Teī: Sip & savour the taste of New Zealand with a range of exclusive teas

Tea holds a very special place in my heart. It calms me down and puts me in a Zen state of mind. I was excited to check out Teī, a Singapore-based boutique online retail start-up business selling tea products that are exclusively manufactured and packed in New Zealand.

tei singapore - tea pouring

Miss Teo (a Singaporean) has resided in New Zealand for many years, and was also interviewed by immigration agency of New Zealand, click here to watch the full feature. 

Astounded by the abundance of fresh and natural food over there, she and her co-owners launched Teī together with the intention of introducing her well-loved New Zealand tea to Singaporeans and beyond.

Teī, a company registered with ACRA, can be pronounced as “TEH” which is a very commonly used Hokkien term by most Singaporeans that translates as the Chinese character for tea 茶. 

Teī can also be pronounced as “” which is how the local native Maoris in New Zealand pronounce tea and it also sounds like ‘tea’ in English pronunciation too!

tei singapore - set

Adamant on doing their part for the environment, all of the normal pack size tea packaging at Teī is 100% biodegradable. The Normal Pack Size (S$25.90 excluding delivery) comes with a package filled with 20 tea bags for all available flavours.

tei singapore - 2 kinds of sizes

Based on past customer’s feedback, they have also recently launched the Sample Pack Size (S$15.90 excluding delivery) which comes in a smaller quantity of 10 tea bags for all available flavours. 

Both sizes come with a brewing card with instructions, and an exclusive Teī tea pouch.

Let’s take a look at the various flavours of tea to see which entices you the most, shall we?

tei singapore - lime & manuka

tei singapore - pouring of tea

The Lime & Manuka Green Tea (S$25.90) is a pure mix of green tea, natural lime flavour and native Manuka leaf (unique to New Zealand).

With each sip I took, the golden-hued tea kept giving off subtle zesty lime notes. The tea also possessed a pine-like aroma which exuded from the Manuka leaves.

tei singapore - earl grey honeybush

The Earl Grey Honeybush Tea (S$25.90) is a premium blend of South African Honeybush with natural Bergamot flavours. The caffeine-free tea had a gentle fragrance of honey coupled with a sweet and citrusy aftertaste.

tei singapore - peach

An upcoming launch, the Peach Honeybush Tea (S$25.90) was right up my alley. As an avid peach lover, my senses were enveloped by the floral and delicate taste of the fruit accompanied by a mild honey-like fragrance towards the end.

tei singapore - kiwi

The Golden Kiwi & Feijoa Tea (S$25.90) had a multi-dimensional taste. It consists of South African Honeybush, elderflowers and Manuka leaf blended with natural golden kiwifruit and Feijoa flavour.

There was a slight floral hint from the elderflowers and pine notes from the Manuka leaf. It also had sweet tropical notes coming from the kiwifruit, Feijoa and Honeybush— really interesting!

tei singapore - other flavours

Be sure to check out the other flavours like Lemon Ginger Kawa Tea (S$25.90) and Manuka Mint Tea (S$25.90). Both these variations are more herby in taste, perfect for those who are feeling under the weather. They’re also excellent for those cold and rainy days.

tei singapore - steeping tea

From now till 28 Feb 2023, Sethlui.com readers are entitled to the following promotions:

  • Free teacup for the first 10 readers with minimum of any 2 packs purchased— Promo code: sethlui.teicup
  • 10% off with any packs purchased— Promo code: sethlui.tei10

Teī welcomes any further discussion on any potential collaboration project or wholesale or wedding favours request at [email protected]

To find out more, visit them on their Instagram page or call +65 9658 9921.

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Teī.

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