10 1-For-1 Food Deals & Weekly Flash Deals For A Jolly Christmas Feast

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and to indulge in festive feasting! With how much we Singaporeans love good food, there’s really no better way to spread the joy this Christmas, than with a sumptuous spread.

We may not get snow, but Christmas often coincides with the rainy season and cooler weather here. When it’s chilly out, some days you just want to stay home and order in.

Luckily, Grab is here to save the day with 10 1-for-1 food deals—from casual meals to fancy feasts, they’ve got you covered. From 16 December 2019 – 2 January 2020, order from merchants like Crave, Long John Silver’s, Popeyes and more.

And if you’re up for a challenge, keep a lookout for flash deals from KFC and Starbucks. Read on to find out more!

—1-For-1 Food Deals—

1. Crave

Sometimes, you’re hit with the strongest craving for a simple but hearty plate of nasi lemak. With Crave, you can enjoy the original Adam Road Nasi Lemak by Selera Rasa in the comfort of your home.

Grabfood Feastival Online 1

It’s always nice to share, which is why GrabFood is offering a 1-for-1 deal on the Nasi Lemak With Fish Fillet + Ice Calamansi (S$8.40 for 2 sets, U.P. S$16.80).

Grabfood Feastival Online 3

Fluffy fragrant coconut milk rice, crispy deep-fried chicken cutlet and irresistible spicy sambal—I can’t wait to dig in!

Expected Damage: S$8.40 for 2 sets

Crave: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

2. Long John Silver’s

Grabfood Feastival Long John Silver's Online 1

Bring on the nostalgia! Most of us will remember Long John Silver’s, perhaps as the go-to atas fast food back when we were teenagers. I know for me, the crispy chicken cutlets and fish and chips were always a great way to end the school week.

Take a stroll down memory lane with GrabFood’s 1-for-1 offer for Long John Silver’s. Get the 2 Piece Fried Chicken with Nacho Cheese Sauce + Coca-Cola No Sugar (S$7.40 for 2 sets, U.P. S$14.80). It’s buy-one-get-one-free, so you can share the fried food joy with a friend.

Who doesn’t love fried chicken, especially when it’s drenched in cheesy goodness?

Expected Damage: S$7.40 for 2 sets

Long John Silver’s: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

3. The Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market is one of the big names in Singapore when it comes to grabbing some fish and chips. This seafood restaurant has more than 72 restaurants in Asia and the Middle East, and five outlets in Singapore.

Grabfood Feastival The Manhattan Fish Market Online 1

If you’re looking for a hearty plate of fish and chips, make it two plates with GrabFood’s 1-for-1 deal. Enjoy Dory N Chips + Fried Country Mushrooms (S$21.15 for 2 sets, U.P. S$42.30), and get another set free!

Grabfood Feastival The Manhattan Fish Market Online 2

They say sharing is caring, so send some love to your friends and share this fish and chips set with them. Soft, flaky fish and juicy fried mushrooms—what a combination!

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$21.15 for two sets

The Manhattan Fish Market: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

4. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Holidays are a time for cheat meals, so if you’re feeling a craving for fried chicken, give Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen a shot.

Grabfood Feastival Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Singapore Online 2

Famous for their buttermilk biscuits and Southern fried chicken, this is one of my go-to places for fried chicken. Not to mention, the mashed potato here is pretty flavourful too.

With GrabFood, you can look forward to 1-for-1 deals on the 2pc Chicken + Regular Mashed Potato (S$9.90 for 2 sets, U.P. S$19.80), which comes with two pieces of crispy fried chicken, one mashed potato with Cajun gravy, and one drink.

Grabfood Feastival Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Singapore Online 1

It’s the perfect buddy meal, so invite your friend over for a chill night, and get your hands on this delectable deal.

Expected Damage: S$9.90 for two sets

Popeyes: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

5. Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Who doesn’t love xiao long bao? These dainty soup dumplings pack a flavourful punch with a bounty of hot broth and minced meat wrapped within thin dumpling skin.

Grabfood Feastival Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Online 1

And where better to get your xiao long bao fix, than from Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao?

Grabfood Feastival Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Online 2

Here’s even more good news, then: you can indulge in xiao long bao with GrabFood’s 1-for-1 offer! The offer is valid on Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (S$16.60 for two sets of 10pcs, U.P. S$33.20) and Steamed Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao (S$16.60 for two sets of 10pcs, U.P. S$33.20).

Yes, this means you get 20 pieces for the price of 10. Share the love—or have it all for a meal.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$16.60 for 20 pieces (Original OR Black Truffle)

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao: Available on GrabFood | Website

6. Fish & Chicks

One of the first few places to introduce salted egg yolk fish and chips, Fish & Chicks has grown from a single Western food stall to nine outlets across Singapore and three more on the way.

For those of you who want to try this classic fish dish with a twist, why not head over to GrabFood? They’re offering a 1-for-1 deal on the Classic Fish And Chips (S$8.40 for 2 sets, U.P. S$16.80), so you can get one for yourself and one for a friend.

Mmm, just think about that crispy crunch of fried fish, and the tender fish meat within. I know what I’m ordering for dinner!

Expected Damage: S$8.40 for two sets

Fish & Chicks: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

7. Drinkies

It’s almost Christmas, and what better way to bring on the festive cheer than celebrating with bottles of beer?

Grabfood Feastival Tiger Crystal Online 2

Crisp, refreshing and easy-to-drink, Tiger Crystal is once more retailing in Singapore. And to kick-start the festivities, hop on the GrabFood 1-for-1 deal and get two sets of eight cans (325ml each) of Tiger Crystal for just S$25.80 (U.P. 51.60).

Grabfood Feastival Tiger Crystal Online 1

Each bottle is ice-filtered with world-class brewing technology, and the resulting beer is smoother than before. If you give it a good sniff, you might even pick up notes of apple scones, which goes really well with the refreshing and smooth taste.

Expected Damage: S$25.80 for 16 cans x 325ml each

Drinkies: Available on GrabFood | Website

8. SaladStop!

Take a break from the festive indulgence, and get a healthy yet delicious bowl of salad from SaladStop!.

Grabfood Feastival Saladstop Online 2

This salad chain has 14 outlets in Singapore, and their salad bowls range from classics like Hail Caesar (S$11.20), a Caesar salad, to salads with an Asian twist like Tuna San (S$13.80), a Japanese-inspired salad, and Jai Ho! (S$12.20), with tandoori chicken.

Grabfood Feastival Saladstop Online 1

Jump on the ‘clean eating’ bandwagon with GrabFood’s 1-for-1 deal at SaladStop!. Get Hail Caesar (S$11.90 for 2 sets, U.P. S$23.89), and get another set for free.

Consisting of romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, grated eggs, and bacon bits and croutons for crunch and flavour, the Hail Caesar is a simple salad that’ll satisfy you and your health quota for the day.

Expected Damage: S$11.90 for two sets

SaladStop!: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

9. Soup Restaurant

With the rainy season upon us, hot soup is definitely one of my comfort food of choice. And where better to get double-boiled soup, than at Soup Restaurant?

Grabfood Feastival Soup Restaurant Online 2

This traditional Cantonese restaurant’s signature soups include Double Boiled Dried Scallop With Black Chicken Soup and Double Boiled Waisan & Ginseng Roots With Chicken Soup.

Grabfood Feastival Soup Restaurant Online 1

But if soup isn’t enough to fill your belly, don’t worry because GrabFood has got your back, with 1-for-1 on Soup Of The Day + Egg Fried Rice (S$20.76 for 2 sets, U.P. S$41.52). You can refer to the GrabFood menu on your Grab app for the soup of the day.

Soup party, anyone?

Expected Damage: S$20.76 for two sets

Soup Restaurant: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

10. Yayoi

Grabfood Feastival Yayoi Online 2

Yayoi offers up a wide selection of Japanese dishes, from dons to udon, bento sets and more.

Grabfood Feastival Yayoi Online 1

Despite their extensive menu, prices at Yayoi are kept affordable. That’s even more true, with GrabFood’s 1-for-1 deal at Yayoi. Enjoy the hearty Regular Una Don (S$21.29 for 2 sets, U.P. S$42.58), and get one free! Just thinking about the bed of fluffy white rice, and the luscious, glistening pieces of unagi is making me hungry.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$21.29 for two sets

Yayoi: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

—Weekly Flash Deals—

Keep your eyes peeled for these flash deals in the month of December!

1. KFC

If you’re a fan of fried chicken, you’ve probably ordered food delivery from KFC. And what we all love is the Cheese Fries (U.P. S$4.20 per pack).

Grabfood Feastival Kfc Grabfood Online 1

Now, between 16 – 22 December 2019, you can get your cheesy fix easily with two Cheese Fries for S$2.80!

2. Starbucks

Coffee lovers, fall in! This 23 – 29 December 2019, share some caffeinated joy with your friends and family—here’s a 1-for-1 deal just for you.

Grabfood Feastival Starbucks Grabfood Online 3

Grab a hand-crafted Tall beverage (selected drinks only) from Starbucks for yourself, and the next one is free! With the recent rainy season, I’m sure that something nice and hot would really be appreciated.

It’s the season of giving, and Grab is really giving back to us Grab users! With so many juicy offers and such a variety of merchants, you’ll want to sit back, relax, and let Grab deliver food right to your doorstep.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Grab.