Lian Bang Fu Zhou: Delicious Glutinous Rice Bao & Bacon Dim Sum At Bukit Batok

Lianbang Handmade Bao 1

I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw this photo of a bao encasing a mixture of rice and I told myself I had to go down and try this unique dishSo off I went to Bukit Batok to locate Lian Bang Fu Zhou.

With bamboo steamers stacked sky high over a metal steamer unit, orders are heated up immediately upon ordering and you get piping hot dim sum and buns within a few minutes. Go early though, or some of the more popular items like the liu sha bao might be sold out.

Lianbang Handmade Bao 3

I ordered the Royal Chicken Bao ($4) and what came to the table exceeded my expectations. A bun was split open, revealing a mound of sticky glutinous rice inside with char siew bits, chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions, and crumbs of salted egg yolk.

Lianbang Handmade Bao 6

The sticky sweet sauce gave it a nice depth in addition to the savoury chicken meat, but I thought that the bun was a little too dense for me on its own. Pair it together though, and the combination works well.

Lianbang Handmade Bao 7

The Liu Sha Bao ($3.20 for 3 pieces) was probably the highlight of the meal; I loved the soft, fluffy bun and the gorgeous molten salted egg yolk inside that flows out once you break into the centre.

I was also very impressed by the amount of filling that’s in every bun, and even after I accidentally spilled some, there was more than enough to satisfy me.

Lianbang Handmade Bao 4

Lian Bang Handmade Bao has a number of unique dim sum items as well, including the Bacon Dim Sum ($2.30 for 2 pieces). This is a must-try for bacon lovers, with a filling of pork encased in a rasher of bacon. Salty with a tender interior, this small roll of porky goodness left me wanting more.

A dim sum staple that I’ll always order is Har Gao ($2.30 for 3 pieces) and that was no different here. I liked the thin and soft skin that was able to remain intact when picked up, along with the crunchy prawn filling that was fresh and sweet.

Lianbang Handmade Bao 2

At this stall, one dish changes weekly, and the one that was available when I went down was the Yam Pastry ($1 for 1 piece). With a filling made from yam and char siew, it was a great snack.

The light and crisp outer shell was done very well with only a slight oily residue left behind, which I thought was good considering that it was deep fried.

Lianbang Handmade Bao 5

It might not be the most convenient place to head to for dim sum, but if you’re in the vicinity, this is definitely a great choice. I mean, where else are you going to find a glutinous rice bao?

Expected damage: $5 – 15 per pax

Lian Bang Fu Zhou: #01-42, Blk 643 Bukit Batok Central, Singapore 650643 | Tel: +65 8866 9140 | Opening hours: 6am – 8pm (Daily) | Facebook