YouTube’s Trending Lists reveal the food that got us the angriest and hungriest in 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, YouTube‘s top trending lists provide a look back at the topics that gripped us most. In a year of social distancing and staying at home, the YouTube watchtime in Singapore has increased by over 30%.

Among the hottest trends and information published on the video platform, there was a marked interest in recipe videos.

This step-by-step one pan egg toast recipe video by the creator 메리니즈부엌Meliniskitchen comes in ninth place on Singapore’s Top Trending YouTube Videos (non-music) list.

The simple video speaks volumes about what Singaporeans have been looking for. Most of us have had our eye out for a straightforward way to pick up a new hobby, and fuss-free recipes like these were all the rage.

We also got a dose of shared Asian outrage with mrnigelng‘s reaction to BBC Food’s Egg Fried Rice Video.

In fact, this video went so viral on YouTube that the team at had to test it out ourselves. It was painful, but we had to.

Thankfully, we also had our share of local creators to soothe the scandal of running cooked rice under water in a colander.

Spice N’ Pans is a Singapore-based cooking channel run by a husband and wife duo. Their recipes for popular Singaporean-Chinese dishes propelled them to fifth place on YouTube’s Top 10 Creators in Singapore list.

All in all, the food scene on YouTube has been a pleasant balance of informative and humorous this year.

Of course, that’s not all that Singaporeans were watching. In the early uncertainty of rising virus cases and lockdown, we turned to YouTube for information, wellness, and entertainment.

Topping the Singapore Top Trending YouTube Videos (non-music) list is PM Lee Hsien Loong’s address to the nation on the COVID-19 situation. Here, we sought vital information on YouTube in the midst of uncertainty.

As we moved into staying at home and working remotely, Singaporeans began to turn to YouTube for fitness and music entertainment.

Stay-home work-out routines became the rage, with April Han‘s Slim Arms in 30 DAYs! video charting sixth on the Singapore Top Trending YouTube Videos (non-music) list.

K-Pop continued to charm fans with the likes of BTS and Blackpink’s catchy tunes and music videos.

It’s been a hard year, but we’ve had our fair share of entertainment, learning and humour on our watchlists this year. Let’s not forget the endless effort and imagination of creators on YouTube to put up the content that continually captivates us.