PS.Cafe East Coast Park: New Seafood-Centric Dishes With Seaside Dining At PS.Cafe’s Latest Outlet At ECP

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I don’t and have never lived a stone’s throw away from any body of open water. For someone who grew up infatuated with the ocean—I was always that kid who spent way too long in the water—I have fond memories of my parents bringing my sister and me to East Coast Park (ECP) to cycle or rollerblade, and have a family dinner every few Saturdays a year.

It would be a mini-event, and we’d strap our gear to the back of our family car. I suppose that was the most nostalgic aspect of having to return to East Coast Parkway on a weekday, as I’d heard one of my favourites cafes, PS.Cafe, had just opened a new outlet there.

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The cafe is by no means grand nor imposing; it’s rather quaint, cosy, and reminds me a lot of their Dempsey Hill outpost, but with more sand than greenery to look out to. You’d want to request a table by the windows or even al fresco, as the view and the atmosphere of being in and surrounded by elements of nature is truly their selling point here.

I know of a dear friend who harbours a love-hate relationship with PS.Cafe, and I understand his sentiments, as their culinary mission isn’t by any means complex or revolutionary. However, they offer comfort and familiarity (along with some pretty hefty portions, which encourage entourages of friends and family to stream through their doors for brunch).

With that said, their latest set-up at ECP still manages to reel in old-time regulars, as well as curious East Coast dwellers to check out a few choice additions to their regular menu.

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To pay homage to its spankin’ new location, a must-order is the Lemongrass Mussel & Clam Spaghettini (S$29.50). I liken it to a pasta dish-cum-stew, as its broth is something you’ll want to sop up with the piece of crusty toast that it’s served with.

The lemongrass definitely enrobed the dish with its unmistakable aroma, but what I particularly relished in was the natural sweetness of the black mussels and earthy portobello mushrooms. The sweet-sour profile of the broth seeped into the Venus clams’ plump flesh, which went well with the beautifully al dente spaghettini that carried a satisfying bite.

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When ordering an octopus dish, I always anticipate that it could go either way—plump and soft, or chewy and tough. Their Asian take on octopus, the Chargrilled Octopus (S$21), was smothered in a ‘char siew‘-esque homemade sauce, which brought out familiar flavours.

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I have to admit, these tentacles weren’t the tenderest I’ve had; I had to forcefully chew through them several times before swallowing. But what did help distract me from its headstrong resistance was the complementary chilli lime dip.

The dip held mild heat, and helped to alleviate the denseness of the octopus with its acidity.

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My top pick, however, has to be the Chorizo & Calamari Stew (S$30). Its mildly steep price-point may deter you, but what you’re getting is a stew that’s savoury, rich, and incredibly mouth-watering. The fragrance of fire-roasted peppers and black garlic aioli wafted towards our table even before it was placed down.

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There was an immense amount of textural variety in a single spoonful, something that I truly relished—from chewy, to tender, to starchy, and completed with crunch from the toasted bread.

Once again, the stew’s broth didn’t go to waste with the handy charred bread. With each and every bite, the subtle heat from the chorizo and jalapeno blossomed and drew me in till the last drop.

Dining at PS.Cafe’s latest outlet on a weekday afternoon really made me wish I could spend the rest of the afternoon taking a leisurely stroll, followed by a guiltless nap on a picnic mat. Alas, works beckons, and I was jolted back to reality with the arrival of my Grab car.

Nonetheless, I strongly encourage everyone to pay a visit to PS.Cafe East Coast Park at least once, no matter where on our island you stay. Come and indulge in hearty cafe nosh, and you’ll want to stay longer for the cooling sea breeze.

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PS.Cafe East Coast Park

1110 East Coast Parkway, Cyclist Park, #01-05/06/07, Singapore 449880

Our Rating 5/5

PS.Cafe East Coast Park

1110 East Coast Parkway, Cyclist Park, #01-05/06/07, Singapore 449880

Telephone: +65 6708 9288
Operating Hours: 9.30am - 11pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6708 9288

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 11pm (Daily)
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