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Their Crispy Cauliflower Florets (S$11) were guiltily addictive—granted any vegetable that’s deep-fried warrants endless snacking. The curry kombu dressing and sliced green grapes were an odd pairing which surprisingly worked, providing ample creaminess and bite to every morsel of floret.

1 V U 7

The ‘Best Dish of the Night’ award goes to a popular favourite—VU’s Loaded Chips With Kombu Truffle Oil, Sherry Vinegar, Grated Parmesan (S$12). Loaded with hand-cut crisps, a potent truffle aroma permeated the air as we hurriedly took photos before digging in. It packed a punch of flavour, from earthy to salty to even a touch of bitterness.

Every chip was fried till absolutely crisp, and we thoroughly enjoyed snacking on this throughout the evening, as the other dishes took turns to show up to the table.

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There’s no room for a standard BLT here; the V:U Wagyu Patty Melt (S$25) is an elevated breakfast sandwich that’ll put all other breakfast ‘wiches to shame. It’s made with house-made patty (beef and pork), scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, cheddar, and gruyere, all sandwiched between Japanese milk bread toasts, and served with kimchi slaw and chips.

1 V U 12

I reckon it’ll make a killer hangover sandwich, given how the thick, luscious folds of scrambled egg cradled the juicy mixed meat patty.  Meanwhile, the Japanese milk bread toasts provided a soft, pillowy contrasting mouthfeel to the heaviness of the proteins.

1 V U 9

Fancy a traditional Indonesian dish paired with pasta? Here you can, with East Java Beef Pasta (S$23). A mini mountain of braised beef chunks is piled on with al dente capellini tossed, together with roasted peanuts and coconut, and topped with sliced cucumbers.

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I expected familiar, nostalgic flavours to hit me instantly, but instead, I was greeted with a slightly sweeter-than-expected version of braised beef. I would’ve preferred the sauce to be robust with rich, deep meat flavours, but I reckon the kitchen leaned towards the lighter side of the flavour spectrum so as not to make this pasta dish too heavy.

After all, when being served at a poolside bar, I’m sure one would feel uncomfortable consuming anything that’s weighing too heavy in the belly. However, I did love how pull-apart tender the beef cubes were, and there was sufficient sauce to coat every strand of pasta evenly.

1 V U 10

Riding on the mala trend, they also serve a Mala-gherita Pizza (S$20); hot Szechuan tomato sauce, confit tomatoes, Thai basil, and mozzarella sit atop homemade pizza dough, and served piping hot. The mala spices were undeniable, and the heat was spicy enough for me to have to take a respite and glug down some ice-cold water.

While the name lived up to its reputation, there wasn’t much else to hoot about. It was one-dimensional and lacked any complex flavours. Sadly, the only thing exciting about it was its spiciness.

The best parts of 1-V:U’s Day Club are the view and its loaded chips. The strong breeze was also a welcome change from the usual balmy heat that Singapore’s urban forest is famous for. All in all, this hangout is ideal for lazy weekends, and a quiet evening away from human traffic.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$20 – S$40 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5


10 Artillery Avenue, #07-01, Outpost Hotel, Singapore 099951

Our Rating 3/5


10 Artillery Avenue, #07-01, Outpost Hotel, Singapore 099951

Telephone: +65 6513 7708
Operating Hours: 11am - 1am (Sun to Thu), 11am - 3am (Fri & Sat)
Telephone: +65 6513 7708

Operating Hours: 11am - 1am (Sun to Thu), 11am - 3am (Fri & Sat)
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