True Breakfast Capitol: Where Taiwanese in Singapore go for a scrumptious all-day breakfast

True Breakfast, the popular Taiwanese all-day breakfast place has just opened a second branch at Capitol. Apparently, the taste of the dishes here is not exactly the same as the Cuppage Plaza branch.

true breakfast - storefront

At the table next to ours was Lester Lee, a Taiwanese who was a regular patron of the original branch that is currently closed for renovation. “I just happened to be passing by and dropped in,” he told us, “I’m so surprised that I find the food here better at than the original place.”

Lester previously managed an F&B business in Taiwan and a seal of approval from someone intimately familiar with Taiwanese food speaks volumes about the authenticity of True Breakfast.

true breakfast - interiors

Before I get into the food, I want to say that this location at Capitol is fantastic. The area is bright and open, and there’s a nice vibe to it. Certainly a nice way to start a meal.

What I tried at True Breakfast

true breakfast - holding up sandwich

True Breakfast’s Signature (S$12.80) looks deceptively innocent. A generous layer of pork floss sits at the base, sticking to the coat of peanut butter on the bread. Above it is egg triple-folded, then a slice each of luncheon meat and pork chop. Apart from the height, it seems like an innocuous club sandwich. Wrong.

true breakfast - close up of sandwich

I took one bite and was blown away. The warmth and umami from the pork chop and luncheon meat, the soft and slightly salty egg, the sweet-savoury dance of the pork floss. And, sitting subtly in the background but still making its presence felt (tasted!) was the peanut butter.

true breakfast - sandwich

Its stickiness and the wonderful tickling feel of the pork floss dancing about my mouth was culinary entertainment. My first thought was that True Breakfast’s Signature is the flagship on their menu for a reason. Each individual ingredient plays its role beautifully and it all comes together so well. Just wow.

true breakfast - pork floss omelette

In terms of visual appeal, the Pork Floss & Cheese Omelette (S$8.30) was far more flamboyant than True Breakfast’s Signature. It is presented as 2 omelettes wrapped around pork floss and cheese.

true breakfast - close up of pork floss omelette

It was packed so full of pork floss that the grass-like shavings were falling out in a cascade. The cheese was so bright orange that I first mistook it for egg yolk. Coming hot on the heels of the show-stopping signature dish, this was nice but not overly special. It is definitely a nice snack and, cut into 6 pieces, designed for sharing.

true breakfast - bacon omelette

Also designed for sharing is the Hashbrown & Bacon Omelette (S$8.80). The hash was nice and crispy on the outside and wonderfully tender inside. I’m not a big fan of the bacon slices, though. They could have been slightly better done. Of the 2 omelettes, this was definitely the less appealing in terms of both presentation and taste.

true breakfast - hashbrown and bacon

You can add on 3 or 4 items (as much as will fit inside) such as Cheese (S$1.50), Ham (S$1.50), Tuna (S$3) and Bacon (S$2) to all omelettes.

true breakfast - scallion pancake with egg

I also had the Scallion Pancake with Egg (S$6.80), which is served as 2 pizza slice-shaped pieces. I laughed because the pancake part of the Scallion Pancake with Egg looks uncannily like prata. Then I took a bite and it seemed to me almost like they actually do use prata. (Yeah, they don’t, lol!)

Our order came with chilli sauce and a special thick soy sauce, which apparently is written like this: 醬油膏. (Please tell me in the FB comments if that True Breakfast is trolling me and that actually means something like “I am a clown”)

I tried them just to sample them for flavour but never felt the need for accompaniments with the dishes, which is quite an accomplishment by the chef.

true breakfast - iced milk tea and coffee

Together with our food, we had Black Tea with Soybean (Cold) (S$3.50) and Cafe Latte (Hot/Cold) (S$5). My evil dining partner had asked for the cold Cafe Latte but stole my soybean drink after trying both.

The Black Tea with Soybean (Cold) was definitely the better of the two but just above average considering the food was really impressive.

Final thoughts

true breakfast - taiwanese dishes

My visit to True Breakfast has given me a new appreciation for pork floss. Yes, I wanted that to be the first point in my Final Thoughts. I don’t know if it’s the quality of the floss here, if they use some magical Taiwanese brand or the way they prepare it but I loved the way it added to True Breakfast’s Signature and Pork Floss & Cheese Omelette, the 2 things I enjoyed the most here.

true breakfast - chef cooking

My True Breakfast experience has made me want to visit Taiwan for an immersive experience focusing on the foodie experience. Till then, I’ll be paying frequent visits to this cute joint for a taste of the rest on the menu.

Expected damage: S$7 – S$20 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

True Breakfast Capitol

13 Stamford Road, #01-21 , Singapore 178905

Our Rating 4/5

True Breakfast Capitol

13 Stamford Road, #01-21 , Singapore 178905

Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Daily)
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