Get fizzy with new & exclusive Sparkling Yakult from Korea available at Cheers

Probiotics just got cooler with Sparkling Yakult from Korea, available at Cheers. We may be hankering to see other countries on holiday, but we can’t really say that the latest in international food isn’t still accessible to us.

In this new and exclusive release, re-look at your favourite childhood drink through a fizzy lens.

Cheers Sparkling Yakult Online 1

With its health-boosting probiotics and Vitamin C, you can still enjoy the distinctive taste and benefits from your usual Yakult drink.

Yakult is a Japanese sweetened milk drink fermented with the bacteria strain Lactobacillus paracasei Shirota. Sold in fun-sized 100ml bottles in Singapore, the drinks come in various fruit-based flavours like orange, apple and grape. As a child, I used to fight with my cousins over the sole purple grape bottle in every pack of assorted Yakult flavours.

The fizziness in this new version just adds a refreshing and exciting boost. For those who like a bit more kick in their beverage, you could even use this as a mixer for a Yakult soju cocktail. Sounds like such a versatile drink to clink bottles (or glasses) to. I imagine the fizziness on top of the sour and sweet combination would make for a bracing cooler.

Cheers Sparkling Yakult Online 2

Each 280ml bottle retails at only S$2.50. Grab a few to share with your friends, or keep them all for personal indulgence. Since I’m greedy but also like to share with friends, I already anticipate that I’ll overbuy.

Date & Time: Sparkling Yakult now available at all Cheers outlets

Price: S$2.50

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