15 best Indian restaurants in Singapore to add spice to your life

Indian food is seriously diverse. You may already know that South and North Indian foods are two entirely different cuisines but the differences go even further, with each cuisine comprising a range of ethnic foods, localised specialities and so on. Also, it doesn’t help that Singaporean Indian food can differ from that in India itself.

So, to rank these places according to how good they are is like trying to compare chicken and duck rice; it’s simply not a fair fight. Instead, here’s a list of 15 best Indian restaurants in Singapore to add spice to your life!

1. Shikar

best indian restaurants - shikar interior
Credit – Shikar

‘Shikar’ is Hindi for ‘hunt’ and while classic shikar is now prohibited, this restaurant pays homage to that erstwhile royal Indian tradition. Step inside and be transported to a bastion of rugged self-sufficiency, elevated hospitality and respect for the natural world. 

Helmed by former judge of MasterChef India, Surjan Singh (known fondly as Chef Jolly), Shikar feels like an infusion of masculinity but one tempered with culture and supreme elegance.

best indian restaurants - peri peri prawns

I’ll come right out and admit that the food was divine. Our Peri-Peri Prawns (S$19) were scrumptious and the batter had an interesting crunch to it—  I was left wanting more when our bowl ran empty.  At some establishments, you can tell that the seafood is fresh with a single bite and Shikar is definitely one of them.

Tikki Chaat is ordinarily made from potatoes but Shikar’s Roasted Sweet Potato Goats Cheese Tikki Chaat (S$29) ups the ante by opting for sweet potato; it adds well-suited flavour and consistency. I’m not a fan of kale usually but the very crispy and light kale chips were wonderful.

best indian restaurants - duck dish

Shikar’s Duck Seekh (S$47 for 3 pieces) was hands down our favourite dish of the night. These skewers are usually prepared with chicken or mutton and this was the first time that I have had duck this way. It was a revelation! Every skewer is dusted with the world’s most expensive spice, saffron, which adds a sublime undercurrent to every bite. We found the meat so tender that it could almost be described as creamy. To. Die. For.

best indian restaurants - naan bread

Shikar reinvents the common chicken tikka with their Charred Cream Chicken, Tikka (S$41). Try it if you like your poultry done to exquisite softness. Our Tandoor Roasted Chicken, Makhani (S$49), on the other hand, was delicious but not nearly as good as the Tikka.

best indian restaurants - closeup of naan
Credit – Shikar

Shikari Daal (S$37) was super creamy and buttery, perfect for dipping your naan or drowning your rice.

best indian restaurants - jamun

The highlight of the dessert menu was the Caramelised Milk Cake “Jamun” (S$21). While I’ve found them overly sugary elsewhere, Shikar’s version was just right and does the authentic flavours justice. The hazelnut mascarpone cream and thin wafers it’s served with made the dish a little more fun!

Eating at Shikar (newly-opened in July 2022) was an exciting experience of discovery, in a way harking back to the activity for which it is named. It’s definitely an elevated dining experience for which you’ll want to dress up.

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2. Tandoor

If you’ve missed Tandoor, you’re not the only one. Back by popular demand in April 2023, 2 years after it shut, Tandoor has quickly regained a passionate local following. While its location at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre in the heart of Orchard Road is certainly part of the reason for its popularity, the true secret behind the restaurant’s success is its magnificent fare.

Best Indian restaurants - Tandoor decor
Credit – Tandoor

The authentic North Indian experience at Tandoor begins the moment you enter. Clean lines and an understated palette stand beautifully against backlit alabaster walls. Inlaid mirrors and intricate latticework speak to its traditional inspirations. Full-length glass windows offer a glimpse into the kitchen where chefs bake traditional bread and kebabs in two custom-made copper tandoors.

Tandoor’s private Maharajah Suite seats up to 50 diners— ideal for a small celebration or event.

Best Indian restaurants - Tandoor food
Credit – Tandoor

Eat like a king, literally, when you dine at Tandoor. The Malmali Seekh Kebab (S$24 for regular, S$38 for large) was first prepared for a toothless Indian royal. Malmali is Hindi for muslin cloth and refers to the exquisitely fine texture of the meat.  This dish is cinnamon-smoked mutton mince rolled on a skewer, then grilled in a tandoor

Another tale of royal origins is that of the Nalli Gosht (S$40). The delicately measured concoction of Indian spices in which these luscious lamb shanks are prepared was first mixed by an Ayurvedic master to cure a king’s cold. 

Best Indian restaurants - Tandoor biryani
Credit – Tandoor

The mango is regarded as the King of Fruits in India, which makes the Kacche Aam ki Sabzi (S$32) a star. Its name translates directly from Hindi as “unripe mango dish”. This is a unique ripe mango curry from the Mangalore region of India. Luxuriate in its tang which contrasts against decadent savoury flavours that accompany every morsel.

Almost the exact opposite in ingredients but just as stellar in taste is the Tandoor exclusive, Mango Curry (S$32). Here, sweet, ripe mangoes take centre stage instead. Escorting them without hogging the limelight are a range of exotic spices that combine to make this an addictive dish beyond compare.

Indian sweets are a wonder unto themselves and Tandoor’s specialty dessert is the Gulkand Rasmalai (S$18). These are cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened, thickened milk. Delicate hints of cardamom and rose relish complete an inspiring sweet treat that’s the perfect close to an indulgent dinner.

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3. Sexy Indian

sexyindian - restaurant interior

We first stumbled across Sexy Indian when compiling our list of Singapore’s best boutique hotels. At home in the equally cheekily-named The Vagabond Club, Sexy Indian embodies indulgence with a conscience.

It’s a daring new (opened in May 2023) concept aimed at the growing number of Singaporeans and expatriates who want to enjoy good food but not at the expense of the planet or their own health.

While thoroughly modern in its execution, every dish is rooted in, and enlightened by the ancient Indian Ayurvedic ideal of purity. This is honest, wholesome food, entirely plant-based and free of both gluten and GMO.

sexyindian - papadum tacos

We started with Papadum Tacos (S$25) from the Starters & Small Plates. Crispy papadums are similar to hard-shell tacos and this offered a delightful fusion that was as exciting as it was satisfying. The filling of avocado with kale & mint chutney served with coconut yoghurt raita is a waker-upper.

sexyindian - fried mushrooms

I laughed out loud when I got the pun behind Lion’s Sher (S$25); ‘sher‘ is Hindi for tiger! Crispy hericium mushrooms are prepared with spicy BBQ sauce and cashew vegan cheese.  Forget the mushrooms that you know— this is the only one that you will ever want again. Both for the laughs and the mmms, Lion’s Sher was my favourite of the starters.

sexyindian - rice with jackfruit curry

In the Chef’s Special Sexy Curry (S$35), a jackfruit and pineapple curry is served with blue Fragrant Holy Flower basmati. This unique rendition is devoid of the characteristically strong jackfruit smell and flavour. The pieces were tough but not chewy, and revelled in the light, creamy gravy. A surprisingly good choice from the mains.

sexyindian - falafel kathi roll

Their Tofu Falafel Kathi Roll (S$35) is a wrap of turmeric tofu scramble and falafel that comes with smoky mutabal spread and pickled cabbage. The spicy dip added a wonderful fire to this filling but easy-to-eat snack. I’d pick this up on a lunch run, for sure.

sexyindian - restaurant

I was impressed by the breadth of flavours and textures that the team was able to eke out of pure, simple ingredients. It isn’t a hermit’s life, though. Within Sexy Indian is The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club, arguably one of the world’s foremost whiskey bars; a thousand bottles of bespoke whiskies make up its repertoire. At the Jazz Club, enchanting melodies dance in the air, creating an intimate and imaginative experience tailored exclusively for a discerning audience. Drop by on Wednesday to Saturday nights from 8.30pm and be entertained with sung and told Jazz stories.

There is decadence to revel in and the sanctity of responsible eating to feel good about. Sexy Indian’s unique and playful take on blending tradition and modernity leaves us wanting more.

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39 Syed Alwi Road, The Vagabond Club, Singapore 207630
+65 6291 6677
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Closed on Mon
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4. GupShup

gupshup - interiors
Credit – GupShup

It’s like a drop of the sun peeled away and made a home here.

I am standing at the threshold of GupShup, the signature restaurant of The Serangoon House, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel. The Indian colonial design and interior architecture are stunning. Custom made porcelain chandeliers look down upon green and white marble mosaic flooring and scenes from colonial India on exclusive De Gournay wallpaper.

GupShup, Hindi for leisurely chats, is an oasis of calm for exactly those kinds of tête-à-tête. Superbly located amidst the Little India bustle, this restaurant brings your favourite street food from the subcontinent to our shores.

Heading the action behind the scenes is renowned Indian celebrity chef, Chef Jolly. He is the quiet genius, his simple tastes complementing his gilded touch in the kitchen.

He suggests the humble Parantha (S$9) as one of the highlights of GupShup. I was sceptical but a few short bites later, I was singing the praises of this simple clay oven-baked bread, too.

gupshup - mutton paratha
Credit – GupShup

You can have your parantha in a more filling combination with the Mutton Chilly Fry, Parantha (S$45). It’s a tongue sizzler but evened out by the fluffy parantha.

gupshup - burger
Credit – GupShup

Another one of his recommendations is the Gupshup “TFC” Burger (S$45.00), where the acronym stands for Tandoori Fried Chicken. Tandoori fried chicken and sweet potato fries come together for a medley of interesting contrasting textures here.

gupshup - papdi chaat
Credit – GupShup

It’s Indian cuisine so there is no shortage of vegetarian fare but the Dahi Lotus Papdi Chaat (S$23) is especially good. The lotus crisps, crushed sweet potato, onion-tomato mix, yoghurt and pomegranate-mint sauce keep your palate guessing.

Painstakingly crafted over 48 hours of stewing creamed and buttered urad lentils, Maah di Daal (S$29) is GupShup’s irresistible rendition of the famed Shikari Dal Makhani.

Beautiful food, luxurious flavours and an impeccable ambience make GupShup one of the finest choices for a catch up or casual dinner date.

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301 Serangoon Road, The Serangoon House, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel,
Singapore 218224

+ 65 6797 2850
Tue to Thu: 4pm – 10pm
Fri to Sun: 12pm – 10pm
Closed on Mon
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5. Royal Taj

best indian restaurants - royal taj

Situated on the island of Sentosa, Royal Taj showcases modern Indian cuisine by complementing the flavours and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques. The restaurant is located within the Mess Hall, which is a colonial-looking heritage building that’s part of Village Hotel, Outpost Hotel and Barracks Hotel.

best indian restaurants - food at royal taj

Diners can expect a wide array of Indian delicacies from their à la carte menu. You can find Indian street food favourites like Aloo Tikki Chaat (S$12) and Masala Papad (S$12).

They’ve got a total of 13 tandoori specialities if you enjoy the smoky charred flavours coming from the clay oven. Indulge in Royal Tandoori Chicken (S$22 for half, S$38 for full), Malai Broccoli (S$20) or Lamb Seekh Kebab (S$22).

royaltaj - indian dishes
Credit – Royal Taj

If you’re dining as a pair, the Royal Taj 5 Course Veg Set Menu or Royal Taj 5 Course Non-Veg Set Menu (both at S$45.90++ for lunch, S$55.90++ for dinner) would definitely be a great option for both of you.

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2 Gunner Lane, Mess Hall Block 16, Village Hotel Sentosa, #02-06,
Singapore 099567

+65 9118 5896
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm
Fri to Sun: 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10.30pm

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6. Shahi Maharani North Indian Restaurant

best indian restaurants - shahi maharani

Nestled within Raffles City Shopping Centre, Shahi Maharani North Indian Restaurant offers an unforgettable gastronomical journey through authentic Indian food. With live music amidst decor reminiscent of the royal palaces of India, feel pampered and serenaded to like a real “Maharani” (queen).

best indian restaurants - signature dish

Some of their special dishes that you really must try include the Tandoori Lamb Chops (S$47) and Tandoori Milawat (S$45) (which is a heavenly platter of chicken tikka, fish tikka, lahsuni jheenga & seekh kebab).

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7. Thevar

best indian restaurants - Thevar
Credit – Thevar

Chef Manogren Murugan Thevar from Penang reigns over the kitchen of Thevar that’s located at Keong Saik Road. He wants us to have a taste of the massive potential Indian cuisine has to offer locals beyond dosai and butter chicken. Don’t expect grandma’s recipes; his interpretation is experimental, modern and, at the very least, unexpected.

best indian restaurants - oyster dish
Credit – Thevar

Thevar only offers a daily Chef’s Menu (S$238++), which is a reflection of Chef Mano’s culinary training and travels. The items on offer are just for reference and are changed every other day.

An example of a Chef’s Menu includes Heirloom Tomato Chaat, Prawn Balchao Pao, Crispy Pork Sambal Aioli, Irish Oyster Rassam Granita, Hokkaido Scallop – Sothi, Chettinad Duck Roti, Hibiscus Spiced Gujiya, Rack of Lamb – Korma, and Lamb Biryani.

For dessert, there’ll be Mango Sorbet with Jaggery Granita & Guava and Banana Misthi Doi.

The staff at Thevar will ask for your dietary restrictions the day before your booking so alternatives can be arranged, for example, for vegetarians.

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9 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089117
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Tue to Sat: 5.30pm – 11pm
Closed on Mon & Sun
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New in town: GupShup – Elevated Indian street food in an unexpected location, perfect for a night out with friends


yarana - exterior
Credit: YARANA

It’s the perfect name— YARANA— the Hindi word for friendship. Designed around the themes of togetherness, lifelong bonds and friends-like-family, this restaurant is the place to nurture and celebrate meaningful relationships through food. An excellent waterfront location by the Kallang River just adds to the magic.

Every element is an expression of owner and techie Sanjay Singh’s personality. He created YARANA as an experience to emulate the sense of belonging he enjoyed during his years at a Himalayan boarding school.

YARANA is the only restaurant in Singapore where alfresco dining, fine dining, and a party room come together. The party room, sensibly named The Private Room, can accommodate up to 65 guests. It’s a popular venue to celebrate birthdays, reunions, engagements and festivals. Insta-worth Bollywood-themed murals infuse it with an unmissable subcontinental vibe.

Chef de cuisine Priya Joseph can comfortably curate Indian, Italian & South Asian cuisine. Her art flows palpably through an exciting and intriguing array of dishes. After our first visit here last week, its 4.6 Google rating makes perfect sense.

yarana - meat platter
Credit: YARANA

We started our evening with the Yarana Meat Lovers Platter (S$70). It’s definitely a sharing platter— the twin lamb chops, hariyali murgh boti kebabs, seekh kebabs, malai chicken tikka and fish tikka make for a considerable feast.

The clear winner was the lamb chop. Paired with the orange-coloured Singapore-style chilli sauce, the super-tender meat was a mouth-watering start to our meal. Caution, though, my friends— this is a tongue-scorching affair.

yarana - fish cutlet
Credit: YARANA

Our second appetiser was the Malabari Fish Cutlet (S$22). Much milder, this was my favourite starter. Crisp to perfection was the golden shell and delicately pliable the fish. You can find meat platters at many Indian restaurants but you won’t find this tantalising treat. 

yarana - fish and prawn curries
Credit – YARANA

If I was morose at finishing that dish, the Mains were quick and effective comfort. My favourite of the night was the Fish Mappas (S$23). I had never had this Keralan dish before, which is an utter tragedy. Exuding an intoxicating aroma of coconut and a myriad of spices, it transformed every morsel of rice into pure hedonism.

Fish Mappas is particularly mild and my meek tongue appreciated the subtlety of its character.

Daab Chingri (S$26) is lovely for its presentation… until you taste it— that’s when you realise its real strength is the utter decadence of flavour. The shrimps cooked in mustard coconut sauce take on a wonderfully fulsome essence. It’s another dish perfectly paired with rice.

Pipped at the post by the Fish Mappas, Daab Chingri was nonetheless the night’s deserving runner-up.

Heading the list of Yarana’s Signature Cocktails is Blu Paradise (S$21). Gin infused with blu curacou, mint, pineapple and white wine conjures an interestingly refreshing tipple.

yarana - dessert
Credit – YARANA

A delightful close to the evening came in the form of the Kesari Brule (S$10). Chef Priya was inspired by her son to create this spin on creme brulee. Her use of saffron to construct a light, not overly sweet dessert is a satisfying final word.

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2 Stadium Walk, #01-04, Singapore 397691
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Daily: 12pm – 10.30pm
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9. Riverwalk Tandoor – Bhai Da Dhaba

best indian restaurants - riverwalk tandoor
Credit – Riverwalk tandoor – Bhai Da Dhaba

Riverwalk Tandoor – Bhai Da Dhaba serves up authentic North Indian food at Rangoon Road. The Sarson Ka Saag Set Meal (S$10.90), is a staple in every Punjabi person’s household. No, not the overhyped butter chicken. Imagine a shatteringly soft and unleavened flatbread made out of cornmeal, paired with a bowl of blended mustard greens with spices.

Image of sarson ka saag set

What’s North Indian cuisine without Tandoori Chicken (S$12.90 for half, S$20.90 for full) and Punjabi Samosa (S$4.90 for five pieces). The experience only gets better when you tear off a piece of moist chicken or crispy potato-filled, triangular pastry, and dip it in mint chutney. I do have to say, they serve one of the best mint chutneys over here.

best indian restaurants - Collage of tandoori chic and samosa

If you’d like to have a go at other mains, do try the Mutton Briyani (S$9.90), Butter Chicken (S$9.90) or Aloo Gobi (S$7.90).

Chope Reservations

677 Rangoon Road, Singapore 210677
+65 6291 0275
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm & 6pm – 10.30pm
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10. Nalan Restaurant

best indian restaurants - nalan exterior

Known to be one of Singapore’s leading Indian vegetarian restaurants, Nalan Restaurant has two outlets in Singapore which are located in City Hall and Little India. They serve authentic North and South Indian cuisine with every dish freshly made-to-order using only the finest ingredients.

best indian restaurants - thosai
Credit – Nalan Restaurant

The menu has a diverse selection of dishes for you to choose from. Tuck into yummy starters like Paneer Kathi Roll (S$10), Onion Pakkoda (S$8) and Gobi Manchurian (S$12) (which is a dish of deep-fried cauliflower with onions in a spicy marinade).

Be spoiled for choice with over 18 types of Thosai, which include Cheese Masala Thosai (S$18), Butter Thosai (S$6), and Onion Podi Thosai (S$7)— I’ll have trouble choosing for sure.

Chope Reservations

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11. Karu’s Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant

best indian restaurants - karu's
Credit – Karu’s Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant

Since 1994, Karu’s Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant has been iconic for their Fish Head Curry. What started out as a simple family cooking tradition became a family business in 1994, serving up plates of classic South Indian spread on a traditional banana leaf.

Image of fish head curry

Karu’s Fish Head Deluxe (S$27 for small, S$36 for medium, S$40 for large) is cooked in a South Indian style and is arguably the best on this island. Mixed with juicy okra and cherry tomatoes, the Fish Head Deluxe is best enjoyed with Biryani Rice (S$3.80) or Plain Dosai (S$3.20) with Fish Cutlet (S$1.80).

Image of briyani on banana leaf

If fish is not exactly your pick of protein, why not opt for their Curry Mutton Biryani (S$12.40)? This one-of-a-kind dish features a blend of fresh ground spices and the long-grained basmati rice cooked to perfection with fresh goat. A must-try for all meat lovers out there.

808/810 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore, Singapore 678144
+65 6762 7284
Tue to Sun: 10.30am – 10pm
Closed on Mon

12. Mustard

best indian restaurants - mustard restaurant
Credit – Mustard

Mustard is a Bengali and Punjabi restaurant known for tasty food at affordable prices. Located in a small unit space along Race Course Road next to some of the bigger names, Mustard is kind of a hidden gem that is sometimes overlooked.

best indian restaurants - A serving of Kabab e Tashtar from Mustard

Meat lovers will relish in the restaurant’s Kabab e Tashtar (S$23.90 for half), a mixed kebab platter featuring a delectable array of chicken, fish and mutton kababs, grilled to perfection. Moist and tender, the selection of meats on this plate makes for one of the best combinations alongside some Saffron Rice (S$9.90) or a piece of Cheese Naan (S$9.50).

32 Race Course Road, Singapore 218552
+65 6297 8422
Sun to Fri: 11.30am – 3pm & 6pm – 10.45pm
Sat: 11.30am – 4pm & 6pm – 10.45pm
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13. Firangi Superstar

best indian restaurants - Firangi Superstar interior

Firangi Superstar’s intentions of transporting guests to the oasis that is the Jungle Lodge and Railway Room— amidst the familiar and bustling Craig Road— is a successful one as you disregard the realities of our mid-pandemic world.

You can’t dine here without a momentary pause of awe, especially for the thorough effort that’s on display— from the furniture to the adorned walls and every crevice in between.

best indian restaurants - Beirut Bhatura

While the essence of Firangi Superstar lies in India’s beauty, there are several nods to other cuisines around the world— take for example the Beirut Bhatura Veg (S$12). It’s a spin on hummus that’s peppered with pomegranate, made with celeriac (also known as celery root), has chickpea masala, and eaten with bhatura.

best indian restaurants - Prata Waffle ???

The Prata Waffle ??? (S$24) is one dish that’s gotten the media talkin’ and my tummy rumblin’. Sure, it’s essentially an Asian spin on chicken and waffles, but can you really say no to comfort and familiarity? Not as confusing as those triple question marks show, the Madras-style fried chicken is semi-enclosed in waffle-pressed prata, but not before a butter chicken sauce accompanies it to the stage.

Eat it how you like— disassemble it with your hands or perform a dainty dissection with a fork and knife. Either way, you’ll be greeted with lusciously tender chicken whose crunchy battered shell will have you cleaning the plate of every tittynope in sight.

best indian restaurants - Chocolate Jamun

Room for dessert? You can’t turn your back on the Chocolate Jamun (S$15). A cheeky play on the classic gulab jamun, the gulab jamun here is macerated in saffron cardamom syrup for a pop of herbaceous fun amidst the house-made cardamom vanilla ice-cream. Trust the chocolate crumble to lend a subtle sweetness to the dessert— just like a reliable old friend who’s always got your back.

20 Craig Road, #01-03, Singapore 089692
+65 6304 3022
Mon to Fri: 12pm – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat: 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Sun
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14. Swaadhisht

best indian restaurants - Exterior of Indian food restaurant, Swaadhist

Instead of typical Southern Indian dishes, Swaadhist serves up an array of traditional Kerala cuisine in the heart of Little India.

best indian restaurants - A serving of Bamboo Chicken Biryani from Swaadhist

A must-try here, which many diners make return trips for, is their Bamboo Chicken Biryani (S$14). Served fresh from the bamboo it was steamed in, the dish exuded an intoxicating earthy fragrance the moment it was pushed out from its tube. 

Prepared amongst a heap of long-grain basmati rice, the lightly spiced chicken pieces were juicy and tore apart with ease. There were the bits of fat that clung for their life onto the chunks of chicken, adding a nice greasiness and gelatinous texture that complemented the overwhelmingly herbaceous taste of cumin and star anise.

best indian restaurants - Appam With Coconut Milk dipped in Vegetable Ishtoo

If you are not a fan of spice, their Appam With Coconut Milk (S$6 for two) and Vegetable Ishtoo (S$8.50) will make for welcome treats that taste as good as they look. Prepared using fermented rice flour together with creamy coconut milk, the mildly sourish appam exuded a soft nutty perfume with every bite. When consumed with the Vegetable Ishtoo (a Kerala-style potato stew), the outrageously rich stew felt like the kind of dish the appam was made for. 

47 Chander Road, Singapore 219546
+65 9880 1680
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

15. MTR Restaurant

best indian restaurants - Exterior of MTR Singapore

An award-winning Indian restaurant offering authentic South Indian cuisine, MTR Singapore is an eatery that serves up a legacy of great vegetarian dishes at affordable prices.

best indian restaurants - A serving of Rava Idly at MTR Singapore

Before tucking into their repertoire of authentic vegetarian mains, savour on the unique Rava Idly (S$4), a steamed semolina cake mixed with yoghurt, coriander, cashew nuts, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and clarified butter. Accompanying it is a silky coconut-based potato saagu that reveals a spongey, nutty pancake-esque mouthfeel when paired together with the semolina cake.

best indian restaurants - A serving of Pudi Masala Dosa at MTR Singapore

Elsewhere, there is also the Pudi Masala Dosa (S$7), a large fluffy pancake peppered with spicy chutney powder, smeared with ghee and topped with a small scoop of potato-onion filling. One bite into this beauty and your palate will be instantly hit with a smoky pepperiness. This might be a spicy dish, but trust me, the flavour grows on you with each and every bite you take. 

440 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218134
+65 6296 5800
Tue to Thu: 8.30am – 3pm & 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Fri to Sun: 8.30am – 3pm & 5.30pm – 10pm
Closed on Mon
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