The Green Ducklings: Century Egg Pasta & Smoked Salmon Cake At This Cheery Cafe Along Beach Rd

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If you’re always looking for new dining spots, you can trust The Green Ducklings to deliver you a daily dose of happiness. Located within The Concourse along Beach Road, owners Liz and Jiahui created their dream cafe to serve quirky and high-quality dishes.

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This quaint little cafe established by two girls in their twenties serves up both sweet and savoury treats. The pastel blue chairs and off-white brick walls give the cafe has a cheery vibe, and makes it a comfortable place to chill out.

Both owners felt that by using bright-coloured chairs and happy music, it will allow their customers to feel joyful upon stepping into the cafe. Opening The Green Ducklings has always been their dream, so they hoped to convey that joy and cheer to the diners.

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Excited to see what The Green Ducklings had to offer, we tried a few of their recommended dishes. We started with the Shrimpy Seaweed Fries (S$5.90)Instead of regular cut fries, they went with the unconventional sidewinder fries, which added a fuller crunch to the dish.

Covered with seaweed seasoning and tarama (Greek maze cured from cod roe)the appetiser was sweet yet savoury. The tarama sauce had a lighter body than the popular mentaiko sauce, and didn’t overwhelm the fries with saltiness.

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What I love about this dish is the addition of small shrimps within the seasoning. Together with the tarama sauce, it added a briny flavour to the otherwise plain sidewinders.

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The Green Ducklings offers a few mains, and one that stood out was the Century Egg Pasta (S$16.90). It may not appeal to all since century egg is an acquired taste. But if you love century egg with your congee, then you’ll like this.

I felt that the dish was a tad oily, and could afford to have more seasoning in its sauce. Stirring in the poached egg helped to give the dish a little more sweetness and creaminess.

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To no surprise, there was only a subtle hint of century egg infused within the sauce. I prefer stronger flavours, so it fell beneath my expectations, but it’s still a pretty decent pasta dish if you like your dishes lightly seasoned.

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Their Tamago Open Toast (S$3.90) is a breakfast option you can try if you’re there before 11am. Enjoying a fluffy toast topped with sweet tamago and bonito flakes sounds like a great start to the day. and for the price, this dish is pretty filling.

And what amazed me, even more, was the fact that they bake their toast in-house daily. The freshly-baked fluffy bread was definitely exceptional, and worth your full attention.

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The Green Ducklings offers a range of cakes and baked goods, which are all baked in-house. One of their signature cakes is the unique Smoked Salmon Cake (S$7). 

A savoury cake with dill cream cheese as frosting is definitely an unconventional idea. The taste resembled a smoked salmon cream cheese sandwich. It’s not too shabby a dish, though it might send mixed signals to your taste buds.

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The Bandung Lychee Slice (S$6) has got to be one of the best desserts that they serve, with sweet, light and flowery notesThe slice was rather fluffy, much like a chiffon cake but covered with layers of fresh cream. It was absolutely delectable and easy to finish.

Within minutes, this slice was all gone. I’m sure this will be one of the crowd favourites, so do give it a try if you have the chance to when you’re there.

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With an array of goodies baked in-house, like scones, croissant and cupcakes, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dessert.

The Green Ducklings is relatively new and young, and while their dishes are well thought out, they will require a little adjustment for consistency in taste.

The cakes and pastries, on the other hand, are wonderfully done. So, head over to The Concourse one of these days for a meal and stay for their baked goods.

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

The Green Ducklings

302 Beach Road, Singapore 199600

Our Rating 3/5

The Green Ducklings

302 Beach Road, Singapore 199600

Telephone: +65 9664 1518
Operating Hours: 8am - 7pm (Tue - Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 9664 1518

Operating Hours: 8am - 7pm (Tue - Sun), Closed on Mon

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