Pavin Chopra

White Marble: Newly-opened Mediterranean restaurant serving cuisine from 21 countries

By happenstance of geography that produces some of the richest ingredients possible, and the ingenuity of its inhabitants, who crafted delectable dishes with primitive...

31 best dim sums in Singapore

Dim sum has always been a traditional comfort food in Singapore, owing to many early migrants bringing this wonderful cuisine to our little island...

iKO, Chinatown: Japanese with a modern, stylish twist and an ambience to match

It is a rather nondescript restaurant front--- respectably restrained brown framing against a whitewashed shophouse building. Three simple stylised letters tell you where you...

Two months of International Women’s Day Treats at The Marmalade Pantry

International Women’s Day just went by, but the offerings from The Marmalade Pantry are still flowing aplenty.  This year, they have organised a special rendition...

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Will write for food. A passionate editor, traveller and coffeeholic, Pavin generally loves people, except those who exclude chocolate from dessert menus.
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