Phat Burger Bro, River Valley: “Order a double and get your hands dirty.”

There are lots to be enamoured by at the ritzy district that is River Valley. Its location is a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Singapore, where Chanel handbags and plush Balenciaga sneakers don’t seem like too much of a stretch to gun for. But this isn’t a real estate advertorial piece. Tucked quietly between high-rise condominiums, deeper into these trenches of trendy expat living are dining gems like Phat Burger Bro

Shopfront of Phat Burger Bro

It’s all quite laid-back, clean, and void of any hoity-toity fuss that makes you second-guess your dinner with fingernails digging into your wallet. There’s a flush openness about the whole place. Maybe it’s the floor-to-ceiling glass that begs for peeks and stares from hungry passersby, or the fun, colourful pop of wall-hung acrylics. Either way, I feel invited. 

Interior shot of restaurant 2

Then I see fellow diners scuttling about with these adorable metal trays of food. It’s burgers we’re talking about here—proper, hearty ones that threaten the arteries and assault the taste buds. Cranked-up American fast-food fare is an apt label here, both in quality and price. In the meantime, some careful decisions are to be made over the counter.

What I tried

Cobb Salad

Stacked-up burgers and chilli fries are all standard procedure over at Phat Burger Bro, but that doesn’t mean some conscience-clearing is impossible. There’s a Cobb Salad (S$17) that is surprisingly excellent. Punchy drizzles of red wine vinaigrette bind this lighthearted mix of chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, and avocado. 

Then comes the crisped-up bacon bits and crumbled blue cheese to inject this salad bowl with unpredicted bouts of salt and sin. Maybe not so lighthearted, after all. If all salads were like this, I’d be a clean eater too. But I jest. Especially when there’s talk of burgers on the menu.

Double Phat Bro

The Double Phat Bro (S$18) is more than just a funny name. Here’s your classic double cheeseburger, but prepared with the very best of produce. I’m a sucker for the patties, and who wouldn’t be? You get the meaty bite of freshly ground beef and all the brilliant flavour that tags along with it. 

Cross-section of Double Phat Bro

Then there’s big boy pickles and lovely caramelised onions to finish this fantastic bun-and-meat combo. Bottom line—it’s delicious. Order a double and get your hands dirty. Good burgers are often messy, and that’s what napkins are for.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger

But it’s not all cow, no sir. This Southern Fried Chicken Burger (S$15) is also immaculately seasoned. I’m trying to wrap my head around its playful mix of spices, but if we’re being honest, chomping down on it is much more fun. Crispy, breaded things hardly offend, and this sandwich is comfort food at its finest. My only gripe? It verges on being a tad dry towards the end. Perhaps a splash of sauce could help.

Chili Con Carne

Pigging out here is perfectly welcome. After all, Phat Burger Bro is all about high-spirited and reckless dining. That’s where the Chilli Con Carne (S$8) jumps in with a sexy mound of house-cut fries and slatherings of mince and gravy. I’m diving into these five at a go. Kidney beans are a snazzy inclusion here. As far as all golden-brown, crisped potatoes go, this one’s a winner. Just mop it up before it gets cold.

Chicago Dog

I’m a little torn on this Chicago Dog (S$9). On one hand, there are excellent toppings of bright pickles and chopped onions. The meat itself leaves me cross—I want snaps and forthcoming bursts of juices with my sausage. You don’t get that here. Still, it is enough to satisfy the peckish customer.

French Toast

Many calories and pools of grease later, further temptations come by way of the French Toast (S$12). Milk buns are the choice of bread here. Crusts? I don’t even know her. The result is rather fabulous, with soft, eggy buns and wonderful pairings of caramelised banana to boot. 

You don’t have to be sweet-toothed to fawn over this dessert. Gear up for some awkward exchanges of fervent glances to decide who gets the last piece. My advice? Forego the niceties and snatch it all up for yourself. It’s 2021, honey, and faux-considerate is so last year. 

Final thoughts

Phat Burger Bro is here to stay. No doubt about that. I’ll neatly place it in my list of burger go-tos or any list of fuss-free, delicious meals for that matter. After all. there’s nothing wrong with a little untamed indulgence every once in a while. At least here, you’re getting your calories worth through a menu of scrumptious, carefully prepared burgers and equally moreish sides. If that’s not reason enough for a trip down to Valley Point, I don’t know what is.

Expected damage: S$15 – S$25 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Phat Burger Bro

491 River Valley Road, Valley Point Shopping Centre, #01-17, Singapore 248371

Our Rating 4/5

Phat Burger Bro

491 River Valley Road, Valley Point Shopping Centre, #01-17, Singapore 248371

Telephone: +65 9336 4347
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Mon to Sat), 8am - 10pm (Sun)
Telephone: +65 9336 4347

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Mon to Sat), 8am - 10pm (Sun)
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