18 best nasi lemak stalls in Singapore

Whenever somebody mentions Malay food, nasi lemak springs to my mind immediately. This simple and classic dish is readily available everywhere in Singapore, yet every stall has its own way of preparing it.

So what makes a scrumptious plate? There are two crucial components: the rice and the chilli. Since Singaporeans love spicy food, we are always on the lookout for good, fiery chilli.

We’ve gone around looking for good nasi lemak, so here’re 18 nasi lemak stalls in the neighbourhood that really hit the spot!

1. Changi Nasi Lemak

Changi Nasi Lemak
Credit – Changi Nasi Lemak

Established in the 1970s, Changi Nasi Lemak has been serving up their Legendary Changi Chilli alongside their fragrant coconut rice since their debut. After a well-deserved break, Changi Nasi Lemak is making a comeback with more than three generations’ worth of experience—coming to you in early January 2022. Their new store will be a flagship post, offering customers a more comfortable dining experience.

One might ask—what’s so special about Changi Nasi Lemak, compared to the rest of its competitors? The answer lies in their innovation and the interesting toppings they bring to the table and of course, their Legendary Changi Chilli.

Changi Nasi Lemak
Credit – Changi Nasi Lemak

One of the interesting sets of nasi lemak Changi Nasi Lemak offers is their Spicy Thigh (McSpicy-inspired) Set (S$6.80). The very first of its kind in Singapore, this dish combines our local favourite meal with the beloved McSpicy patty all on one plate. 

Make sure you try their famous Legendary Changi Chilli as well, it’s sure to make you swoon. Different in taste from mundane sambal chilli you can find at other nasi lemak stalls, Changi Nasi Lemak’s Legendary Changi Chilli is full of flavour and is made with an assortment of spices handpicked by the eatery’s founders. 

Check out their Chicken Wing Set (S$4.80), their Chicken Cutlet Set (S$5.80), and their Curry Chicken Drumstick Set (S$5.80) if you’re more taken by simpler and more traditional toppings. On top of that, all sets come with crunchy anchovies, sunny side up, and roasted peanuts—all to complete your Changi Nasi Lemak experience.

183 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04, Singapore 574332
Tue – Sun: 10.30am – 8.30pm
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Pak Mandor Nasi Lemak

Undoubtedly the best nasi lemak in Yishun, Pak Mandor Nasi Lemak is truly a hidden gem. With little to no social media presence, the stall has been running for a while now raking up long queues on the daily.

Their signature homemade sambal is a hit amongst folks who’ve visited their stall and they usually go back for more. For S$3 you will get a plate of visually appealing green pandan-coconut rice, fried chicken wing, ikan selar kuning, a portion of fluffy omelette, cucumber, anchovies, peanuts, and a generous amount of sambal.

Pak Mandor Nasi Lemak - Online

What’s important is that there is sufficient coconut milk used in the rice. Also, the star of the plate, the sambal, is sweet and spicy giving it a proper balance to the meal. 

Block 645 Yishun Street 61, #01-320, Singapore 760645
Sat to Thu: 6am – 2pm
Closed on Fri

3. Nurul Delights

nasi lemak singapore

Nestled in a coffeeshop in Bukit Batok, Nurul Delights serves up an impressive assortment of Malay dishes. But the stall’s Nasi Lemak (S$2.50) is what most customers flock there for.

nasi lemak nurul's delights singapore

The coconut rice at Nurul Delights has a slightly chewy texture, though every grain of rice is firm. The sambal that comes with it also complements the fragrant rice perfectly with its lingering heat.

Every set includes slices of fried egg and a decently-sized chicken wing as well. With a crunchy outer layer, the chicken meat was pleasantly juicy and tender.

413 Bukit Batok West Avenue 4, Singapore 650413
Mon to Fri: 7.45am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 2pm

4. Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak

Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak Changi Village Online 2

Changi Village Hawker Centre is a famous battleground for nasi lemak stalls, and one of the main contenders is Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak.

Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak Changi Village Online 1

You can choose from a few different set meals here. A standard Set A (S$3.50) comes with a fried egg, chicken wing, ikan bilis and sambal. Additional begedil would cost you S$0.70

The excess bits of batter hanging off the chicken wing make the skin extraordinarily crunchy. However, over the years, they’ve lost quite a bit of consistency with their nasi lemak. Sometimes, you get an exceptional spread and other times, you’d be faced with chewy ikan bilis or oily fried egg. It all depends on your luck, really. 

Still raking up long queues on the daily, most don’t seem to mind their inconsistency.

2 Changi Village Road, Changi Village Hawker Centre, #01-26, Singapore 500002
Daily: 7.30am – 1am

5. International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak

Another contender in Changi Village Hawker Centre is International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak.

International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak ONLINE 01

Likewise, their basic Chicken Set (S$3.50) comes with an egg, a chicken wing, sambal, and ikan bilis.

International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak Changi Village Online 1

Supporters of this stall often rave about how their delectable sambal packs a punch. Many have also praised the stall for maintaining its standards over the years.

That said, the stall and its surrounding rivals all have their own loyal customer bases. Head down and try them all to see which one you prefer!

2 Changi Village Road, Changi Village Hawker Centre, #01-03, Singapore 500002
Tue to Fri: 9am – 3pm & 6pm – 12am
Sat: 9am – 7pm
Closed on Sun & Mon

6. Kedai Makan Muhajirin

S$1 Nasi Lemak 1

We Singaporeans love food that’s good and affordable, and Kedai Makan Muhajirin in Toa Payoh checks both boxes.

The price of their nasi lemak starts from S$1. It’s no wonder the stall sets aside a separate queue for it, as it can get scarily long.

S$1 Nasi Lemak 4

A basic combo comes with fried egg, sambal, and a choice of either deep-fried mackerel or ikan bilis. Their rice had just the right amount of coconut and pandan, with sambal that wasn’t overly sweet or spicy.

For such a generous portion at this price, I don’t think there’s a better deal anywhere else.

20 Toa Payoh Lorong 7, Singapore 310020
Daily: 6am – 1.30pm
Closed on alternate Mon

7. Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak 01

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak is unquestionably a big name in the nasi lemak scene of Singapore. It’s also perhaps the most popular stall at Boon Lay Food Village.

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak 02 (1 Of 1)

Their ever-popular Chicken Set (S$3.50) consists of a chicken wing, a fried egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, and sambal.

Their fluffy coconut rice is paired with a sambal sauce that’s sweet and comes with a decent kick of spice. Tender and juicy, their chicken wing has a unique subtle ginger taste.

Blk 221A/B, Boon Lay Place, #01-106, Singapore 641221
Mon: 4.30pm – 3.30am
Tue to Sun: 6.30am – 3.30am
Facebook | Website

8. Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak

Selera-Rasa best halal restaurants nasi lemak singapore

The progenitor of Crave, Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak located at Adam Food Centre offers an array of side dishes to go along with your order.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak Online 1

The Royal Flush Set (S$5.40) includes fragrant basmati rice, tangy sambal, otah, begedil, fried egg, ikan bilis, and fried chicken wing. The feast, said to be fit for a king, is also a favourite of the Sultan of Brunei

While we can’t go against the taste buds of the Sultan of Brunei, like Mizzy Corner, do expect a little inconsistency with their food. 

Do remember to head down before or after lunchtime as the long queues can get you waiting up to 20 minutes for a plate of nasi lemak.

2 Adam Road,  Adam Road Food Centre, #01-02, Singapore 289876
+65 9843 4509
Mon to Thu: 7am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: 7am – 3pm
Closed on Fri

9. Chong Pang Nasi Lemak

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak 01

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is tucked away in a coffeeshop along the bustling Sembawang Road.

Whenever I’m here, their wide array of side dishes always leaves me spoiled for choice. Unlike other nasi lemak stalls out there, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak operates like a cai png stall. They also serve noodles and white rice as alternative carbs.

Their wide array of side dishes will leave anyone spoiled for choice. They also serve noodles and white rice as alternative carbs.

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak Yishun 1

A sunny side up, a large piece of otak-otak, ikan bilis with peanuts, and a chicken wing rounds up to S$5 per portion.

Admittedly, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak’s coconut rice isn’t the best out there. However, it’s their chilli sauce that takes the cake for many. Sweet and nutty, the chilli sauce is so appetising that the stall charges extra if you want more of it!

447 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758404
+65 9655 1868
Daily: 5pm – 6.30am
Facebook | Website

10. Adimann

Adimann Nasi Lemak Golden Mile Food Centre 1

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Adimann is the place to go. Located in Golden Mile Food Centre, this hawker stall reinvents the classic nasi lemak by giving it its own spin.

Adimann Nasi Lemak Golden Mile Food Centre 2

Their best seller is the Nasi Lemak Cutlet (S$7.50), which comes with a chicken cutlet that’s scrumptiously crispy. It also includes a special salad that consists of quail eggs and grapes. You can even opt for a generous coat of Salted Egg Sauce for S$1 to make your dish even tastier!

Though the food at Adimann is slightly pricey, their portions are huge and value-for-money.

505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, #B1-12, Singapore 199583
Daily: 10am – 9.30pm
Facebook | Instagram

11. Ponggol Nasi Lemak

Ponggol Nasi Lemak Jalan Besar Online 1

How can a list of nasi lemak places in Singapore not include Ponggol Nasi Lemak? With three locations islandwide, this franchise is a favourite amongst many locals.

Ponggol Nasi Lemak Jalan Besar Online 2

Their Set 2 (S$4.70) is a hot favourite and comes with a fried chicken wing, sunny side up, ikan bilis, and sambal.

While prices are relatively steep here, many customers return for the juicy chicken wing. Their perfectly-cooked coconut rice receives many compliments too.

371 Jalan Besar, #01-01, Singapore 208998
+65 6293 0020
Fri to Wed: 12pm – 11pm
Closed on Thu
Facebook | Instagram | Website

12. Lawa Bintang

Lawa Bintang stall

Tucked away in an industrial area in Tampines, Lawa Bintang offers nasi lemak with a unique variety of toppings.

They offer side dishes like sotong, smoked duck, and even lobster and soft shell crab, which you don’t usually get with nasi lemak.

lawa bintang cheesy lobster nasi lemak singapore

Their famous Lobster Nasi Lemak (S$22) comes with a heavy price tag but also a deliciously creamy cheese sauce. The lobster meat was also sweet and cooked to perfection.

With such premium ingredients, Lawa Bintang’s nasi lemak is definitely a step up from the regular ones.

9008 Tampines Street 93, Singapore 528843
+65 6909 2275
Tue to Sun: 9am – 2pm
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram

13. Soulfood Catering

Soulfood Catering 10

Ever tried Australian nasi lemak? Soulfood Catering pushes the limits with their very own Australian/Malay version of this traditional Malay dish. Just down Pahang Street, the idea of Soulfood Catering was birthed from the innovative minds of Australian-born Brett and his Malay wife, Yani.

Just look to their Bangers and Hash (S$10) as an example. Who would’ve thought hashbrowns and sausages could go so well with nasi lemak?

Check out their other interesting dishes like their Egg Benny Nasi Lemak (S$10) and Surf & Turf Nasi Lemak (S$18.90). Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Bringing together the Australian and Malay flavours in harmony to represent their love—could we ask for a sweeter love story? I guarantee you won’t regret trying out the different options they have there as well, it’s certainly a hotspot not to be missed.

If you’re looking for simpler flavours and a more authentic taste, opt for their classic Chicken Wing Nasi Lemak (S$5). I heard their sambal is to die for.

13 Pahang Street, Singapore 198614
+65 8767 8299
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 9pm
Fri: 2pm – 10pm
Sat: 1pm – 10pm
Closed on Sun
Facebook | Website

14. Bali Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Showdown Bali Nasi Lemak 2

Highly debated to be better than the famed Ponggol Nasi Lemak, Bali Nasi Lemak resides at Geylang, home to many hidden gems in Singapore. We’ve taken the liberty to compare the two to crown a winner, so if you’re deciding which to try between the two, check out our food showdown on these strong contenders.

Without spoiling anything for you, I can safely say that the sambal at Bali Nasi Lemak is extremely piquant and highly addictive, so spice lovers will definitely enjoy having a warm plate of nasi lemak at the joint. While there are pre-set meals available, most people will opt for a la carte nasi lemak at Bali Nasi Lemak, giving you the freedom of choice for those with smaller or larger appetites.

The rice would set you back S$2 and each item costs S$1, while the chicken goes for S$1.50 a wing and S$3 a drumstick.

You can even switch it up with various ingredients apart from the classic fried chicken wing with kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) chicken. Just thinking about the mouth-watering nasi lemak piqued my cravings.

32 Lorong 15 Geylang, Singapore 388596
Daily: 5pm – 4pm
Closed on alternate Sun
Facebook | Instagram | Website

15. Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak

Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak 3

Sick and tired of the deep-fried chicken wings? I don’t know how you can be tired of the crispy goodness of fresh golden-brown chicken wings, but there is an alternative for you. Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak was set up in 1983, and they’ve been seeing snaking queues since then.

Fried chicken wings are not on the menu for this one, and is replaced by their best-selling ikan selar kuning. Simple as it sounds, their menu only features fish as the main source of protein in their nasi lemak. Priced at just S$3, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy a sinful, filling and satisfying meal when you visit Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak.

They also defy normal conventions of nasi lemak by offering silverfish instead of ikan bilis without peanuts alongside their dish. Peanuts are easily burnt after all, and they are more focused on perfecting the other aspects of the meal.

Head down for some delicious nasi lemak, and don’t forget to reach earlier because they close when they sell out.

105 Hougang Avenue 1, Hainanese Village, #02-30, Singapore 530105
Tue to Wed, Fri to Sun: 6.30am – 12pm
Closed on Mon & Thu

16. Chai Chee Nasi Lemak

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak - Online

Just a few stalls away from Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak in Lorong Ah Soo Market, we have Chai Chee Nasi Lemak. Started in 1978, the stall is currently managed by two brothers and has since moved to Hougang. 

What’s special about their nasi lemak is that all sets come with a free otak-otak and they also specialise in various nasi padang dishes, mee rebus, mee siam, and lontong. Quite the spread if you ask us.

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak - Online 2

Long queues can be seen there almost daily. While they have everything one can possibly think of to add on as sides with a plate of good ol’ nasi lemak, don’t go too crazy with it. A standard Set A (S$3) comes with two ikan selar kuning, a piece of fluffy omelette, cucumber slices, crispy ikan billis and dark red sambal while a Set B (S$3) comes with a fried chicken with the usual sides. The dish is as classic as it gets and works as a fine breakfast on its own.

If you are around the area and spoilt for choice, do remember to get yourself an affordable plate of nasi lemak from them. Bonus, they’re incredibly affordable too!

105 Hougang Avenue 1, Hainanese Village, #02-42, Singapore 530105
Mon to Thu: 4.30am – 12.30pm
Sat & Sun: 4.30am – 12.30pm
Closed on Fri

17. M by Madas Nasi Lemak

M By Madas Nasi Lemak - Online

Nestled in the heart of Bedok Marketplace, M by Madas Nasi Lemak is often seen with long queues serving up quite a spread. What makes them stand out is that their nasi lemak is topped with a generous serving of hae bee hiam. It’s not every day you see that with a nasi lemak dish.

Their Signature Chicken Wing Set (S$5.90) comes with a generous serving of peanuts, ikan bilis, cucumber slices, sunny side up and well-balanced sambal. The chicken wing has been told to be a show stopper as they are battered and fried upon order, retaining that juicy meat and crackling skin.

Remember to check them out the next time you find yourself wondering in the soul of Bedok Marketplace.

348 Bedok Road, The Bedok Marketplace, #02-17, Singapore 469560
+65 9229 2271
Tue to Sun: 11.30am – 8.30pm
Closed on Mon

18. Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

An extremely popular supper spot, Fong Seng Nasi Lemak is a favourite among NUS students in Singapore. With a large selection of ingredients, customers often get to pick their own food to enjoy a la carte instead of a fixed set meal.

From fried chicken wings and ikan selar kuning to more unconventional ingredients like luncheon meat and teriyaki saba fish, Fong Seng Nasi Lemak has it all.

fong seng nasi lemak

The sambal has also been said to provide the right amount of spiciness and umami to the overall dish, enhancing its flavours with the fragrant coconut rice.

Check out Fong Seng Nasi Lemak if you’re in the vicinity during the late hours of the night. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but it’s decent for a midnight snack when nowhere else is open. The affordability is a plus point too!

22 Clementi Road, Singapore 129757
+65 6474 2886
Daily: 6am – 4am
Closed on alternate Sun

A decent plate of nasi lemak doesn’t have to be from a posh restaurant. As long as it comes from the heart, that makes it comfort food at its best.

Let us know if you know of any other nasi lemak stalls hidden in your neighbourhood. We would love to know where else we can go for some comforting plate of coconut rice goodness!

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