‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #025 — Tisha Jaswantlal, health coach & plant-based nutritionist, schools us on shifting attitudes towards food

It’s the year of wellness for many of us who are seeking to build our health from a year of inactivity due to lockdown, and if there’s any guest who’s more apt to share professional advice on how best to lead a holistic life, it’d be none other than Tisha Jaswantlal. She’s a health coach and plant-based nutritionist, whose work began when she left her corporate job to take on a nine-month solo trip around the world.

Portrait of Tisha Jaswantha

During that journey, she practised yoga and immersed herself in the health and wellness community in each city she visited, thus discovering her true passion for health. Today, Tisha joins ‘Tapau Please’ in the studio for its third episode of Season 2 to speak about how the perception of food has shifted in a pandemic, what the misconceptions of ‘clean eating’ are, as well as explaining why not all calories are equal.

We truly hope you’ve enjoyed the first few episodes of the podcast’s second season, and have found the gift of sharing this show with your fellow foodies. We want to spread the wonders of food education—just like Tisha has so generously done here—through this channel and hope you discover joy in learning something new every episode!

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