The Complete F&B Guide To South Beach Avenue: 13 New Cafes, Restaurants & Bars To Visit In The City

south beach avenue

South Beach is (literally) the new kid on the block – the sprawling development is an integration of four historical buildings and two new towers, housing office spaces, luxury residences, JW Marriott Hotel and most importantly, new dining and drinking spots in the city.

The lifestyle district is directly connected to Esplanade MRT and City Hall MRT Interchange, and you definitely won’t miss the stunning architecture. A distinct micro-climatic canopy keeps South Beach Avenue cool and breezy, creating the perfect destination for a relaxing lunch, or for a couple of cocktails after work.

We’re always on the hunt for new F&B options in the heart of town, and have put together a guide to the 13 new cafes, restaurants and bars that you have to visit in South Beach.


1. Dimbulah Coffee (#01-14)

south beach avenue dimbulah

With several outlets around the Central Business District, Dimbulah Coffee is already a hit among the office folks. The outlet at South Beach Avenue similarly focuses on the overall cafe experience; you’re already guaranteed a good cup of coffee, but it’s also the ambience that’s worth coming back for.

Order a cup of joe and grab a seat in the al fresco area, which is like a little oasis in the city.

south beach avenue dimbulah

Every cup of Dimbulah coffee is made using fine Arabica beans that are grown at the Dimbulah Mountain Estate in Australia. Immense passion and care is put into every step of the process, resulting in the unique and distinctive flavour of the beans.

I really enjoyed the Cafe Latte ($4.20) which truly embodied the characteristics of the beans: rich, with a sweet chocolate caramel body and long finish.

south beach avenue dimbulah

I can’t imagine a better way to spend an afternoon than with a strong brew and a few sweet treats to get me by. Dimbulah Coffee serves up an assortment of cakes, and I recommend going for the Raspberry Lamington ($3.50) or Espresso Macadamia Slice ($2.50).

Dimbulah Coffee: #01-14, 38 Beach Rd, Singapore 189767 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 7.30am – 7pm, Closed on Saturdays & Sundays | Website

2. Caffè Vergnano 1882 (#B1-17)

south beach avenue caffe vergnano

Singapore is teeming with cafes, but what sets Caffè Vergnano 1882 apart is its commitment to authenticity and tradition. Founded in 1882, the brand is Italy’s oldest family-owned coffee roasters and carefully sources the highest quality of beans from around the world.

The magic is in the slow-roasting process and the resulting aroma of the brew perfumes the modern Italian cafe set in a cozy corner of South Beach Avenue. The vibes are ideal for a quick coffee break to soothe the soul, or to while away a couple of hours between meetings.

south beach avenue caffe vergnano

Perk up your day with one of the signature drinks like the Caffè Gianduja ($6, Hot). A harmonious blend of cioccolata (chocolate), quality espresso and milk, this beverage is ideal as an “afternoon snack”, with a bonus kick of caffeine.

south beach avenue caffe vergnano

I also really enjoyed the Bailey’s Affogato ($13), which was a little cheeky for 2pm, but I’m not complaining. The combination of coffee, ice cream and alcohol really hit the spot, and when such a fun drink is served in a serious cup, what’s not to like?

Caffè Vergnano 1882: #B1-17, 26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6385 5579 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 7am – 8pm, (Sat & Sun) 10am -7pm | Website

3. Lady M® Confections (#01-17)

I still remember queuing for a good two hours when Lady M® first opened in Singapore. The aesthetically pleasing confectionary hails from New York and has now opened its third outlet here, serving up cakes and treats in the prettiest of settings.

Consistency is key with this established brand, from the interior of the outlets right down to the slicing of the famous cakes. Lady M® combines French pastry techniques with the Japanese etiquette of precision, allowing you to enjoy the same standard of the cakes and pastries in New York, but in the comfort of the new South Beach Avenue outlet that’s a little bit closer to home.

To celebrate the opening of the new outlet, Lady M® is bringing back the popular Earl Grey Mille Crepes ($9.50 per slice) for a limited time only. This slice of heaven will only be exclusively available at the South Beach outlet and will greatly appeal to tea lovers everywhere.

The cake was light and fragrant, and I really liked that the Earl Grey infused cream between the layers was not too overpowering. I mentioned consistency earlier – did you know that all the Mille Crepes Cakes have to have no less than 20 layers?

I also recommend trying some of the other seasonal cakes like the Chocolate Arc-en-Ciel ($9 per slice, available till 31 July 2017) which would pair excellently with a strong cup of coffee.

Indulge in some of the classics like the light and fluffy Green Tea Mousse ($9 per slice) and of course the Signature Mille Crepes ($9.50 per slice) which features layers upon layers of delicate pastry cream.

Get some friends together for dessert after a meal at South Beach Avenue and order a few of the cakes to try. Lady M® also serves artisanal teas and coffees, so just ask the friendly staff for the ideal cake and drink pairings!

Lady M® Confections: #01-17, 26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6702 6735 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 10am – 10pm, (Pick-up time) 1pm – 3pm | Website


4. Atmastel (#B1-22)

south beach avenue atmastel

I’ve been to many Italian restaurants in my day, and I have to say that Atmastel really stood out as one of the better ones in Singapore. The modern casual restaurant boasts an open concept kitchen and dining space, with a very inviting atmosphere that’s suitable for both lunch and dinner.

Led by Chef Andrea Tarini (who used to work at a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant), and Head Pizza Chef Matteo, the culinary team have created dishes that focus on pure and authentic Italian flavours. You know they’re serious when they only use the finest and freshest ingredients which are air flown weekly from Italy.

south beach avenue atmastel

We recommend going in a group and ordering a few dishes to share – start with one of the pizzas, which are all made with 100% stone milled flour, resulting in a healthier and better tasting option. The tomato base of the pizzas is also worthy of a mention, made using San Marzano tomatoes which are considered the best in the world.

If you only have to choose one, go for the San Daniele DOP ($36). The pizza arrived at our table laden with 24-month cured San Daniele prosciutto, which tasted sweeter and milder than the variety that we’re used to.

It’s as good as prosciutto can get apparently, and was melt-in-your-mouth together with the Grana Padano DOP cheese that I’m still dreaming about.

south beach avenue atmastel

Whatever you do, you HAVE to order the Zuppa di Pesce ($68) which was the highlight of the meal for us. The fish and seafood soup is a good portion to share between two or more people, but I might even just have it all to myself next time.

The ingredients change based on the fresh produce that’s available that day, but you’re guaranteed a broth that’s rich, delicate and full of flavour. Even when you’re done with the main ingredients, you’ll be mopping up all that soupy goodness with slices of freshly baked bread.

south beach avenue atmastel

End your meal with an Italian dessert like the Tiramisu ($14.90), which is a deconstructed version of the classic. Flash frozen espresso, cream, kahlua and rum… bellisimo! 

Atmastel: #B1-22, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6581 0085 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 11.30am – 10pm, (Fri & Sat) 11.30am – 11pm, Closed on Sundays & PH | Website

5. Fasta (#B1-23)

south beach avenue fasta

An amalgamation of the words ‘fast’ and ‘pasta’, Fasta is here to save your lunch hour. The establishment’s mission is to serve up fun and fresh fusion meals at affordable prices, catering to the discerning working crowd who want something quick that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The menu is filled with creative dishes that feature unique sauces and dressings – the best of a mesh of culinary styles and techniques.

south beach avenue fasta

Pasta is obviously the name of the game here, and you can choose to customise your bowl or go for some of the Chef’s recommendations. We ordered all the three that were highly recommended: The Scallop Wallop ($16)Siow Ba Mee ($13) and Tuna Poke ($14).

I loved how the sweetness of the pan-seared scallops in Scallop Wallop was elevated by the accompanying crab meat and diced tomato sauce, creating a hearty dish that will keep you full. If you’re looking for something slightly healthier and more value for money though, go for the Tuna Poke which was full of bright, fresh ingredients and flavours.

south beach avenue fasta

The Siow Ba Mee was definitely my favourite, with a generous portion of glazed pork belly atop pasta that was glistening in a sun-dried tomato sauce. This dish was full of umami and was the epitome of what fusion pasta should be.


Fasta: #B1-23, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Sat) 11am – 9pm, Closed on Sundays | Website

6. Fynn’s (#B1-21)

south beach avenue fynns

You don’t see many modern Australian restaurants around Singapore, but South Beach Avenue is home to this beautiful dining space called Fynn’s. Bask in the natural light that floods in as you order from a menu that aims to unite global flavours and classic favourites.

We had a hard time choosing from the list of hearty salads, sandwiches, burgers and fresh homemade pasta – ideal lunch options that won’t lead to a dreaded food coma.

south beach avenue fynns

Boost your immune system with the Superfoods ($19) salad, which was packed full of flavours, textures and all-round goodness. I honestly didn’t think much of it to begin with, I mean, how great can a salad be right?

Pretty super great. The medley of quinoa, avocado, tomatoes, pistachios, cashews, dried cranberries and mesclun salad was topped with the most amazing tangierino dressing, which tied everything together with citrus notes.

south beach avenue fynns

If you fancy a pasta instead, try the Cavatelli ($25) which arrived as a beautifully plated mess of pork sausage, red wine braised octopus, shaved parmesan, fennel seeds and a delectable tomato sauce. It was just the right portion size, and I was pleasantly surprised by the octopus which was as tender as the sausage and packed a punch with the spice from the sauce.

Fynn’s: #B1-21, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6384 1878 | Opening Hours: Lunch (Tues to Fri) 11am – 3pm; Dinner (Tues to Fri) 6pm – 10pm, (Sat) 6pm – 10pm; Brunch (Sat) 11am – 3pm, (Sun) 10.30am – 4.30pm, Closed on Mondays | Website

7. Black Cow (#B1-20)

south beach avenue black cow

Black Cow specialises in shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and even boasts a sake bar where you can take your meal to the next level with an alcohol pairing. The minimalist and chic space screams Japan and is perfect for a bit of a getaway from the hustle of city life.

You can choose from four meat options for the shabu-shabu, starting at $70 per person for the Kurobuta Pork Shabu-Shabu. We highly recommend the Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Shabu-Shabu or Sukiyaki ($98), with perfectly marbled and tender beef slices.

Shabu-Shabu-black cow

The portion is pretty big for one person, so you could perhaps get one to share between two people, and order a few sides to go along. The a la carte menu features some interesting dishes like the popular Wagyu Tataki with Sea Urchin and Caviar ($58) and Minced Wagyu Beef Tsukune ($18). 


The shabu-shabu broth was light yet packed full of flavour and most importantly, the quality of the meat was impeccable. We only wished that it would last longer!

Black Cow: #B1-20, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6386 6720 | Opening Hours: Lunch (Mon to Sat) 12pm – 3pm; Dinner (Mon to Sat) 6pm – 10.30pm, Closed on Sundays & PH | Website

8. Real Food (#B1-19)

south beach avenue real food

In this day and age, we should probably be paying more attention to what we eat. That’s exactly what the passionate individuals behind Real Food are trying to advocate, and they’re doing a darn good job at it.

Spurred by the philosophy that ‘we are what we eat’, the culinary team is very particular about where and how food is produced. Real Food greatly supports local producers and has crafted a menu that is free from processed ingredients, artificial preservatives and trans fat. Oh, and it’s meat-free too!

south beach avenue real food

south beach avenue real food

I was too busy slurping up the bowl of Curry Soup Noodles ($12.80) to realise that no meat had been added. Made with oat milk and extra virgin organic coconut oil, this dish looked deceptively unhealthy and yet, was probably the healthiest thing I had eaten in the past couple of weeks.

It tasted really similar to the real deal, but I felt a lot better eating it. The spinach noodles were a nice change and the vegetables gave the soup dimensions of natural flavours.

south beach avenue real food

If you’re not that hungry, order the Baked Stuffed Portobello ($11.80) that is served with an accompanying salad and potato salad. It was nice savouring all that gooey melted cheddar cheese without feeling too guilty.

Real Food: #B1-19, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6384 2206 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 10am – 9pm | Website

9. Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach Quarter)


American street food is becoming increasingly inspired by Korean and Mexican cuisine, and Vatos Urban Tacos combines the two wonderfully together. Founded by a trio of Korean-Americans, the restaurant features a menu that encompasses flavours that they grew up with, elevated to create stunning dishes that are perfect for sharing.

Coke Vatos 2-2

Now this is what we call atas comfort food, and we couldn’t wait to dig our hands into the spread. Prominent Mexican dishes like quesadillas and tacos are executed with a Korean twist, and we highly recommend the signature Spicy Chicken Quesadilla ($17) or the Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($18).


Out of the three tacos that we ordered, I simply have to rave about the Galbi Short Rib Tacos ($13 for two/ $18 for three). The marinated short rib was bursting with Korean flavours that were highlighted by the other Asian sauces and fresh slaw.

It’s a treat for your taste buds and exceptionally delicious when paired with one of Vatos’ refreshing fruity cocktails.


Vatos Urban Tacos: South Beach Quarter, 36 Beach Road #01-03 Singapore 189766 | Tel: +65 6385 6010 / +65 6385 6970 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 12pm – 11pm, (Fri & Sat) 12pm – 12am, (Sun) 12pm – 11pm | Website


10. Harry’s (#01-18)

south beach avenue harrys

Harry’s is a bar that we all know and love, and I’m so glad there’s a new outlet at South Beach. Ever since the first branch opened in Boat Quay in 1992, it’s become a meeting point for sports fans, colleagues and good ol’ buddies just looking to catch up over an ice cold pint or two.

south beach avenue harrys

We (naturally) ordered a couple of pints of Harry’s Premium Lager ($7 for half pint, $12 for full pint) which was a wonderful reprieve from the Singapore heat. Swing by after work and sample some of the draught beers or get a trusty bottle of Carlsberg or Asahi.

south beach avenue harrys bar

What’s a proper drinking session without some grub? If you haven’t already, try Harry’s Jazz Burger ($19.90) and never look back. It’s now my go-to order and with layers of Angus beef patty, crispy bacon, beetroot relish and jalapeno cheese sauce, it’s everything you could want with a beer.

Harry’s: #01-18, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6386 6306 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 11pm | Website

11. Alchemist Beer Lab (#B1-16)

alchemist infusion beer lab

The first thing you’ll see when you enter Alchemist Beer Lab are 16 sleek beer/cider infusion towers. The bar feels more like a full-on brewery, with two types of infusion systems and many wacky flavours to sample.

The infusion towers are specially flown in from Poland and the United States, and provide a one-of-a-kind beer/cider drinking experience in Singapore. Unlike traditional methods of infusing beers by boiling the ingredients over long hours, the natural flavours are extracted by the fusion chamber using compressed gas (carbon dioxide).

alchemist infusion beer lab

The infused drinks are brilliantly served in specially designed goblet-like glasses, paying homage to the medieval ages that the bar is inspired by. I was happy to go around sampling the different combinations, but fell in love with the 50 Shades of Pink ($12 for happy hour, $15 after happy hour). 

The mix of cider and a whole lot of pink guavas created a drink that was crisp, semi-dry and yet so easy on the palate. I’ll definitely be back for this!

alchemist infusion beer lab

To line your stomach between all that beer and cider, order the Charcuterie ($18, Small / $28, Big) to share. The smorgasbord of Iberico sausage, San Daniel prosciutto, chicken & black truffle ballotine and duck liver parfait with calvados jelly was the perfect complement to our hoppy beverages.


Alchemist Beer Lab: #B1-16, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768 | Tel: +65 6386 4365 | Opening Hours: (Sun to Thurs) 4pm – 1am, (Fri & Sat) 4pm – 2am | Website

12. Quaich Bar (#01-16)

Quaich Bar Interior

South Beach Avenue has now given us Quaich Bar’s second outlet, and man, it is one swanky space. It’s been nine years since its first bar opened at Grand Copthorne Waterfront, and we could see why they are hailed as ‘…a Great Whisky Bar of the World’ by Whisky Magazine.

With over 500 labels, you can expect the same level of service and choice in an equally refined setting. Similar to its first bar, Quaich Bar at South Beach concentrates on boutique distilleries, so you won’t find the usual brands of whisky here.

Quaich Bar Whisky Tasting

Quaich (pronounced ‘quake’) refers to the drinking bowl that serves as a Scottish Gaelic symbol of welcome and friendship — very fitting for a whisky bar with over 90 percent Scottish labels that champions a friendly environment for whisky appreciation.

To promote whisky knowledge and encourage proper whisky appreciation in Singapore, Quaich Bar regularly conducts tasting sessions.

Quaich Bar Whisky Tasting

The whisky tasting sets vary from a basic to an in-depth understanding of the spirit. Being novices in the field, we went for the Introductory Tasting Set of five whiskies that you can experience for $40++.

Only a handful of places in Singapore will be able to offer you the same whisky experience that Quaich Bar can. Meet up with a bunch of friends after work and get steadily acquainted with the wonderful world of this spirit.

Quaich Bar: #01-16, 30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763 | Tel: +65 6386 5366 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 5pm – 1am, (Fri & Sat) 5pm – 2am, Closed on Sundays | Website

13. The Armoury (South Beach Quarter)

south beach avenue the armoury

Set in what was previously an actual armoury, The Armoury is a contemporary Gastro-bar at South Beach Quarter with a charming interior and laid back vibes. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long week – there’s even a live band to keep you entertained every Friday and Saturday night.

south beach avenue the armoury

south beach avenue the armoury

The bar is known for having over 15 craft beers on tap, which change ever so often, featuring unique labels from around the world. It’s happy hour all day here (whatttt) and that’s obviously an excuse to knock back a few.

Try the Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA ($10 for half pint, $13 for full pint), which had a juicy citrus and grapefruit profile. I preferred that one to the Four Pure Pils Pilsener ($13 for half pint, $16 for full pint), which featured light hops with a dry finish, but to each his own.

south beach avenue the armoury

Being a Gastro-bar, it would be a crime to leave without ordering some of the creative dishes on the menu. I was pleasantly surprised by this gastronomic adventure, and highly recommend the Pork Belly Confit with Watermelon ($15), which was an interesting combination of savoury and sweet.

Come as a group and order loads to share – the Ribeye, Romaine Lettuce, Miso Mayo ($35) and Pork Belly Bao ($6) were winners as well, setting the tone for a great evening right in the heart of the city.


The Armoury: South Beach Quarter, 36 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 189766 | Tel: +65 6385 3173 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 11.30am – 11pm, (Fri) 11.30am – 1am, (Sat) 12pm – 12am, (Sun) 11am – 9.30pm | Website


Can’t decide where to start? Just drop by multiple days of the week and don’t worry so much about parking – just spend $50 at participating restaurants and receive a $5 parking rebate! The promotion is valid all-day, including weekends and public holidays.

Click here for a more detailed description of the terms and conditions. Happy eating!

South Beach Avenue: 26 Beach Rd, Singapore 189768 | Website

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