Food Content Writer Internship (Singapore)

For those with an eye for viral topics, and don't mind eating their way there.

We are on the lookout for passionate food writer interns in Singapore.

If you can write concisely, take good photos and have an eye discovering food trends, join our team. is one of Singapore’s highest read digital food publication with over 2 million page views a month. We are the authority in good food and cuisine utilizing striking honesty and fairness in our articles.

food content Writer internship singapore is looking for food writer interns who are passionate about food, nightlife and travel, and are able to express their thoughts in written sentences well. Good photography is always a requirement to tell a visual story along with words.

You will need to enjoy going to events, conducting interviews, being proactive and always be willing to learn and improve.

As a food content writer for, you are a curator of great gastronomy and need an eye for the next latest big food trend. Can you tell the latest raclette cheese trend from last year’s liu sha bao trend, or suss out the hidden local food gems no one has heard of?

Crafting social media images/captions are also part of the job as a wholistic digital media creator. Photos have to be of great quality to be published, and all formatting and grammar should be up-to-par.

The work we do is neither a corporate 9-5 job, nor a childcare facility; applicants need to be motivated, adventurous, have self-discipline and be serious in developing their professional work skills and ethics. If you need adult supervision to function, work in a bank or something instead.

What’s the culture like?

We work hard, play hard. Forget about work-life balance, our company culture combines and balances both. This isn’t your standard office hours type of job, we’re a startup that needs committed people with drive and the desire to grow together as a company.

We work as a team, not as individuals.

What kind of qualifications do I need?

  • You’re a foodie – Good knowledge and exposure to food trends
  • A clear writing style that is easily understood by mass readers
  • An eye for detail to portray accurate information with grammatically correct sentences
  • Good photographic eye
  • Creativity to think of eye-catching headlines
  • Concise writing that is grammatically sound
  • Responsive to feedback and changes

Internship Information

Accepted food content writers are required to come into the office during weekdays (no, this is not a work from home job), with a minimum internship period of 4 – 6 months. Interns are paid a monthly allowance between S$600 – $1000 depending on expertise and have a small food budget.

You will be writing a mix of long-form reviews (~800 words), best of food/travel listicles as well as short-form scoop articles (150-300 words). You can expect to write around 2 articles daily. Again, this is a professional work environment and we do not expect to spoon-feed or babysit any interns.