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Hot Bird: Nashville-style hot chicken with 6 spice levels but average buffalo wings

Mention fried chicken and you've got my full attention. There's nothing quite like sinking into the warmth of a hot, tender, and irresistibly crunchy...

10 best makan places in Damansara

Damansara can be a tricky area to navigate, especially for first-timers. Amidst shopping malls, business hubs, and numerous neighbourhoods, there's a prevalent question on...

Hungry Bacon serves all things pork like nasi kerabu babi percik, BBQ ribs & pork shoulder chop

When craving pork, your options are quite limited as not all eateries serve yummy pork goodness. Fortunately, Hungry Bacon, located in Damansara Utama, serves...
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A Must Try Recipe