honestbee Food Delivery: 4 Ways To Order & Maximise S$25 Worth Of Food But Pay Only S$7

Last Updated: June 14, 2017

Written by Marissa Mir

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all live in a Wall-E type world? (minus the obesity of course). I’m referring to a life where technology will take care of my laundry, groceries, and make sure that I always have a bottle of wine or two at home… One can dream.

Automatic wine stocking aside, there’s already an app in Singapore that comes pretty close – I’m sure by now you would’ve heard of honestbee.

honestbee only started in late 2015, but is already Asia’s leading concierge and delivery service. Need to do something about all your dirty laundry (clothes ah, not problems)? The app will sort it. Too busy to go grocery shopping? Help is one tap away.

And now, it’s really spoiling the market and venturing into food delivery as well. I guess this is it ya’ll, I’m never leaving the house again.

A food delivery service isn’t a new concept but honestbee sets itself right up there with its competitors by offering a good mix of merchants from the get-go. There are days when only a bangin’ plate of chicken rice will do, and other days where I’ll need to order a huge salad to justify all those chicken rice days.

The ordering process is really simple, with everything categorised accordingly. Just choose what you’re in the mood for and customise your orders!

What I was really impressed by though was the… FREE DELIVERY! All day, everyday. You’ll also be happy to know that no minimum spending is required either.

honestbee already has a pretty extensive network of serviceable zones and can deliver to the CBD, Orchard, Bugis, Bukit Merah, River Valley, Kallang, Katong, Novena, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh and Bedok. Newly launched zones (as of June 2017) include Bukit Timah and Serangoon.

If you’ve yet to jump on the honestbee bandwagon, here’s something to really get excited about: Your first ever order will get you $25 worth of food for only $7. Just use the code “SETHLUI7” at check out (valid till 15 July 2017).

Stumped at how to make the most of this deal? Here are four combinations to satisfy any cravings, and all with $18 savings.

1. Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice + Water Chestnut Drink

After all this talk about chicken rice, of course I had to get my fill. honestbee will deliver the famous Boon Tong Kee right to your doorstep.

$25 will get you a huge portion of the Signature Boiled Chicken (Half) ($19.26), Chicken Rice ($2.14) and an ice cold bottle of Water Chestnut & Sugarcane ($3.21). Okay fine, that only adds up to $24.61 – leaving you with some monies to get Extra Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce ($0.43).

2. Samurice Onigiris + Salmon Ikura Don + Miso Soup

If a healthier meal is what you’re after, check out Samurice. The Japanese restaurant features great lunch options at very decent prices, and honestbee made sure that the food was delivered in pristine conditions.

Prepare for a slight food coma as you dig into four onigiris ($3 each) and a Salmon and Ikura Don ($12), completing your meal with a steaming bowl of Miso Soup ($1). Yupp, all that for exactly $25. I even saved the Wasabi Salmon Mayo and Premium Plum onigiris as afternoon snacks. Winning!

3. Choo Choo Fried Chicken + Spam Sticks + Grape Soda

Enough with rice – where my protein at? I’ve spent too many evenings dreaming about fried chicken and now honestbee can send me the good stuff right to my sofa (okay la, doorstep).

Korea has given us some of the best fried cheeeekin and Choo Choo Chicken is thankfully on honestbee. Have a fast food party for one with an order of Eight Pieces (4 Wings, 4 Drumlets) ($16.50), Fried Spam Sticks ($5) and Grape Soda ($3.50) for the price of $7.

4. The Tiramisu Hero Ice Cream Waffles + Matcha Milkshake

I always hesitate when ordering desserts from food delivery services because, well, what sorcery is going to keep the ice cream from melting?? The Tiramisu Hero and honestbee have clearly worked something out because my order arrived in top form.

Curl up in bed at home with Durian Vanilla Waffles ($15) and a Matcha Milkshake ($10) that will chase any Monday blues away. That durian puree was LEGIT and made for a filling dessert that could easily tide you through two episodes of Netflix.

Getting $25 worth of food for only $7 seems too good to be true, so remember to tell all of your friends! Better yet, throw a party and invite all first-time honestbee users to order from different merchants and make the most of the promotion.

A laundry service, groceries and now food delivery – I can’t wait for the day when honestbee lets me hire a clone to stand in at work for me.

Promo code: “SETHLUI7” (valid till 15 July 2017)

honestbee Food Delivery: Download App on Apple, Google Play | Website

*This post was brought to you in partnership with honestbee

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