You Can Now Pre-Order Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream From Happy Ice Singapore

For all my boba fans out there, Happy Ice Singapore has brought Taiwan’s famous Brown Sugar Bubble Ice Cream to Singapore!

When the ice cream first arrived in mid-June 2019, the stocks were sold out in an instant and many people missed the chance to purchase it. Don’t worry, because they’ll be restocking by mid-August 2019, so keep an eye out.

Online Happy Ice Singapore brown sugar ice cream

If you didn’t get to buy it the first time round, you can now pre-order it on their website! You should receive your order by the end of August, so boba lovers can rejoice.

Online Happy Ice Singapore 1 brown sugar ice cream

The Brown Sugar Bubble Ice Cream (S$9.90 for 4 pieces per box) comes on a stick, with a good mixture of brown sugar and milk ice cream.

Online Happy Ice Singapore 3 brown sugar ice cream

There are also bits of boba pearls in the ice cream as you bite into it. Whaaaat?

Online Happy Ice Singapore 2

Individually packed, each box contains four servings. That means you can share it with three other friends, or just keep all this happiness for yourself.

If you order 20 boxes or more, you’ll qualify for free delivery. Otherwise, self-collection is also available with a minimum purchase of six boxes — check the self-collection location on their website.

Do note that there they’ve capped their stock count at 2000 boxes for this pre-ordering exercise, and once they’re sold out, you’ll have to wait for the next pre-order exercise.

Dates & Times: Now available on Happy Ice Singapore Website

Price: S$9.90 per box