Pavin Chopra

10 hidden cafes to discover in Singapore, pronto!

Hidden? In tiny ‘ol Singapore? Perhaps not by the traditional definition of the word--- after all, hiding a cafe from customers isn’t the most...

Serangoon BBQ & Curry, Sin Ming: Shiok Nasi Padang with BBQ chicken & butterfly pea rice from S$4

I've discovered something very wonderful since I started working at Seth Lui: the amazing variety of excellent, affordable food in Singapore's heartlands. That realisation...

Save time & skip the queue with McDonald’s new Mobile Order

Hate standing in line? McDonald's is jumping onto the food app bandwagon with its McDonald’s Mobile Order app to make life easier for you.   More...

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Will write for food. A passionate editor, traveller and coffeeholic, Pavin generally loves people, except those who exclude chocolate from dessert menus.
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