A Beautiful Day, Changi City Point: “Delivering stunningly plated desserts in fifty shades of pink” 

A friend recommended A Beautiful Day to me with one simple sentence—“It’s your entire personality, but as a café.” And she couldn’t have been more correct. One quick Google search showed me dozens of photos of the most charming floral-themed, pink-coloured café, complete with a myriad of desserts enough to render me speechless. 

a beautiful day cafe

It definitely looks like somewhere built for ‘gram town, and boy was I ready to drop every responsibility I had just to go there. And so I made my plans, charged up my DSLR, and picked out a matching pink-and-white outfit complete with flower-shaped earrings in anticipation of my visit there.

a beautiful day desserts

If I could, I’d dump my entire gallery in this article and dedicate the next five hundred words into writing a descriptive essay a la primary school, but for now, I’ll say that the name of the café’s a pretty apt description for my experience there. A Beautiful Day went through a recent menu makeover, and if the pretty pink aesthetic doesn’t warrant a revisit, these new additions certainly will.

What I tried

bubble tea waffles flatlay

Do you remember the bubble tea craze? We had boba on pizza, in a hotpot, and don’t get me started on how homemade boba pearls started trending during ‘Circuit Breaker’. We Singaporeans love our tapioca pearls, and that’s a fact—which is why you’re going to be making your reservations at A Beautiful Day when I tell you about their Bubble Tea Waffles (S$12.90). The first of its kind in Singapore, this dessert is a marvel made of crispy, golden-brown waffles served alongside homemade brown sugar bubble tea cream and tapioca pearls.

I’ve been a seasoned bubble tea drinker since young, so trust me when I give this dessert a gold star, especially because the waffle batter itself is mixed with pearls before it’s cooked. As the waffles didn’t come served with ice cream, it landed itself, lamentably, on the drier side. It’s a small bummer that can be easily rectified with a scoop of vanilla ice cream—and the next time I’m back at A Beautiful Day, I’m 100% going to try the aromatic bubble tea cream plus ice cream combination I’m already daydreaming about right now.

souffle pancakes flatlay

And if you’re visiting with another bubble tea fiend, A Beautiful Day recently launched their ABD Bubble Tea Soufflé (S$16.90). Put on your elastic-waist pants before you visit, and dig into a plate of jiggly soufflé pancakes laden with their signature homemade brown sugar bubble tea cream. It’s a creamy, rich combination of fragrant tea, chewy tapioca pearls, and soufflé pancakes that melt in your mouth. Man, I could wax poetic about a solid dessert every day. I mean, don’t I already?

a beautiful day high tea

If your job doesn’t entail spending a nice afternoon enjoying your favourite treats, why not do it anyway? A Beautiful Day is a perfect place for two to enjoy a midweek afternoon High Tea Set (S$59.90), which includes two pots of premium tea. Every set comes with a mix of sweet desserts—sugary raspberry and caramel macarons, Japanese mochi, and homemade fruit tarts, as well as a mix of savoury finger foods such as tiger prawns with homemade salsa, chilli crab on crackers, and rosemary, smoked salmon on crackers.

Guests can also expect fruit sandwiches filled with fresh strawberries and cream, pink sugar crème brûlée, and homemade scones.

a beautiful day high tea

This ingredient list was a mouthful, and so was the set. My only gripe was that it lacked a better balance of sweet and savoury flavours since it leaned so much heavier on the former. I’d recommend finding a friend who loves sugary anything as much as I do for your next visit to A Beautiful Day because the sweetness level is absolutely not for the faint of heart.  And if you’re team savoury food, it might be best to steer clear of it altogether. 

pink peranakan cocktail

As always, I save the best for the last, and these two were, irrefutably, the showstoppers of the afternoon. Cue the Pink Peranakan (S$15.90), part of the Pink Cocktail series, where all the drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are in various shades of my favourite colour. It’s a summery mixture of Black Tears spiced rum, elderflower liqueur, earl grey tea, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate, kaya, and egg white that arrived at our table in a rose-gold butterfly-adorned metal frame. I mean, this cocktail deserves a round of applause simply based on how it looks, and that’s on facts.

pink my bubble tea

Sadly the last, but positively not the least, is A Beautiful Day’s Pink My Bubble Tea (S$8.90). Bubble tea, to all of us, has always been associated with plastic straws and cups, promising to taste better than it looked. This falls on the opposite end of the spectrum and is a wondrous Barbie-pink confection of pink sugar tea, Sakura bubbles, and pink sugar, topped with a raspberry macaron and cream. My camera roll is filled with photos of this, and I have a grand total of zero regrets, even if I must abstain from sugar for a couple of days just to recover from this tasting.

Final thoughts

a beautiful day high tea

If I had a dollar for every time I talk about desserts and how much I love them, I think I’d have enough money to buy a plate of brown sugar waffles from A Beautiful Day five times a week. You’ve gotta admit it, this café takes great pride in delivering stunningly plated desserts so that both you and your food will make it to the next ‘gram update.

Expected damage: S$8.90 – S$30 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

A Beautiful Day

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-70/71, Singapore 486038

Our Rating 4/5

A Beautiful Day

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-70/71, Singapore 486038

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
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