Bakalaki Greek Taverna: A Taste Of Authentic Greek Dishes In Tiong Bahru With Beach Vibes

Conveniently located along the main street of Seng Poh Road, just like the beacon of a lighthouse, the beckoning lights and cheerful atmosphere of Bakalaki Greek Taverna welcomed us in for their dinner service.

The outside of the restaurant has plenty of al fresco seating, perfect for enjoying the sights and sounds of Tiong Bahru in the evening.


The space inside was large and brightly lit, with a great view of their open kitchen. The folk-like decor also reminded me of cosy, beach vibes of an island getaway, with a lot of blues and cool whites that is reminisced of Greece’s Santorini Island.

Bakalaki Cocktails

My dining partner and I started off our meal with two of Bakalaki’s signature cocktails. First, was the Afroditi (S$21.90, left) made of Mastika (a Mediterranean aperitif made from the oil of the native Mastic tree), lemon juice, chilli and mint leaves.

The Hypnos (S$21.90, right) our favourite between the two, and was a concoction of Grecian Ouzo (a star anise-flavoured liquor), lemon juice and honey. Liquorice and gin lovers will love this drink because of its spicy, slightly herby, bitter notes.

Bakalaki Dips

We were treated to a colourful quartet of dips and olives, served with seasoned Pita Bread (S$2.90). Starting off with the Tzaziki (S$14.90), a refreshing Greek yoghurt and cucumber dip; and Melitzmosalata Agioritiki (S$14.90), a chilled smoky eggplant and red pepper dip.

Just as it was hard enough to choose a favourite between the two, the third dip, Taramasalata (S$15.90) proved itself the winner out of the three. An addictive, silky dip made from white cod roe, bread crumbs and lemon juice, we found ourselves running out of pita bread!

Bakalaki Halloumi

As a lover of all things cheese, the Halloumi (S$16.90) really got me excited. Perfectly grilled pieces of Grecian halloumi, dressed with lemon juice and oregano, with a side of pesto. It was lightly salted, with a flavour similar to mozzarella.

I savoured every bite of that chewy, squeaky-sounding cheese curd, and upon reading up more, realised that its un-melting attribute is due to its low acidity, making it a great choice for those who enjoy other mild cheeses like paneer.

Bakalaki Greek Salad

Bakalaki goes back to rustic basics with the Horiatiki (S$20.90), which means “from the village”. Known worldwide as the good ol’ Greek salad, this salad was a medley of crunchy capsicum, cucumber, onions, tomatoes and olives.

Tossed with a simple dressing of olive oil, salt and lemon juice, this salad served as a refreshing palate cleanser and the fresh feta cheese added a richness to the dish without overwhelming it.

Bakalaki Grilled Octopus

I knew I was in for a treat when Htapodi ($32.90) arrived at my table. Meaty, chargrilled Lithuanian octopus served with a sauce of lemon juice and olive oil. My favourite part of this dish was munching away on the charred tips of the octopus tentacles, my dining partner and I soon found us fighting over the last piece on the plate!

Pro tip: Squeeze the lemon wedge over the octopus before tucking in. Trust me, the lemon juice really does take this simple dish to the next level.

Bakalaki Lamb

Padaikia (S$32.90) is one of Bakalaki’s signature dishes, featuring lamb rack as its star. The sear on the lamb was flavourful, baked to a tender medium-rare, served alongside crispy roasted potatoes and topped with a zesty lemon sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised upon my first bite that the lamb did not have any gamey smell, and my dining partner, who usually does not eat ovine meats, declared this her favourite dish of the evening.

Bakalaki Donuts

I’ve been wanting to try Grecian deserts ever since watching that Greek food episode on Masterchef Australia, and Loukoumades (S$14.90) was one of them. I was definitely not disappointed by those fluffy clouds of fried doughnut batter, nestled on a bed of honey and topped with cinnamon.

It also came with a side of dark chocolate sauce, termed “Greek nutella” by our server. It complemented the chewy, fried dough balls wonderfully, and for those with a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely adore this dish.

Bakalaki Yogurt

We finished off our meal with Giaourti (S$12.90), Greek yoghurt topped with generous lashings of thyme honey from Greece and crushed walnuts. The honey is not overwhelmingly sweet and balanced out the tartness of the smooth yoghurt.

I loved how the walnuts added texture to the dessert and overall, this was my favourite between the two.

Bakalaki definitely set the bar high for my first foray into Grecian food with its warm Greek hospitality and excellent culinary offerings. Its bright and cosy atmosphere makes it a great place for date night or after-work dinners.

Slightly high in the price range, but for such fresh and unique quality ingredients, you sure won’t be leaving disappointed.

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Chope Reservations

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BAKALAKI Greek Taverna

3 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168891


BAKALAKI Greek Taverna

3 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168891

Telephone: +65 6836 3688
Operating Hours: 6pm - 12am (Mon to Thu), 12pm - 2.30pm & 6pm - 1am (Fri to Sun)
Telephone: +65 6836 3688

Operating Hours: 6pm - 12am (Mon to Thu), 12pm - 2.30pm & 6pm - 1am (Fri to Sun)