F&B owner cursed at by dissatisfied customer on Facebook – How far is too far when it comes to food criticism?

Most of us have likely experienced being served with less than satisfactory food when dining at F&B establishments. The sharing of negative reviews and criticisms of these establishments online has become commonplace in our digital age. However, when do we draw the line when it comes to criticising F&B owners and their food?

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Recently, the owner of a coffeeshop stall named Old World Bak Kut Teh and Fried Porridge, Jemmy, shared an experience in which a dissatisfied customer repeatedly attacked not just Mr Jemmy’s food, but Mr Jemmy himself and his family.

Mr Jemmy claims that the customer, Leonard, had initially uploaded a post on Facebook on 31 March 2021, condemning a kway chap stall for overcharging him.

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Mr Jemmy says that he tried to reason with Mr Leonard in explaining the kway chap stall’s prices. However, Mr Jemmy alleges that Mr Leonard started cursing his family instead.

Then, Mr Leonard paid a visit to Mr Jemmy’s stall in Bedok on 8 April 2021. He then posted a highly negative review of the dishes on his Facebook account, describing Mr Jemmy’s food as “horrendous, unpalatable and abominable”. Mr Leonard even brought along the Holy Bible to swear on his honesty regarding his bad review.

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Over a year later, on 25 April 2022, Mr Leonard returned to Mr Jemmy’s stall, which unbeknownst to him, had relocated to a different place. Mr Leonard then proceeded to upload a post on his Facebook celebrating the closure of Mr Jemmy’s stall, referring to it as a “place that serves the most sh*ttiest food”.

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In a reply to a comment by a netizen who had asked why Mr Leonard prayed for the closure of Mr Jemmy’s store instead of praying for the improvement of his cooking, Mr Leonard called Mr Jemmy a “bastard” and hoped that his whole family would “ham kar chan” (cursed whole family to die).

image of mr leonard cursing mr jemmy

Mr Jemmy then posted screenshots of the entire ordeal on his Facebook account.

Have you ever experienced receiving unsatisfactory food at F&B outlets? And if you are an F&B owner, have you been on the receiving end of unpleasant reviews? How would you have handled the situation?

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