Zheng Yuan

Wheeler’s Yard to welcome last riders on 30 Sep

As a cyclist, I've always had Wheeler's Yard on my bucket list. Many plans to drop by this uniquely themed bicycle cafe with friends...

Japanese Souffle pancake cafe Flipper’s Taka branch closes 8 Oct

Flipper's will be closing their Takashimaya branch and offering an exclusive 1-for-1 promotion till its last day on 8 Oct. Pancake lovers should be more...

Yummy Times has nyonya curry, special chee cheong fun & over 10 types of kueh

You wouldn't think it, but nyonya kueh stall Yummy Times 小食光 started in the 2021 period of suffocating restrictions, 'Phase 2 Heightened Alert' (P2HA)....

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