O’TAH: Mouth-Watering Otah Burgers & Tacos At Jewel Changi Airport

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Otah might be one of the most under-rated food items when it comes to local snacks. We add it to our nasi lemak, while some like to have it as a side to their main meal.

But here at O’TAH — a new project by Lee Wee & Brothers, otah steals the limelight. It’s given a makeover with the use of alternative ingredients.

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With a small corner stall in the food basement of Jewel Changi, it might be a snack stop that’s easy to miss. However, don’t dismiss O’TAH’s innovative take on this classic Asian snack because you may just want to endure the commute to Changi just to get your hands on these special otahs.


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We dove in head first, and attacked the most imposing item on the menu, Ben’s Burger (S$11.90). It’s a hefty serving of mackerel fish otah patty, tomato, purple cabbage, caramelised onion, sunny side up, with a side of fries.

My initial presumptions flew out the window with an immensely satisfying first bite. The patty was soft and had a rich mouthfeel, made even richer with the oozing runny yolk dribbling down the side of the bottom bun.


What impressed me most was the generous thickness of the otah patty, which seemed to be a running trend amongst all their portions. They were not stingy, that’s for sure.

The purple cabbage was a great textural distraction, in contrast to the pillowy bun. Together, everything just made so much sense and created a lasting first impression.


On the other hand, if you’re not a burger fan and would prefer something less heavy, the TAH-co (S$9.90) should suffice. Served in a pair, with one breaded and the other plain, it comes with guacamole, salsa, corn & purple cabbage on a tortilla, and a side of fries.


I should warn you, these aren’t the friendliest bites to eat if you’re looking to keep your hands clean. Between the two, I preferred the breaded version simply because it held up better against the mush of guacamole and the soft tortilla.

Also, the combination of cheese and otah didn’t necessarily help to bring out the best of the mackerel. Taste-wise, it was very average but will do the trick to satiate your hunger.


Switch up your fry game with their O’TAH Fries (S$6.90), that’s a serving of regular shoestring potato fries with hand-cut thick mackerel fish otah fries. I imagined the otah fries having a lot more of a fishy flavour, given it isn’t mixed in with any sauce or seasoning that’s overpowering.

However, I’m sorry to report that it was a toned-down experience, with only a fatty mouthfeel to keep me interested briefly.


Like I mentioned earlier, otah is traditionally eaten with nasi lemak and they’ve not forgotten this classic combination. However, O’TAH has livened this marriage up with variations of protein, like pesto salmon and fried curry chicken.

I had the Grilled Honey Chicken Nasi Lemak (S$8.90) which comes with mackerel fish otah, grilled honey chicken, coconut rice, omelette, potato croquette, anchovies & peanuts, purple cabbage, pickled vegetables, and sambal chilli.


Two things stood out for me in this set; the potato croquette and the sambal chilli. Within the croquette, which I assume is meant to replace bergedil, there were bits of meat. Perhaps turkey ham? I wasn’t given a definite answer, but overall, the croquette was soft but too dry for my liking.

Also, even though the sambal chilli wasn’t spicy, it was exceptionally savoury. It was so thick, it bordered on pasty, as opposed to a sauce. But I wasn’t complaining.

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Finally, I reached the moment when I could taste each unique otah on its own! O’TAH has plenty for you to choose from, but my favourite was surprisingly their Cream Cheese & Corn Otah (S$26.40 for a box of 12).


Who would’ve thought fish, corn and cream cheese would be a winning combination? In this case, it sure works! I suppose it’s the sweetness of the corn and richness of the fish and cream cheese that reeled me in and got me instantly hooked.


I really wanted to like their Scallop Otah (S$26.40 for a box of 12). However, the flavours were muted and I couldn’t detect the natural sweetness of the scallops like how I’d imagined.

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My runner-up pick was the Green Petai & Anchovy Otah (S$20.40 for a box of 12), with its heavy-handed flavours and subtle crunchiness from the petai. The scattered anchovy bits gave a nice dash of saltiness too.

I would’ve never imagined something as simple as otah could be transformed in so many enjoyable ways. I’ve always enjoyed otah as it is, and never complained about its pedestrian intention. I guess now that I’ve had a bite of Ben’s Burger, I can’t eat otah the same way again.

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$30 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-241, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

Our Rating 4/5


78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-241, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

Operating Hours: 24 Hours (Daily)

Operating Hours: 24 Hours (Daily)
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