Deaf Cafe: Learn Sign Language At This Pop-Up At Coffee Bandits On 26 November

How many languages do you know? What about sign language? Head down to Deaf Café at Coffee Bandits on 26 November 2017, and you will learn a thing or two about communicating with those who are hard-of-hearing.

For one day only, café-goers can only communicate as the deaf facilitators do. That means you can only converse with each other in sign language, or writing.

Deaf Cafe 01

Bond with these exceptional individuals over food and drinks. Take a break from the noisiness of city life, stow away your phones, and listen with your hearts.

Deaf Cafe 02

Take a walk in the shoes of the hearing-impaired, and learn how they live their lives in a society catered to hearing individuals. A little empathy goes a long way, after all.

Date & Times: 26 November 2017, 1pm – 3pm, 4pm – 6pm

Price: $7.50

Deaf Café: Coffee Bandits, 213 Henderson Road, #01-05, Singapore 159553 | TicketsFacebook