Roll Up: Indian-Inspired Kebab Rolls & Beer For Rollin’ Good Times In The CBD

Roll up exterior

Let’s get this straight – this isn’t your average kebab shop. I’ve had many a shawarma in my time and rolled up to this joint on Circular Road expecting a similar variety.

Instead I chanced upon Roll Up, probably the coolest kebab shop in town.


Aptly named, the hipster-like exterior and interior would never have me pegging them as a kebab shop. Cool orange chairs stand out against the otherwise greyscale walls, creating a chilled out space perfect for enjoying an evening in the CBD.

roll up interior 2

Customised and tasteful graphic designs adorn the walls and hint at the inspiration behind Roll Up’s food; Indian Fusion Cuisine. And don’t even get me started on the amazing smells wafting from the kitchen.

roll up kebab

My first order of business: Kebab Rolls. Sizeable rolls are packed (and I mean packed) with tender and juicy chunks of meat, lettuce and onions.

We’re talking 80% meat, 20% veggie, just the way it should be and a clear justification of the price. My Achari Chicken Tikka ($11) was teeming with flavour and paired perfectly with the house sauces; A homemade creamy mint sauce and tomato chutney alternative.

With eight different flavour combinations featured for the rolls, there’s definitely something for every palate.

roll up platter

Meat options include garlic chicken tikka (my personal fav), fish tikka, mutton seekh kebab… Can’t decide? Roll Up also serves platters that allow you to sample the various meats, without getting too full from the soft rolls.

A Mini Platter ($26) can feed around two to four people and comes with a generous amount of meat and sauces. Kebab meats are usually too dry for my liking but the secret to Roll Up’s goodness is a traditional tandoor oven.

The concept makes total sense since the highlight of a kebab roll should be the meat and at Roll Up, quality is maintained to the highest standards.

roll up masala fries

In a land of seaweed shaker and truffle fries, it was a refreshing change to be greeted by a masala alternative. These golden beauties deserve special mention, with a secret spice seasoning like no other. It truly becomes next level flavour goodness when combined with the mint sauce.

I also can’t think of anything better than a piping hot kebab and ice cold beer. I recommend the Hoegaarden Wit Blanche ($10 during Happy Hour) with the Garlic Chicken Tikka ($11). Mmmmm.

Exciting times lie ahead for Roll Up as they move to a new location (still on Circular Road don’t worry!) to accommodate a larger seating area but for now, the good times are still rollin’ at No. 76*

Expected damage: $11 – $26

Roll Up: 31 Circular Rd Singapore 049387 | Tel: +65 9006 6337 | Facebook

*Edit: Moved to new address (listed above)