108 MATCHA SARO: Indulge In Authentic Warabi Mochi + Obanyaki At Suntec City

The high-quality matcha dessert shop, 108 MATCHA SARO, that originated from Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, has finally made its debut in Singapore at Suntec City.

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108 MATCHA SARO is famous for its scrumptious matcha desserts such as Obanyaki, Parfait, Warabi Mochi and Soft Serve Ice-Cream. As compared to its competitors, 108 MATCHA SARO differs in its authenticity and quality of its key ingredients that are imported from Kyoto and Taiwan.

The Uji Matcha Powder used in their matcha desserts stems from Kyoto while the wandan red bean used in its Obanyaki and Parfait comes from a county in Taiwan called Pingtung.

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The free-standing store allows customers to grab-and-go the matcha desserts and beverages or even enjoy the snacks on-the-spot at its standing bar area. They’ve also adopted an open workspace concept which allows customers to see how their orders are being prepared by the trained staff.

Warabi Mochi

108 Matcha Saro

108 MATCHA SARO also upholds the importance of thoroughly selecting their key ingredients and meticulously preparing the items on-site daily to produce the freshest goods. One of their best hits is the Warabi Mochi (S$4.90 for eight pieces, S$12.90 for 24 pieces) that comes in two different flavours – Matcha Powder and Soybean Powder.

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The Warabi Mochi (S$4.90 for 8 pieces, S$12.90 for 24 pieces) had a chewy and jelly-like texture that melts quickly in your mouth. To retain its texture, it is best to have it on the spot or to be kept in the fridge for a maximum of one day.

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Consume the Warabi Mochi on its own or drizzle some Brown Sugar Syrup over it for a sweeter taste. This treat also goes extremely well with a cup of Ice Matcha Green Tea (S$4.90).

Online 108 Matcha Saro Warabi Mochi (mixed)
Credit – 108 Matcha Saro

If you can’t choose between the Matcha Powder Warabi Mochi (S$4.90 for eight pieces, S$12.90 for 24 pieces) and the Soybean Powder Warabi Mochi (S$4.90 for eight pieces, S$12.90 for 24 pieces), you can also opt for the Mix Warabi Mochi (S$12.90 for 24 pieces) that comes in a nice little box which you can gift to your friends as well.


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Another must-try item from 108 MATCHA SARO is its Obanyaki.

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The Obanyaki comes in five different flavours, namely Red Bean Paste & Matcha Dough (S$2.90), Red Bean Paste & Original Dough (S$2.90), Matcha Custard & Original Dough (S$2.90), Custard & Original Dough (S$2.90) and Red Bean Paste With Warabi Mochi & Matcha Dough (S$3.50).

108 Matcha Saro 19

It took about 15 minutes for the Obanyaki to cook and after which, they embossed the store’s logo with a heat stamp to mark its originality.

108 Matcha Saro 11

108 MATCHA SARO’s Obanyaki had a soft and fluffy texture for its dough which was filled with a generous amount of red bean or custard that could be tasted with every bite. This warm and comforting snack is also made fresh daily.

108 Matcha Saro 14

In celebration of the opening of its first outlet in Singapore, 108 MATCHA SARO has specially created a limited edition Double-Choc Obanyaki (S$3.50) which will be available for a limited time only.


108 Matcha Saro 21

Ice-cream lovers, rejoice! Another one of their highly recommended item on the menu is the Matcha Parfait Deluxe (S$8.50). It comes in a combination of Soft Serve Ice-cream, Warabi Mochi, Red Bean Paste and White Mochi, alongside some Jellies.

108 Matcha Saro 23

The taste of matcha was evident in the thick and creamy soft-serve, a perfect treat for the hot weather in Singapore. Each component of the dessert came together as one, making it absolutely palatable.

Online 108 Matcha Saro Soft Serve
Credit – 108 MATCHA SARO

If you prefer having your serve-serve on its own, you can also get their Hokkaido Soft Serve ($4.90 per cone). There are three flavour options to choose from – Hojicha, Matcha and Mixed Soft Serve.


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Customers can not only enjoy watching the staff preparing the Obanyaki, Warabi Mochi and Parfait from scratch, but they can also watch how their drinks are being prepared. Using a chasen (a traditional bamboo whisk used to make matcha tea), the staff will whisk the matcha powder with some boiling water before anything else.

108 Matcha Saro 30

Depending on your drink order, the matcha mixture will then be added to the concoction. The Ice Matcha Latte (S$4.90) and Ice Hojicha Latte (S$4.90) are sugar-free options. For those who are lactose-intolerant, you also have the option of switching the milk to soy milk.

108 Matcha Saro 35

Apart from the Ice Matcha Latte, they also offer a range of other beverages such as the Ice Matcha Green Tea Float (S$5.90), Hot Hojicha Latte (S$4.90), Jelly Matcha Latte (S$5.90), Matcha Almond Milk Tofu (S$5.90) and Matcha Smoothie Float (S$6.90).

Whether you prefer obanyaki, parfait, mochi or even drinks, there is something for everyone. Since there are also sugar-free options for some of the drinks, feel free to indulge in your favourite beverages without feeling guilty at all.

That makes a visit to 108 MATCHA SARO so matcha more irresistible!

Expected Damage: S$2.90 – S$12.90 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


5 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, #B1-K5, Singapore 038985

Our Rating 5/5


5 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, #B1-K5, Singapore 038985

Telephone: +65 6259 4704
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6259 4704

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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