10 at Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard): Singapore Buffet Review

“Plates of Pleasure”

10 at claymore pan pacific orchard

Located at the lobby level of the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, 10 at Claymore is the hotel’s signature restaurant. It is a casual modern bistro grill restaurant that offers a sumptuous collection of contemporary European cuisine.

After a restaurant revamp, 10 at Claymore promises more variety and a touch of Asian finesse.

10 at claymore lamb rack

If you like buffets, be sure not to miss the “Plates of Pleasure” buffet at the 10 at Claymore. I honestly do not fancy buffets because usually the quality of food is not up to standard and one definitely tends to over-eat at a buffet. However, this time round I give this particular buffet my 2 thumbs up.

For a limited time, indulge in 6 varieties of oysters, all freshly flown in from France, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

10 at claymore pan pacific oysters double the indulgence

These very much loved gems of the ocean were succulent and super fresh. I can still recall the au natural taste of these ocean treasures swirling in my mouth while I write this. The size of the oysters were also rather impressive, some almost as big as my palm.

10 at claymore-08033043

10 at claymore pan pacific seafood lobster

To get your money’s worth, you most definitely have to hit and “whack” all the seafood from the cold selections corner. You will find fresh prawns, mussels, scallops, giant Boston lobster claws/bodies. The perfectly beautiful red shells boasted sweet, fresh and juicy lobster flesh beneath.

The sweet, succulent bamboo clams hidden at the corner are also a must try not usually seen in buffets.

10 at claymore-08033028

I am a self confessed total seafood lover and even I was impressed with the quality and quantity of the seafood available. You will also find a fresh sashimi selection, offering you the usual choices of salmon, tuna and octopus. It’s worth mentioning that although the selection of sashimi is limited, the freshness of the fish is comparable to many of the better Japanese buffets available in the market.

10 at claymore pan pacific plates of pleasure

Now to the star attraction and main selling point of this buffet – the “Plates of Pleasure” menu that is part of the buffet. These are small tasting portions of ala carte plates or bowls that can be ordered in unlimited quantities (tip: Do not be too greedy. Do order and try all the ala carte dishes because believe me they were all up to standard!)

10 at claymore-08033033

10 at claymore-08033026

For their ‘Double The Indulgence’ promotion, 10 at Claymore has also brought in premium US beef to the buffet.

10 at claymore-

Meat lovers will savour the premium USDA certified 1855 Black Angus beef carved and grilled a la minute, to your preferred doneness. With superior marbling, superb flavour and perfect grilling, I personally rate this dish 9/10; definitely a meaty treat not to be missed.

The Black Angus beef and 6 varieties of Oysters are part of the Double The Indulgence special offer till 31 August 2014.

10 at claymore-08033081

The American Kurobuta Breed Pork was my least favourite dish from the ala carte menu. The coated batter was quite cripsy to the bite , but lacked flavour. I personally prefer thicker cuts of pork as it would make the pork more chewy and brings out the distinct “porky” flavour of the meat better (yes, you may think I am strange but I do like the porky pork taste very much haha!)

10 at claymore-08033062

10 at Claymore’s Executive Chef Andy Oh hails from the hawker paradise country, Malaysia. He brings his Malaysian culinary roots to Singapore via his award-winning Peddlers’ Famous Char Kway Teow, Prawn Noodle Soup and Tamarind Laksa Broth (Assam Laksa).

10 at claymore penang char kway teow

The famous award winning Char Kway Teow had a good, intense ‘wok hei’ taste achieved from a seasoned wok. A melody of garlic notes and quite authentic compared to the ones in Penang, the addition of more chili would have really made it near identical to the Malaysian stalls.

10 at claymore-08033083

The Tamarind Laksa Broth was my personal favourite as the fish broth’s consistency was just the right thickness and perfect combination of tangy, sour and salty flavours. I simply could not resist not having a second serving after the first.

10 at claymore-08033040

Items on the Pacific Plates of Pleasure menu change regularly to keep things interesting, but retain its famous dishes like the award winning Char Kway Teow.

The authentic Penang dishes of 10 at Claymore really impressed me, and sets it apart from other hotel buffets definitely- these are the must-tries here. Periodic additions to the menu also keeps things different each time you visit.

Expected Damage:

Dinner : $62 (Monday to Thursday) | Dinner : $68 (Friday to Sunday) | Brunch : $72 (Sunday only)

10 at Claymore: 10 Claymore Rd, Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, 229540 | Tel:  6831 6686 | Website

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