Herit8ge: Laksa Chiffon Cake + Gin Cheng Teng & More Re-Imagined Singaporean Classics At Jewel

Who would ever have thought that laksa and chiffon could come together to create something extraordinary? At Herit8ge Jewel, chefs have brought unusual flavours together to create the perfect flavour combination.

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Dine al fresco, and enjoy the soft rays of sunshine coming through Jewel’s unique 9,000-piece glass ceiling.

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The menu has quite an extensive range of fusion dishes, and most of them reminded us of our local Singaporean food.

For starters, we had the Kong Bak Bao in Mexican Style (S$14.50) which is the Mexican rendition of Chinese braised pork buns. Instead of the usual method of steaming, Herit8ge deep fries their buns until they’re slightly crispy on the outside.

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Despite being deep-fried, the bun still retained its soft and pillowy texture on the inside. The pork was marinated in Herit8ge’s house-made sauce, which has a sweet smoky taste. The generous serving of lettuce stuffed into the bun also added a lovely crunch to the entire dish!

Being a total carnivore, this dish was definitely my favourite out of all that we had.

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If you’re a fan of cereal prawn, this dish is definitely the one for you! The Empress Pasta (S$22) is a real treat, with juicy king prawns that were coated with butter cereal.

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They are then placed atop a generous serving of cream-based spaghetti and served with fried mantou on the side.

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The pasta was cooked till al dente which is the perfect texture for me. The cream-based sauce was slightly spicy from the curry leaves and chilli padi, which common flavours in Singaporean dishes. Customers can also try dipping the fried mantou into the sauce too.

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To end off, we ordered the traditional Singaporean chiffon cake. Even though it looked like a simple chiffon cake, it was actually bursting with intense flavour. Herit8ge’s Laksa Chiffon (S$3.80) cake is one of the more unique desserts I’ve tried.

I was rather sceptical about this unusual pairing but after having the first bite, I was captivated. The clove and lemongrass notes were not too potent, while the chiffon cake was fluffy and airy.

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If all the dishes weren’t enough, I’d recommend Herit8ge’s Signature Gin Gao Cheng Teng (S$22). A play on the Hokkien word “gao“—which means “very thick”—this dessert is an infusion of gin into cheng teng. 

Cheng teng is one of Singapore’s many local desserts with ingredients such as dried longans, white fungus, and red dates. The flavour is sweet and refreshing, similar to a light sugar syrup.

The twist is in the infusion of gin into the cheng teng syrup, though the gin doesn’t overpower the original taste of the cheng teng

Although I’d have to say, this dish is slightly pricier than what I expected—you can usually get cheng teng at hawker centres for just S$2.

Herit8ge has fascinated me with their unique fusion creations and opened up my eyes to flavour combinations that I would have never expected to go well together.

I’ll definitely be going back to try the other Singaporean fusion dishes from their extensive list!

Expected Damage: S$50 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


78 Airport Blvd, #05 - 206, Singapore 819666

Our Rating 5/5


78 Airport Blvd, #05 - 206, Singapore 819666

Telephone: +65 6962 7720
Operating Hours: 10am - 1am (Sun - Thu), 10am - 2am (Fri & Sat)
Telephone: +65 6962 7720

Operating Hours: 10am - 1am (Sun - Thu), 10am - 2am (Fri & Sat)
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