ADDA, Beach Road: Indian street food reimagined at Michelin-plated restaurant

Two neon-rimmed bicycles on a glass wall are hardly the most obvious giveaway of an Indian restaurant. But that is exactly the sight that greets you at ADDA, one of the hottest elevated Indian dining spots in Singapore.

image of bar
Credit – ADDA Singapore
restaurant exterior

ADDA means a place where people gather for conversation. Having already earned a Michelin plate for its prodigious penchant for imbuing a modern twist to classic Indian food, it is one of the finest dinner destinations I’ve been to in some time. This was my second visit and I was craving the aromas, sounds, and sights, bicycles included.

interior of ADDA
Credit – ADDA Singapore

What I tried

pani puri in a cart
Credit – ADDA Singapore

We kicked off the evening with Pani Puri (S$12), one of the true icons of Indian street food. ADDA’s presentation of the crowd favourite is iconic itself: the cups of flavoured water, spiced mashed potatoes, and puri wafer balls come riding on a miniature version of the street carts from which they are sold in India. They are served in pairs— sweet and spicy— and the latter packs a good kick!

indian snacks

chaat platter

aloo tikki

We were still stifling our coughs from the spicy pani puris when the Chaat Platter (S$18) arrived. This is an assorted tray consisting of Dahi puri (yoghurt and puri), Papadi Chaat (crunchy fried crackers) & Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat (potato and chickpea). The real magic of chaat is the infusion of multiple flavours with chutneys, sauces, and yoghurt— ADDA does this perfectly.

plate of sliders

Up next were the Bollywood Burger Sliders (S$16 for Vegetarian, S$18 for Chicken). We opted for the vegetarian version which places roasted mushrooms, pickled radish, onion and cucumber between a cheekily-pink beetroot bun. The sliders were a-ma-zing. Somehow, the kitchen manages to pack a mountain of flavour within a roll that fits in your palm. Mind bendingly good!

lamb kebabs

Out of the appetiser pan, we headed then for the tandoor fire. First to the table was Lamb Seekh Kebab (S$26). The char grilled spiced minced lamb kebabs are served with mint chutney and arrive swinging gently on a little scaffold. The lamb was extremely tender and so well spiced that its pleasant flavours lingered for the entire meal. It is slightly on the spicy side, too, so be prepared.

laksa salmon dish

close up of laksa salmon

We were treated to ADDA’s take on a local favourite, laksa next. Called Charred Laksa Salmon (S$28), it is succulent salmon swimming in a tandoori mustard curry with a laksa twist. Fans of fusion might want to try this one for its unique blend of tastes. Salmon is hardly my favourite and I wish I could have had another meat receive this distinctive treatment.

briyani pot

spoonful of briyani

You can hardly visit a famous Indian eatery and not try their biryani. Named for ADDA’s Michelin-starred chef, Mural’s Biryani Dum Pot (S$20) is aromatic saffron basmati rice packed with spices and vegetables, cooked dum style. I like my rice a little oily and light— so this definitely didn’t disappoint.

pot pie

cutting crust of pot pie

tindle gravy

We paired the rice with Butter Tindle™ Pot Pie (S$26). This dish is Chef Mural’s signature Tindle™ (plant based chicken) Makhani (butter and cream sauce). It comes in a pot sealed with flaky pastry. The pastry covers the mouth of the pot, cooking and expanding as it locks the aroma and flavours inside. This dish wasn’t just a feast for the eyes— the intense savoury flavour from the tindle and gravy danced on my tongue for a bit after. 

bok choy kofta

spoonful of kofta

It was accompanied by Bok Choy-Cottage Cheese Kofta (S$22). The cottage cheese and bok choy croquettes are served in a creamy sauce. Unexpectedly extra chewy, the cheese was a wonderful base on which the perfectly-cooked bok choy flourished. I think the combination of Indian and Singaporean flavours worked better here than with the Charred Laksa Salmon.


Our injection of sweetness at the end of the meal came in the form of Alphonso Mango Pistachio Kulfi (S$10). Kulfi is the traditional Indian popsicle that you can find on virtually every street corner during the subcontinent’s sweltering summers. ADDA serves it with a sliver of mango as well as crushed pistachios. I am crazy for anything mango so this was a sure-fire winner in my eyes. Everyone else is welcome to appreciate it as the appropriately cooling end to an Indian meal that delights the taste buds.

indian dishes

Final Thoughts

This was my second escapade at ADDA, and it was even better than the first one. The food did not disappoint and the vibe of the restaurant was charming as can be. I have always found their wait staff to be especially attentive and quick on their feet.

indian dishes


It is easy to see why they earned a Michelin plate within 9 months of opening.

interior of restaurant

The traditional Indian calendar is chock full of festivals and ADDA incorporates select ones into special celebrations here. Next up is Holi, the festival of colours. From 18th to 20th March, enjoy a special Holi menu curated by Michelin-starred Chef Mural.

dahi vadai
Credit – ADDA Singapore
Saffron Malpua Rabdi
Credit – ADDA Singapore

It will feature Chole Kulche, Dal Kachori, Dahi Vada, Palak Pakodi Chaat, and traditional Holi mithai (sweets) Coconut Gujia and Saffron Malpua Rabdi, as well as colourful Rainbow Shooters and ADDA Thandai.

The special menu is available for dine-in lunch and dinner. Book your seat at their table here.

Expected damage: S$40 – S$80 per pax


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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

ADDA Singapore

7500E Beach Rd, Diners Club Building, #01-201, Singapore 199595

Our Rating 4/5

ADDA Singapore

7500E Beach Rd, Diners Club Building, #01-201, Singapore 199595

Telephone: +65 8922 3679
Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10:30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8922 3679

Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10:30pm (Daily)
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