Hanok by Massizim Singapore, Jurong East: “If the last K-drama you watched had you craving for some Korean grub, Hanok will not disappoint.”

For generations, the first place on everyone’s mind when it came to buffet-style Korean restaurants in Singapore was Seoul Garden. In the past decade or so, however, particularly with the roaring global interest in all-things Korean, countless new joints have appeared on our shores that give us so many other options today when it comes to Korean shabu-shabu—enter, Hanok by Massizim.

Hanok by Masizzim, located in Westgate, Jurong East, is the halal-version of the popular Masizzim restaurant—and they come with an extensive menu that serves everything from shabu-shabu, to rice balls, to omelette-based side dishes and much more.

The outlet finds itself in a cosy space right outside the first level main entrance of Westgate, with comfortable indoor seating and an industrial-style interior. Outside the main entrance, a free-to-browse menu beckons, courting the eye of anyone looking to satisfy their Korean cravings—and that day, that person was me.

What I tried


The stew in Hanok comes in four varying levels of spiciness—ranging from level one to four. I grew up around spicy dishes like ayam belado, so I was sure of my tolerance for spice, but I didn’t want to be over-ambitious and went for the mid-level Double Spicy Seafood Stew (S$38.80) instead. This subsequently proved to be a decision I was so thankful for, as level two was the perfect balance between taste and spice—it wasn’t too spicy that it overpowered the sourness of the soup, but spicy enough that I caught myself reaching for a packet of tissues halfway to blow my running nose.

The soup, which simmered over a flame on a portable bunsen burner in the middle of my table, contained three large prawns, two clams, chopped spring onions, enoki mushrooms and incredibly-juicy slices of beef tripe. Each piece of beef comes with a healthy amount of fat, adding a delightfully chewy texture to the tender meat. The prawns and the clams were fresh and of a generous size, making the portions ideal for two pax and perfect for sharing.


A bowl of Mixed Grain Steamed Rice (S$2) accompanied my stew, and did wonders to extinguish the burning sensations from the soup. The second rice option on my table came in the form of the Bulgogi Beef Riceballs (S$10), which should come familiar to all you K-drama fans.

It arrived as a bowl of separate ingredients, where you can then roll them yourself with the pair of plastic gloves provided. Rolling the rice balls by hand made my experience at Hanok a literal hands-on one. Unfortunately, I had difficulty making them at just the nice size and found myself chewing on a ball which was made slightly too big too often. Nevertheless, it made the experience feel a little more authentically Korean, but the taste leaves me desiring more. To be fair, it’s a great side for a spicy dish like the stew, but it needed to be eaten with something else as the bulgogi flavour is quite mild.


The Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll (S$9.80) was a much-anticipated side dish, as I had been excited by the sight of it on the menu. The taste was even better—the honey mustard sauce was evenly distributed over the egg roll, which was laced inside with a thin layer of mozzarella. I relished each bite whilst savouring the buttery texture of the omelette, noting that this was perhaps my favourite order of the day.

A glass of Yuja Soda (S$6) completed my experience at Hanok—a uniquely Korean Honey Citron tea with orange peels that soothed my burning tongue, providing it with a much-needed repose. It was refreshing, sweet, and light.

Final thoughts

If the last K-drama you watched had you craving for some authentic Korean grub, come to Hanok by Masizzim. It’s a great alternative to more mainstream Korean places (like Seoul Garden), and it can be a great introduction to Korean food if you’re new to it, too.

Other options on the menu include classics like the Kimchi Beef Rib Soup (S$16.80) and the Spicy Squid (S$14.80). Price-wise, Hanok is slightly on the high side, but the food certainly justifies it.

There’s no denying the quality in Hanok, given that it is an off-shoot of the popular Masizzim. The only pity is that they only have one outlet at the moment, which can be quite a stretch for those of you who live in the East. Hanok, however, offers online delivery islandwide, so you can now swoon over your favourite K-drama actors in the most Korean way possible— while feasting on some bibimbap and Korean stew.

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$30 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Hanok by Masizzim

3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #01-07, Singapore 608532

Our Rating 4/5

Hanok by Masizzim

3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #01-07, Singapore 608532

Telephone: +65 69060965
Operating Hours: 11am - 9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 69060965

Operating Hours: 11am - 9.30pm (Daily)
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