Arbora: Revel In A King-Sized Mouth-Watering Tomahawk Pork Ribs With Stunning Views At Faber Peak

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When you think of ‘destination dining’, you would easily assume that it involves travelling out of the country. What if I told you that you can soak in an alternative breathtaking view of Singapore, that will make you feel like you’ve stepped away from our urban island?


Arbora sits at the peak of Mount Faber, and overlooks the mesmerising view of the cable cars that travel between Faber Peak and Sentosa. It’s the perfect mini-getaway when you’re seeking a dining spot that boasts an unblocked front-row seat to Singapore’s lush landscape.

Better yet, the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, and both areas play up the urban jungle theme that is central to its vibe.

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You’ll have plenty of feature walls and nooks for an ideal #OOTD or #foodporn shot—that much I can guarantee! The best time, in my opinion, to visit is in the evenings, when you can take advantage of the soft glow of the sunset for the best photography lighting, as well as stay on for the Miraculous 2 light show that is cast and mapped onto an Angsana tree at Arbora.

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Kids will find plenty to keep them entertained with their outdoor playground kids’ area, complete with slides and interactive toys; a blessing for when parents need a momentary respite to take in the views.

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Diners should start off with a serving of Chilli Crab Potato Skins (S$14 for three pieces), that carry plenty of crunch to complement the creaminess of the chilli crab sauce. It leaned towards the sweet side, but packed sufficient heat to keep me coming back for more.

I could even detect subtle notes of garlic, which was a welcoming surprise for someone who loves anything that’s infused with a smoky, garlicky essence.

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Looking for something to share? The Fisherman’s Stew (S$42) is a sizeable dish, perfect for mopping up with the accompanying side of garlic bread. It’s loaded with lobster, abalone, scallops, and squid in a tomato pronto sauce.

The seafood was exceptionally fresh and naturally sweet, an aspect that may have led to the sauce being a tad too sweet for me. I would’ve preferred a more robust, deep tomato sauce to truly contrast with the sweetness of the seafood.

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The lobster was springy and came off its shell effortlessly, which I was very pleased with. I found this dish to be satisfactory.

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I would rather recommend you their Tomahawk Pork Ribs (S$60) that features a premium 600g Tomahawk with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and chicken jus.

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The pork wasn’t too dry, and it was tender—something that is always a gamble when cooking a large hunk of meat. It tasted even better when dipped in the chicken jus; there was enough saltiness in the jus to make me keep coming back for more!

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However, the winner of the afternoon is the Rack Of Lamb (S$36), served simply with seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, and prune sauce. The serving of lamb is generous, with 180g of juicy, tender meat all for yourself.

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I understand lamb is a meat that divides many people, with those who aren’t fans claiming it’s too gamey for them. But personally, it’s the gameyness that makes lamb rather appealing to me. The serving here was complex with both sweet and savoury aromas, and the medium sear on the lamb made it just the right texture.

The Rack Of Lamb was truly outstanding in my books; I disregarded how I would look like using my hands to eat, and proceeded to unashamedly gnaw at the bones to get every bit of meat off.

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As we all know, the festive season is right around the corner, and Arbora has a hearty New Year’s Eve dining offer for one night only. The NYE semi-buffet dinner (S$98++ for adults, S$48++ for children)  will allow diners get to choose a main course (one of two choices)—like the Maine Lobster Pasta—and enjoy a complementary buffet spread of cold seafood, appetisers, salads, and desserts!

The Maine Lobster Pasta is served with whole char-grilled live Maine lobster, lobster bisque, and ikura, piled high on a bed of linguine.

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The lobster is harvested fresh from the tank and cooked till perky, yet firm. The flesh was incredibly sweet, which contrasted beautifully with lobster bisque. I thoroughly enjoyed how every linguine strand was smothered in bisque, resulting in a perfume of salty ocean and sweet tomatoes.

Better still, you’ll be dazzled by Faber Peak’s very own stunning firework display up close, without having to jostle with the crowd in the city! That’s surely an unforgettable night to be had.

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I ended the meal on a satisfying, sweet note with their Chempedak Bread & Butter (S$13). The potent aroma of cempedak drew me in instantly, and I was excited to take my first scoop.

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The bread & butter pudding itself was a lil’ too dry for my taste, but the cempedak flesh made up for the lack of moisture. The fruit’s flesh laced the entire dessert, and proved to be a well-balanced final course that didn’t overwhelm my palate.

You’ll also be glad to learn that that serve an afternoon tea set that includes a cake and a drink for only S$8. Such a steal for a chance to dine with a view, if you ask me.

Arbora, if you weren’t aware, is derived from the Latin word ‘arbor‘, which refers to trees, and that is exactly the kind of serenity you’ll be treated to when dining here. They’re fortunate to be in a location that allows diners to enjoy Singapore’s skyline from a vantage point unlike any other, and that in itself was the biggest highlight of my visit.

Will I be back? You bet. If you need an extra reason to visit (besides the memorable views and food), head here to read more about the restaurant. You’ll also be glad to know that diners are entitled to a S$5 cable car ride back to Harbourfront after dinner! With simple, no-fuss—and more importantly—mouth-watering dishes to be had, Arbora is on my list of must-return’s.

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$40 per pax

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109 Mount Faber Road, Faber Peak, Level 2, Singapore 099203

Our Rating 5/5


109 Mount Faber Road, Faber Peak, Level 2, Singapore 099203

Telephone: +65 6377 9688
Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6377 9688

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
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