10 Types Of F&B Workers In Singapore We All Know About

Many Singaporeans partake in a part-time job during their holidays, and I’m sure many of you reading this have, in one way or another, met co-workers like these during your time working in the F&B industry. Or even if you’re a customer who’s not privy to the behind-the-scenes action, you’ve definitely encountered these characters too.

We identify the 10 different kinds of F&B workers we have met during our experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. The Super ‘On’ One

The best kind of co-workers anyone can have. These are the ones who volunteer to do everything and anything before anyone has the chance to, and they do everything to the best of their abilities, or beyond what they’re expected.

Although some might dislike them, I choose to look on the bright side. Excuse me while I sip on tea and watch them take on everything like a hero.

2. The Chao Bin


Well, someone definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

One of the most common F&B employees you’ll see whenever you walk into a shop: the Chao Bin AKA the black face or grumpy face.

Ever walked into a cafe happily wanting to place an order, but you’re greeted with someone who looks like you owe him or her a million dollars? A surefire way to instantly kill your mood.

3. The Forever Late


We all have that friend who says “I’ll be there at 5pm”, then appears only at 8pm. Or that one co-worker who strolls in at 9am when work starts at 8am, after all the prep work has been done, of course.

4. The Clumsy

The clumsy ones might be employers’ biggest fears. These are the ones who are constantly knocking into people, dropping food and breaking things.

Extra costs on top of their salary? Not so good for performance review, I’d say.

5. The Forever Toilet Break


That one person who needs to go to the washroom 25 times over the span of a six-hour shift.

Also, out of the 25 times, 20 of them conveniently happen to be during the two-hour lunch rush.

6. The Keh Siao

The Keh Siao, AKA the one who pretends — both co-workers’ and customers’ biggest nightmare.

One less employee helping to tend to customers or clear tables means the others on duty have more to do. Not to mention, customers who have raised their hands trying to get a waiter’s attention for 10 minutes will definitely not be pleased; the frustration is real.

7. The Over-Sharer

That one girl you JUST met but has already told you everything from her secret fetishes to what she and her boyfriend do during their free times.

I’m all for friendly atmosphere, but boundaries, please!

8. The Gossiper

One of the worst types of co-workers to have might be this one — the gossiper who pounces at every chance to bitch about you to her fellow BFF in the workplace.

And everything can be gossiped about or picked on, from colleagues giving good customer service (“OMG, she’s so flirty”) to your way of dressing (“Slut much?”).

9. The Blur Sotong


The one who does not have any answers to your questions. What’s the soup of the day? ‘”IDK”. What’s the promotion running now? “Don’t know either”. What ingredients are in this signature dish? *shrug*

Sometimes, you’re not even sure if they truly do not know, or just do not bother. Well, adults have taught us the “act blur live longer” motto since young, after all.

10. The Perv

That one person who only provides good customer service for the opposite gender, and offers hospitality that’s a little too close for comfort.

And don’t get me started on that one small group that has a rating scale for the opposite gender in secret terms only they know.

Do you have any other ‘personalities’ you have met and would like to share? Gotta catch ’em all, right?

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