Mo’mor Izakaya: Tapas, Grills and Affordable Set Lunches All Under One Roof

Momor Izakaya

How do you deal with a situation where everyone wants to eat something different from the other. For example, sashimi, fried food, skewers, pasta and steaks? Here’s one place that covers all of that under one roof, and you’d get to enjoy a quiet respite from the bustling city life.


Opened in April 2016 by award-winning Chef Martin Woo, Mo’mor Izakaya has been serving a variety of tapas, mains and seafood dishes on their menu, with Izakaya dishes being one of its main focus.

Momor Izakaya

There is also a list of alcoholic beverages to choose from and crazy drinks promotion. From 5PM-7PM daily, you pay just $5 for a selected list of beer, sake cocktails, wines and liqueur.

The lunch set is a steal too, affordably priced, but changes biweekly.

2-course: $15++ (Mains + Tapas / Dessert)

3-course: $18++ (Mains, Tapas and Dessert)

Momor Izakaya

As for the ala carte menu, the food is divided into tapas, mains and dessert. Mo’mor has a good range of tapas to choose from that pairs well with drinks like sake and beer.


The Onsen Tamago ($5) is a welcoming starter drenched in ponzu sauce. The abundance of the Ikura surrounding the onsen egg definitely makes it a must-have dish.

Momor Izakaya

The Hokkaido Scallop Tartar ($22) is mixed of furikake and Ikura, served mounted on four spoons. Simply slurps down the chilled tartare to taste the chunks of scallop intertwined with the burst of Ikura. Paired with a side of crispy chips, it is a dish encompassing a variety of textures.

Momor Izakaya

If you can’t decide what fish to order, get the Raw and Cured Platter ($36) that has four types of fish. An aesthetically appealing dish, the platter has an assortment of botan ebi, apple cured salmon, sword fish belly and pickled mackerel. The botan ebi has a creamy umami taste, and trust me, having one is never enough.


The Matsusaka A4 Wagyu Beef Skewer ($28) allows diners to savour one of the best beef in the world. The meat is grilled nicely and slightly charred on the edges, while the inside retains its juiciness. The Matsusaka beef is also available as a striploin at $9 per 100grams if you are keen for a decent slice of steak.

Momor Izakaya

The star of the day is the Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl ($12) that is very reasonably priced. Each slice of the Iberico pork is grilled for 12 hours in the skewer machine, causing it to be extremely tender that it literally melts on the tongue, but still manages to retain its firmness, and the green apple slices provide a refreshing palate cleanser to the dish.


Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ($14) alongside grated radish and tempura sauce consist of three well-fried pieces on the plate, a rather affordable dish to have.


The Slow Cook Yakiniku Baby Pork Ribs ($38) is a massive slab of meat topped with chives and sesame. The fall-off-the-bone meat makes for easy eating, but could be better if it was juicier.


The Lavender Pudding ($13) is highly recommended. It resembles a cake with a toasted crusty exterior. As we sliced it apart, there was a faint whiff of lavender from the moist and almost fluffy pudding.

The caramelised pineapple helps cut through the dessert with its tang, and it is best to eat all three parts of the dessert together, including the coconut ice cream.

24 Oct Momor Izakaya

Mo’mor is a pleasant place to chill at with an indoor and outdoor alfresco area to choose from. The range of food from the menu will keep you and your companions full. If you enjoy a bit of everything and a couple of tipples, Mo’mor is a place worth giving it a try.

Expected damage: $15 – $38

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Mo’mor Izakaya: 56 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Post Office (Opposite Tanglin Mall) #B1-01, Singapore 247 964 | Tel: 6463 8080 | Opening Hours: Mon to Wed, Sun 11AM-11PM, The to Sat 11AM-1AM | Website