Use Trapped Time

When you’re travelling, waiting for your next appointment, even taking a dump, you have this frame of time that you are trapped to just wait. So why waste it playing candy crush or facebook? Use it productively and improve yourself. Read a book, listen to audio tapes or even practice singing. Malcolm Gladwell determined that with 10,000 hours of work on any particular field, you will master it. I reckon if you want to just be pretty good at it, 1000 hours should get you there. So instead of staring into space for 30 minutes on the commute to work, use this trapped time productively and start mastering something.

If everyone else is wasting their time while you are improving even just 1% a day, you will get the edge needed to win in life.  Successful people know that efficiency and productivity are essential to our limited hours in a day.

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