Eatbox, Rochor: 18-stall food hall featuring biscoff youtiao & shaker noodles

It’s been a while since we’ve booked tickets for a quick getaway to Thailand and taken countless photos at their popular Artbox, and perhaps longer still until we get a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of Geylang Bazaar again. A close contender that marries the essence of the two is definitely Eatbox, opening permanently at Tekka Place for the next three years.

Eatbox 2021

Think of rows of stalls offering foods in every cuisine, a la your favourite food festival, but indoors and air-conditioned—less worry about the weather, and more enjoyment.

What I tried

soul good garlic shoyu noodles

Soul Good Noodle Bar definitely lived up to its name. Instead of the usual finger food, Eatbox boasted a range of more substantial grub, the first being the Spicy Shoyu Garlic Potato Noodles with Charred Beef Slices (S$13.50). Fans of suan la fen will definitely want to give this a shot and relish in the way the charred beef soaks up the spicy shoyu and melts in your mouth with a tingle that lingers on your tastebuds. Topped with garlic chips, seaweed tempura, and half a ramen egg, this is a pretty hefty option, but definitely worth its salt, even if you’re not one for spicy food.

shrimp onigiri from eatbox

Don’t be fooled by the simple layer of ingredients, this Shrimp Onigiri (S$5.90) from Okinawa Onigiri is a one-shot wonder that combines everything you love—crispy fried tempura, a slice of savoury, fried spam, sweet Japanese tamago, and made extra satisfying with a generous serving of mentaiko sauce to round it all up. I’ll admit that this is pretty basic compared to the novel offerings of neighbouring stalls, but it’s a safe option that won’t fail you.

truffle shuffle burger and fries from eatbox

No visit to any food festival or pasar malam would be complete without this iconic duo, beloved by young and old—burgers and fries. Butcher The Burger Bar‘s Truffle Shuffle Burger (S$12.80) was, undoubtedly, the star of the show. Two slices of buttered brioche sandwiched the elite-tier combination of savoury American cheese, sweet truffle mushrooms, and a melt-in-your-mouth patty drenched in their signature sauce absolutely made all the running I have to do tomorrow evening worth it.

biscoff youtiao from eatbox

I consider myself a huge fan of fusion food, simply because I’m always curious to see how uniquely people can marry two different cuisines and create something special, but nothing could’ve prepared me for Tenft.‘s You Tiao with Mua Chee Topped with Biscoff Spread & Crumbs (S$6.90). No, this is not a drill. The golden-brown, deep-fried strip of dough we usually dip in porridge or soup being served under my favourite dessert topping was not the combination I expected to try at Eatbox. It’s an interesting blend of crispy, crunchy, gelatinous textures that definitely should stay as individuals—but hey, props to them for giving this combination a shot.

hand in frame shot of shaker noodles

You’ve heard of McDonald’s shaker fries, but what if the next carb you’re shaking is…noodles? Thachang Shaker Bar offers guests the opportunity for Customisable Noodles (S$5.90), where you can have full reign. Pick your noodles, base, toppings, and spice level, give your cup a good shake to mix it all together and dig in. I did find that too much autonomy might result in less-than-ideal flavour combinations like mine today, but it also means that everyone’s experience with their shaker noodles is unique and special to only them.

BT21 macaron lollipop

If you’re making a trip down to Eatbox just to get something to update the ‘gram, I’m not judging. I’m guilty of one too many photographs myself, so trust me when I say that Haengbok Cakeyo is the one to make a beeline for. What better way to spice up that feed with a picture of their Macaron Lollipops (S$12.90) in the shape of your favourite BT21 characters that are almost too cute to eat? It’s definitely love at first sight (and bite) with three sweet strawberries, chocolate, and hojicha-flavoured macarons.

pan fried chicken satay

A drumroll for the superstar of Eatbox, please. Satay Ummi was the undeniable winner—their Pan-fried Satay (S$8-S$10) was a smoky, melt-in-your-mouth marvel that had me reaching for my fifth piece in three minutes. Pan-frying isn’t how one envisions the preparation process of satay, but if it tastes so damn good all the time, then I’m all for normalising it.

Final thoughts

a picture of grilled beef with rice

Whether you’re looking to fill up on small pickings from a variety of stalls, or if you’re just there to get something pretty for social media, their variety of cuisines guarantees that there’s be something for everyone, even if you’re the pickiest eater you know. With 18 stalls—with some stalls yet to open at the time of publishing—each boasting something yummier than the next, it’s definitely a Herculean feat to cover it all in one visit, which is why I’m mentally planning a second trip down to get another helping of satay, and maybe tapau a couple more adorable macarons.

Expected damage: S$5.90 – S$13.50 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Eatbox Singapore

2 Serangoon Road, Annex Building,Tekka Place, #01-55, Singapore 218227

Our Rating 4/5

Eatbox Singapore

2 Serangoon Road, Annex Building,Tekka Place, #01-55, Singapore 218227

Operating Hours: 8am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 8am - 10.30pm (Daily)
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