Guac & Go: You ‘Guac’ To Go To Maxwell Road To Get Your Avocado Fix

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Every day I struggle with the need to eat clean, but the food is often tasteless and dull.

So when I came across Guac & Go, I knew I found the perfect solution for my inner struggle.

(E) space area guac & go_

Nestled at the backend of The Maxwell Chambers, it is a cosy yet refreshing option for any hungry working professionals.

Visiting the place just before the lunchtime crowd streamed in gave me the perfect ambience to set the tone right for the good food that was to come. Guac & Go provides a range of options for any type of eater, from the healthy to the hungry.

(E) Guacamonster Salad guac & go_

Pampered with options, it took me quite long to finally decide on the signature Guacamonster Salad 2.0 ($15). The colours of the bowl looked so tantalising that it only made my stomach growl a little louder.

A bowl of sweet potato, well-seasoned cajun chicken cubes, grilled spicy tofu, lentils, tomato salsa, tortilla chips and fresh hand-picked greens was very well complemented with two huge scoops of guacamole.

Sinking into my first spoon of guacamole, the freshness of the vegetables and the sides gave it a huge boost. Instantly, I felt refreshed and recharged by the freshness and flavours that this bowl provided.

(E) Brown Rice buritto bowl guac & go_

There are also other choices for those with a smaller appetite, such as the Guac & Hummus Bowl ($15), and the Brown Rice Burrito Bowl ($12). These two options came in relatively smaller portions and were also a little less flavourful than the Guacamonster Salad.

However, both options offered something new to the palate, which was the nutty yet smooth taste of the hummus spread and the healthier option of chickpeas and kidney beans in the Brown Rice Burrito Bowl.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bowls that were inspired by chipotles (how can anyone not love chipotles) that were spiced up and tailored to the Singaporean taste buds.

(E) DIY Wrap guac & go_

Another plus point about Guac & Go is that it gives you the option of creating something of your own, such as a DIY Salad (from $8) or Wrap (from $11). Choose any five options from an array of at least 20 choices of fruit and vegetables, nuts and beans, savoury or proteins, with a dressing and you would be good to go!

With just a top up of about $1$3, you can also add a superfood, or have a scoop of wholesome guacamole to make your bowl complete. Sides like tortilla chips or organic apple chips will be provided.

At this point, you really have guac to be kidding me if you are totally not hooked onto this place yet.

Guac & Go Berry Youthful Smoothie

Well, if you’re not in the mood for a bowl of greens or are just feeling thirsty in the midst of the Singapore heat, you would perhaps enjoy one of the smoothies instead. Though priced on the high side, the jars of quality smoothies will leave you begging for more.

If you like something to detoxify after a heavy lunch or to jolt you awake after a food coma, the Berry Youthful Smoothie ($8) is a lovely option. With a bit of a sour tang to it, the berry smoothie comes with strawberry bits, which served as a good complement to my rather heavy Guacamonster Salad.

Guac & Go Acai Granola Bowl

Last but not least, this was definitely the highlight of my trip to Guac & Go. The Acai Granola Jar ($12) was initially not in my TO-EAT list, however with kind advice from Charlotte, the founder of Guac & Go, I decided to give it a try.

Being a huge fan of acai bowls, I have to say this was the best I have ever tasted. The honey was definitely the defining factor of what made this simple yet refreshing acai bowl different and so memorable!

I can safely say that Guac & Go gave me a new impression of healthy eating: you don’t always have to compromise on the flavours to get something healthy. After all, healthy eating should not only make your soul but also belly a little bit happier!

Guac & Go is perfect for small group meet-ups (during off peak hours) and definitely is a go-to lunch pick-up place for a healthier and more reasonable option. Do check out the new menus every season on the website

Expected Damage: $15 – $20 per person

Guac & Go: 32 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069115 | Tel: +65 6221 2117 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 8am – 8pm | Website | FacebookInstagram