11 Hamilton: Orh Nee Cake & Jamón Omelette At Insta-Worthy Café In Jalan Besar

Ever wonder what happened to Hustle Co. along Craig Road?

They have officially rebranded as 11 Hamilton, an all-day dining cafe located in close proximity to Lavender and Jalan Besar.

11 Hamilton 2 Min

You’ll never guess where this cafe, specialising in contemporary Australian-fusion cuisine, is located. (That was sarcasm.)

It’s as self-explanatory as it gets—11 Hamilton Road.

11 Hamilton 3 Min

Decked out in elements of marble, wood, and metal, the diverse space is equipped with a photo wall and easily adjustable furnishings.

Just as well, for 11 Hamilton celebrates Curators, Creators & Community. They are open to connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses for collaborations, pop-ups, and events.

11 Hamilton 4

As you proceed further in, the clean, white interior gives way to what I’d describe as “modern chic”.

The semi-open kitchen concept, where you’ll be able to spot Head Chef Hanafee at work, is flanked by a row of velvet counter seats.

11 Hamilton 5

Be sure to snap some Instagram shots at the pretty mural that wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy Love Bonito-esque boutique.

11 Hamilton 1

The bar area is embellished with a gentle reminder, to “Do All Things With Love”.

11 Hamilton 6

Check out the display of rustic bakes from local partner bakery In The Brickyard!

Everything is lovingly prepared in-house, so do check with the staff if you don’t want to miss out on a fresh batch.

11 Hamilton 7

Don’t take dairy? Ask for your usual Flat White (S$5) or Cafe Mocha (S$7) to be prepared with Oat Milk (additional S$0.80) from Minor Figures.

Matcha-loving me almost went for the Matchaya Uji Matcha Latte (S$5) with raw sugar, but I eventually settled on the oat milk-based Prana Chai (S$8). Regarded as Australia’s best handmade chai, this mild, creamy and light concoction was deeply comforting, with notes of spiced gingerbread.

They intend to serve it with a special DIY twist very soon, so keep a lookout.

11 Hamilton 13 Min

We only managed to try one dish from the Brunch (9 – 5pm) menu, the Deconstructed Spanish Jamon Omelette (S$22).

Assembled pizza-style on a thin omelette bed were jamon slices, grilled carrots and wild rocket.

11 Hamilton 14 Min

I revelled in the rich and savoury jamon, which would’ve been lovely with just the omelette alone. Somehow, the flavours were overwhelmed by the bitter, nutty rocket.

The carrot just didn’t mesh very well with the other components—I believe they were an alternative to grilled asparagus spears (as stated in the menu), so do check beforehand.

Overall an enjoyable, but perhaps not very cohesive, dish.

11 Hamilton’s brunch menu also boasts several wholesome vegetarian (and vegan!) options like The Hulk (S$16) with avocado and scrambled tofu, and the hearty Shakshuka (S$14). A build-your-own-breakfast option is also available.

11 Hamilton 8 Min

From 5pm onwards, the specially curated Dinner menu takes over.

We were graced by the first plate, an elegant Chicken Liver Pate (S$9).

11 Hamilton 9 Min

I took my time, spreading pate and a sprinkling of flaky salt and pepper onto each slice of toasted raisin bread,

It was perfectly balanced—rich and buttery pate, sweet bread, and a tinge of salt and spice. Every bite was washed down by sour, crunchy pickles.

More bread would’ve been fantastic, as the pate was too rich to savour on its own.

11 Hamilton 10 Min

Available all day, the Salmon Carpaccio (S$22) is a refined version of smoked salmon on toast. It is served with the only two components you need: crusty bread and crème fraîche.

11 Hamilton 11 Min

What a beauty!

I ogled this plate of smoked salmon topped with togarashi and lime for a good minute.

11 Hamilton 12 Min

Such an effortless and beautifully balanced combination, really. Salty, silky salmon and light crème fraîche on a hearty hunk of toasted bread—what more do you need?

11 Hamilton 15

We moved on to the cute but morbidly named Mary Had A Little Lamb (S$28)—the keyword here is “had”.

11 Hamilton 16 Min

Slow-cooked lamb with yogurt, salsa verde, and grilled carrots sounds like it’ll be very clean-tasting. And it was.

I loved the charred crust of the tender, slightly fatty lamb, but it was a tad bland. Even the salsa verde, which was just salty, and mildly tangy yogurt did little to elevate or amplify the dish.

11 Hamilton 17 Min

This could’ve been more well-rounded if heavier flavours were brought to the table. Perhaps a lot more salsa verde or even some heat to do the trick?

11 Hamilton 18 Min

Finally, it was time to amp up the indulgence with a 200g Steak (S$36).

The 200-day grass-fed ribeye was initially obscured by a mass of kale chips, served with beef au jus and fries.

11 Hamilton 20 Min

I can never say no to kale chips. Although these were crunchy and adequately seasoned, they were soaked in oil, leaving an unpleasant greasy aftertaste in my mouth.

As for the fries, they could’ve used a lot less salt.

We provided feedback to the staff, who were friendly, warm, and very accommodating.

11 Hamilton 21 Min

Thankfully, the beef was a lot more decent. Seared to a gorgeous medium-rare, it paired well with the mild au jus. I must add that those sinewy bits of fat and tendon, which contributed to its generally chewy texture, may not sit well with everyone.

I did suggest that they could offer several different cuts of beef—we’ll see if that’s implemented.

11 Hamilton 22

How could we leave without trying some of In The Brickyard’s all-natural, less-sweet cakes?

The dense, albeit a little dry Black Velvet Speculoos (S$7.50) tasted like a cross between a brownie and a cake. Great cream cheese frosting and speculoos crunch though.

11 Hamilton 23

Their bestseller, Ondeh Ondeh (S$7) is a delightful take on the well-loved kueh.

Light and fluffy pandan chiffon with low sugar Gula Melaka frosting, and coconut shreds, this is a delicate teatime treat that would appease almost anyone.

11 Hamilton 24

My personal favourite, the Orh Nee You (S$7) utilises an identical cake base, but with a smooth yam filling and frosting. The incorporation of shallot oil for that savoury, fragrant touch was a smart move.

This was one cake I wouldn’t mind having again.

Feeling lazy and indecisive? 11 Hamilton also offers an Omakase Dinner (S$48/S$68 per pax) for a minimum of two diners.

All in all, this cosy cafe and event space is ideal for birthday gatherings, Sunday brunch, date nights, and more.

However, there is plenty of room for improvement. The folks here are genuine and down-to-earth; they truly have the potential to deliver a top-notch dining experience.

I’m looking forward to it.

Expected Damage: S$25 – S$40 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

11 Hamilton

11 Hamilton Road, #01-00, Singapore 209182

Our Rating 3/5

11 Hamilton

11 Hamilton Road, #01-00, Singapore 209182

Telephone: +65 9451 0821
Operating Hours: 9am - 10pm (Tue - Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 9451 0821

Operating Hours: 9am - 10pm (Tue - Sun), Closed on Mon
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