Fat Belly: A Speakeasy Steakhouse At Serene Centre That Will More Than Meat Your Expectations

Last Updated: November 8, 2017

Written by Wani

Fat Belly 12

At first glance, it’s so easy to assume Fat Belly‘s storefront for a dessert parlour. Well, to be fair, that is what its sweeter sister is — a place that churns out European-inspired homemade ice cream. But if you’re seeking shelter from the heat in the evening, you’ll find a cosy 10-seater bar counter dining area that is home to searing steaks.

Fat Belly

Come 6pm, diners are given a front row visual treat of watching the steaks being prepared and grilled, while having the opportunity to converse with the chef.

Fat Belly 5

Fat Belly is one-of-its-kind in that it currently only serves two cuts of beef on its menu: the Short Rib ($25) and The Flat Iron ($22). The goal is to highlight and promote lesser-known cuts of beef to diners, creating a chance to educate and kick-start conversations on consuming more than just your regular tenderloin or striploin.

All steaks come with a side of house salad and homemade chimichurri sauce. For an additional $5, diners can select an additional accompaniment such as Creamed Kale or Guanciale Mac & Cheese.

Fat Belly 6

The Flat Iron ($22) is slightly broader and more thinly sliced, making it a tender chew. I can tell that little has been done to the steak, seasoning-wise, and that truly allows the meat to speak for itself. It’s hearty and robust, with no need for extra sauce, really.

Fat Belly 7

The Short Rib ($25), on the other hand, packs in more flavour as well as texture. A little hardier on the bite, but still delicate enough to enjoy sans sauce. I felt like the fattiness gave it another level of depth and if you’re serious about your steaks, I think you’ll find this cut particularly satisfying.

Fat Belly 3

Although their sides are basic, I have to give a shout-out to the Creamed Kale, because I can promise you, you’ll wish your vegetables were always done this rich and luscious.

Fat Belly 10

Out of the three desserts I tried, only one of them is exclusive to Fat Belly’s menu (the rest can be ordered from Sugarhaus), and that is the Foie Gras ($13). This very interesting plated dessert consists of foie gras ice cream, brulee banana, speculoos and roasted nuts.

Fat Belly 14

At first, I was afraid that the ice cream would emit that familiar and potent savoury aroma that goose liver is known for, but the ice cream turned out to be velvety, with a hint of salty and sweet. I would not have guessed foie gras was its main inspiration. It also paired well with the ripe, caramelised banana, while the roasted nuts gave the dessert a smoky touch.

Fat Belly 9

Another dessert, this time presented in a bright green dome, was called Jade ($10). It was made of pistachio, strawberry jelly, Bavarian cream and meringue, accompanied by strawberry ice cream. It wasn’t as exciting as the previous plate, but for those who lean towards fruity palate cleansers, this is a bright, clean option to end the meal.

Fat Belly 11

My last dessert was a classic, the Sticky Date Pudding ($10), and also my personal favourite of the three. I prefer my date pudding to be really gooey and taste close to caramel, and this one met the mark, indeed. With the salted toffee ice cream, everything came together to create a welcoming fusion of hot and cold, sweet and salty and one happy (fat) belly.

One would not patronise a dessert place for meat, but I highly recommend this exception. What’s there not to love about a place that serves plated pleasures of both sweets and steaks? I, for one, know that I can’t possibly miss out on the next chance I get to return to try the rest of their menu, for that would be a great missed steak.

Expected damage: $22 – $40 per pax

Fat Belly: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre, #01-03A, Singapore 258748 | Tel: +65 6314 2247 | Opening hours: (Sunday to Thursday) 6pm – 10pm (Friday & Saturday) 6pm – 11pm | Facebook

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