Big Lazy Chop 大懶排: Unique Indo-style Curry Crayfish Bee Hoon At This Hipster Zi Char

big lazy chop

big lazy chop (2)

With a ballsy, cheeky attitude, Big Lazy Chop 大懶排 (da lan pai) brings zi char to and for the arty-farty. Craft beers, a cool space complete with an area perfect for al-fresco dining and a menu that gives the classic zi char menu a good shake up — what’s there not to like?

If you’re Singaporean, you’ll get a giggle from the mischievous stall name.

Indo Curry Crayfish Bee Hoon: A Dish Born in Singapore actually

big lazy chop indo curry crayfish bee hoon

Despite the geographic tag given to the signature dish of Big Lazy Chop, Indo curry crayfish bee hoon ($13/S, $19/M, $24/L) was born from the fiery woks at Big Lazy Chop and its not an Indonesian dish per se.

big lazy chop indo curry crayfish bee hoon (2)

Replacing the thicker and richer coconut milk with evaporated milk is the first noticeable difference between an Indonesian and local style curry. The sambal that goes into the dish forms the base of this perfectly fragrant and savoury curry.

big lazy chop indo curry crayfish bee hoon 3

The bee hoon has a bite and the crayfish is nothing short of succulent. Now coat all of that in the wholesome warmth of this Indonesian-style curry, and you’ve got something that’s oh so slurp-worthy. It’s a bit on the spicy side though, so eaters beware.

Big Lazy Chop XL Ribs: We’ll All Agree Bigger Is Better

Short ribs are a staple at zi char restaurants but, Big Lazy Chop believes bigger is better and we can’t help but agree. Besides having to live up to their da lan pai monicker, bigger and longer ribs simply mean more meaty goodness to enjoy.

big lazy chop xl ribs 2

Big Lazy Chop XL ribs ($22/4pcs, $30/6pcs, $45/10pcs) come coated in either a salted egg yolk or butter champagne sauce. Our pick of the two? The butter champagne sauce, because it’s time to move on from the over-hyped salted egg sauce craze.

big lazy chop xl ribs

big lazy chop butter champagne xl rib

Butter champagne sauce is usually paired with seafood but with Big Lazy Chop’s XL ribs what they’ve got is gold.

The sauce is flavourful enough to warrant its presence on the ribs but, doesn’t mask the flavour of the meat itself. With its caramelised edges, slight crunch and bite to the meat, Big Lazy Chop have supersized a zi char classic which will leave you finding it hard to downsize after.

A Zi Char Tale of Dishes New and Old

What warrants the title of hipster zi char? Like the arty-fartsy folks that haunt the neighbourhood they’ve set up shop in, hipsters celebrate the classics and meld them with the new. And of course, making everything from scratch is a criteria too.

big lazy chop yam ring

My zi char favourites include the yam ring, a dish created by a love-struck chef back in the day, and now a staple at almost every zi char restaurant. At Big Lazy Chop, the yam ring with mushrooms ($22) is quite simply one of the best I’ve had, if not the best.

big lazy chop yam ring (2)

Without cashew nuts, some might feel an element of this classic is missing, however, you’ll forget about it after sinking your teeth into the ridiculously smooth yam ring that’s made in-house. No frozen factory-made nonsense here.

big lazy chop salted egg tempura prawns

Double battered for maximum crunch and a generous amount of salted egg sauce slathered on, Salted egg tempura prawns ($22) are pretty much as described. For all the salted egg sauce loving fiends reading this, this dish is for you.

big lazy chop chilled pork belly

As the flurry of dishes wear your palate down with their decadent flavours, try the chilled pork belly ($8), a dish inspired by Thai salads.

Although a zi char stall, crustacean classics like crab ($70/kg) doused in a slew of glorious sauces have to be booked in advance.

Making an order, preferably 24 hours in advance, the chef is able to buy a suitably sized crab for you to enjoy. A process that ensures the freshness of the produce, and is worth the extra fuss in our opinion.

big lazy chop fried chestnut bar

For dessert, the fried chestnut bars ($8) are a great example of the new-fangled. Pieces of chestnut suspended in jelly bar are deep fried, creating a textural delight. Light and crisp on the outside, the delicate jelly is contrasted by the crunchy pieces of chestnut as you bite into the bar.

And Craft Beers

big lazy chop craft beers

Nothing screams hipster like an actual hipster who’s had one too many craft beers. And is actually screaming. Enjoying one too many bottles of craft beer is easy at Big Lazy Chop, especially with their 1-for-1 happy hour till 8 p.m. 

big lazy chop low key session ipa

Being advocates of casual drinking, we sampled the Magic Hat low key session Indian Pale Ale ($11).

This is great for evenings when you want to enjoy a couple of drinks, without getting plastered to the side walk.

Mild bitterness hits your tongue as you take a mouthful before you taste some fruitiness making this an easy beer to take to.

big lazy chop lindemans peach

However, for something that’s even easier to drink, there’s Lindemans Peach ($10). A breeze to describe. Lindemans Peach is fruity, from start to finish, its sweetness masks any bitterness for those who don’t care for it.

Located in the repurposed campus of Selegie Primary School, now an area that literally and figuratively shines at night. Big Lazy Chop has a great location and ambience nailed down, along with a flavour-packed menu, it’s a surprise that people aren’t flocking to it for post work drinks and grub.

While not exactly cheap like hawker fare, you need not worry about burning a hole in your wallet when dining at Big Lazy Chop. Especially with all the sweet deals they’ve got lined up for customers. More details below!

Expected Damage: $25 – $40 per pax

Big Lazy Chop 大懶排,  #01-04, 1A Short St, Singapore 188210 | Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 11:30am-2:30pm & 5:30pm-10:30pm, Closed Mondays | Website


No Service Charge

20% off total bill during customer’s birthday month

15% off total bill upon uploading a picture of Indo Curry Crayfish Bee Hoon on Instagram or Facebook

*This post was brought to you in collaboration with Big Lazy Chop 大懶排