Apollo Marine: Choose Your Own Live Seafood For A Truly Local Reunion Dinner

Last Updated: February 21, 2017

Written by Marissa Mir

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and I’m already preparing my tummy for the impending feast. Nothing beats a good reunion dinner at home, but before you rush to your nearest supermarket for last minute grocery shopping, how about changing things up a little this year?

Apollo Marine is an acclaimed local fish farm in Singapore where you can now shop for live and fresh seafood till late. Scoring super fresh seafood usually means having to wake up early to get to the wet market, but Apollo Marine in Seletar West stays open till 8pm daily, so you can even swing by after work.

apollo marine

Choose from an array of locally farmed seafood that tastes better, and is more value for money as well. With more than 40 years in the local farming business, Apollo Marine rears high quality seafood using ethical practices.

apollo marine

Dropping by means that you can choose your fresh produce yourself, so you know the conditions of your purchase. Seafood at Apollo Marine is land-farmed, which means that the prawns, crabs and groupers that you see on site have been reared in the cleanest of environments, resulting in a healthier and better tasting variety.

apollo marine apollo marine

So instead of spending loads at a restaurant this Chinese New Year for a similar quality and freshness, simply make a stop at Apollo Marine in preparation for your reunion dinner. Worried about having to clean and gut the fish yourself?

apollo marine

The staff have got you covered. An efficient set-up will have you on your way with fresh seafood in no time. After choosing your live produce, you can opt to have the fish cleaned, gutted and vacuum-packed on site.

apollo marine apollo marine

The self-service payment makes it even easier for you, and you can choose to pay by cash or NETS.

Buying locally-farmed seafood is not only healthier – the difference in taste is unbelievable.

apollo seafood

Apollo Marine rears Pearl Groupers that are a cross between tiger groupers and giant groupers. The fish adopts the best qualities of both species, and this really translates in the taste.

Since the fish has grown in a safe environment with a focus on nutrients, you’ll find that there’s no muddy aftertaste that’s usually characteristic of this species. The skin also tastes less fishy, given the optimal freshness.

apollo marine

The real star for me were the prawns, which I’ve already made a note of to order for CNY before they sell out. These White Tiger Shrimps are quite the miracle and I don’t think you’ll find them this large in your local supermarkets.

The best part? You won’t find that annoying (and quite unsavoury) black vein of shrimp poop running down their backs. The prawns have been reared in such clean and well-maintained water that most of the poop has been filtered out.

The resulting taste is so sweet and fresh, that you can simply blanch the prawns and enjoy them as is. If you love sucking the prawn head juices, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t be able to taste any bitterness in the prawn roe.

If for whatever reason you don’t have the time to make it down, Apollo Marine even offers a delivery service for live, chilled and frozen seafood.

apollo marine prawns

I really don’t see why I should go back to my usual grocery shopping when the price points are so similar. The White Tiger Shrimp (Live) go for an estimated $19.80 per pack (500g) and can be delivered to your doorstep on the same day as you order.

Apollo Fish r3

The Pearl Grouper 龙虎斑 (Live) ($24.80 per piece, 600g – 700g) can also be ordered online and delivered.

Apollo Abalone

Apollo Marine also offers Wild Abalone (Ready to Eat) if you feel like opting for a more premium reunion dinner this year. The abalone is available in sizes S (130g), M (150g) and L (180g).

apollo marine abalone

We all know that abalone doesn’t come cheap, but just look at the size of those that you can get from Apollo Marine! Now that’s value for money. Plus, it’s ready to eat so all you need to do is decide on your favourite way to do so.

Humphead Parrot Fillet 苏梅鹦嘴鱼片(Frozen)

Apollo Marine has also recently added a new selection of vacuum-packed frozen fish to the seafood available for purchase online, like this Humphead Parrot Fillet (Frozen) ($21.50 per piece, 300g/400g).

Coral Trout Fillet 东星斑鱼片 (Frozen)

Also available is the Coral Trout Fillet (Frozen) ($27.00 per piece, 300g/400g), which boasts a delicate flavour when steamed or poached.

apollo frozen seafood

White Snapper Fillet (Frozen) ($19.50 per piece, 300g/400g)

apollo frozen seafood

Red Snapper Fillet (Frozen) ($25.50 per piece 300g/400g)

You can also choose from Red or White Snapper Fillets, with freshness guaranteed. The vacuum-packs and frozen nature of the product means that you could order this in advance and always have something to serve throughout the CNY period.

apollo marine roe crab Apollo Fish Maw r2

Other types of seafood sold online include the Roe Crab and Fish Maw Premium (Fried) ($65.00 per pack, 145g). The varieties tend to go quite quickly so make sure you place your orders as soon as possible!

Orders made online can be delivered right to your doorstep at no delivery charges with a minimum purchase of $150. 

Given the questionable state of fishing in the region over the last few years, there’s really no excuse to sacrifice quality for quantity. Choose to shop local instead where you’re granted the knowledge of farm to table practices and can take pride in what you’re feeding your family.

Chinese New Year may be a time for celebration, but with the quality and value that Apollo Marine offers, you’ll be having seafood dinners with fresh and live produce long after the festive season is over.

Apollo Marine Live Seafood: 24 Seletar West Farmway 2, Singapore 798101 | Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm (Daily) | Order Live/Chilled/Frozen Seafood Online

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Apollo Aquaculture Group

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