The Beast: Singapore Kitchen and Bar Review

“A taste of an American Southern Kitchen”

the beast singapore bar

The Beast is all about true-blue home cooked American Southern comfort food. Think fried chicken and sweet tea with bourbon, which although stereotypical, is exactly what The Beast is all about.

the beast singapore restaurant bourbon

On the first floor of The Beast, you experience rustic interior elements such as rusted oil drums, warm farm house lighting, and wooden counter-tops, making a cosy casual bar. You can also see one of the largest collections of American Bourbon on display in Singapore.

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On the 2nd floor door, in contrast you see square tables and brightly lit textured walls which gives a totally different vibe. More like a typical restaurant setting, I much rather sit downstairs to soak in the rowdy atmosphere.


Did I mention that on weekends they have a live country acoustic set as well? No question which floor you should be placing your butt on at The Beast.

Let’s get on to the scrumptious Southern dinner.

the beast Pimento Cheese Dip

Pimento Cheese Dip ($12). Also known as the ‘caviar of the south’, this is a relish made of cheese and pimento (cherry peppers) with candied bacon to boot. A very common Southern food, I can’t possibly think of how cheese and bacon can go wrong. Sweet, salty, slightly spicy with a dairy kick, goes perfect with the corn chips. I only wish they added more bacon.


Freshly Baked Cornbread ($6). The freshness shows in the moist, fluffy body. A dollop of butter on top cuts away from the sweetness of the bread, further enhancing the already buttery taste. A very refreshing change from the usual starter breads served in European restaurants.

the beast Bacon Mac & Cheese singapore

Bacon Mac & Cheese ($9). Nothing screams comfort food like baked mac and cheese. Adding bacon to it is like having Batman joined with Robin- You can’t go wrong. Loved how the pockets of mac got filled with creamy cheese so you get a whole mouthfull rather than the cheese not sticking to the Mac.

bourbon flight the beast singapore small batch

Bourbon Flights ($38 – $34). Hey, if you’re at one of the largest collection of Bourbons in Singapore, you don’t order Gin. I had the Small Batch ($36) flight, which is selected from less than 300 barrels, typically aged from 6 to 9 years: Baker’s, Booker’s and Four Roses bourbon.

Amazing contrasts for the Bourbon connoisseur, with a range of dimensions from caramel, vanilla to bold and spicy. Baker’s was probably my favorite, with notes of fruit, toasted nuts and vanilla with a smooth, medium finish.

shrimp and grits the beast

Shrimp and Grits ($26). Shrimp, creamy grits in a garlic sauce. Grits are ground corn, similar to the thick porridge-like polenta. I’ve to say the grits were a tad bland, with the sauce not doing much to boost flavours. Nice char on the shrimps though, but I’d skip this dish.

pulled pork sliders the beast singapore

Pulled Pork Sliders ($16). These sliders were filled with slow-cooked pulled pork (duh), Coleslaw and BBQ sauce. A wet stringy meat texture with good flavours.

southern fried chicken the beast singapore

Southern Fried Chicken ($20). Fried chicken is the hallmark of Southern American cuisine. The Beast serves a pretty simple version, brined for 24 hours with some peppers and spices, then coated with butter milk biscuit. It was good, but didn’t really amaze me. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by too much Korean fried chicken.

Anyway, the Chicken and Waffles ($20) might have made a more interesting choice, and is also one of the signature best sellers at The Beast.

evil twin yang beer

Evil Twin Yang ($20). The Beast also serves a huge array of American craft beers that although pricey, is something really unique. Hits of dark caramel and toffee with spice, citrus and a hint of earthiness. At ABV 10%, this craft beer can really pack quite an intoxicating punch.

the beast Mama June's Sweet Tea

Mama June’s Sweet Tea ($18). This homemade sweet tea is a southern tradition, spiked with Redemption High Rye Bourbon. Great balance without any element going too far off the charts and definitely a winning drink.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere and the very authentic Southern offerings, with no pretense of incorporating any local dishes. The Beast really sticks to their theme through and through, serving up their rustic comfort specialties. However on weekends, waiting time can be be a tad tedious. Prices might get a bit out of control also if you don’t keep track of the orders, but I would still recommend this American concept restaurant for their unique bourbons, beers and Southern delicacy.

Expected Damage: $50 – $70 per pax

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 The Beast: 17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199329 | Tel: 6295 0017 | Website